15 Candy Names That Start with L

Welcome back everyone to another nostalgic journey of sweet childhood memories. Today we will see some popular candy names that start with L. L is the 12th Letter in the English Alphabet. It is for Love and life. So there must be some really interesting sweets and candies on this list.

Candy Names That Start with L
Candy Names That Start with L

Popular Candy names that Start with L- Laffy Taffy, Love hearts, laddu, life savers, lemon Heads, lollipops, and many more.

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Candy Names That Start with L

Laffy Taffy

Laffy taffy is the classic American caramel candy. It first came out in the 1970s. The Kathryn Beach candies were the original makers of this candy. Later the brand was acquired by Nestle, Willy Wonka, and finally by the Ferrara Candy Company.

These chewy candies are very sweet and kind of sticky. They come in different fruity flavors like banana, apple, and cherry. Some other popular flavors of Laffy taffy are coconut, orange, and pumpkin donuts.

Each Laffy Taffy has a unique joke written on the taffy wrapper. This was a very interesting approach to keep the consumers engaged not only in eating.

They also came up with the idea of public joke suggestions. It allows consumers especially children to send their jokes in the hope of seeing them written on actual Taffy wrappers someday. The Candy Company actually uses these jokes in their wrappers and it gives the Laffy taffy great commercial success.

Love Hearts

Love Hearts are the perfect candy for showing your love and affection. They are small, heart-shaped candies that come in a variety of colors. They are disc-shaped as usual with special heart-shaped stamps. It was introduced by Swizzels Matlow in 1954.

Love Hearts are a unique modification to the traditional conversation Lozenges. These candies were very popular during the Victorian era. Swizzels prepare Love hearts in different flavors and colors like pink, purple, yellow, green, peach, and white.

Each Love Heart candy has a unique catchy message on it, such as “Love You”, “Say Yes”, “be mine”, “Kisses,” or “Best Friends”. Love Hearts are a classic candy that has been around for more than 60 years. They are a must-have for any Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Life Savers Candy

Life Saver is a century-old Ohio-based American candy brand. It was first sold in 1912 nearly 110 years ago. The original Lifesavers were center-punched flavorful candies. They have unique center holes making an edible ring. It has 5 different flavors with respective coloring. These flavors were Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Orange, and Pineapple with specific colors like Red, green, yellow, purple, and orange.

credit: https://www.life-savers.com/

These hard candies were initially sold in tube rolls. It was a two-layer foil and paper covering. The first one is aluminum foil and the next is a labeled paper roll. Each roll had 10 or 12 candies in them. It was pretty easy to tear open the roll from one end and grab a candy whenever you want.

Latter Life savers change their packaging to generic plastic pouch bags. Each bag contains a uniform mixture of all five flavors of Lifesavers candy. They also introduced gummy candies and lollipops later around the 1960s.

As a brand Lafe saver has quite a few interesting products. You can still find some in your local stores.

Lemonhead Candy

These hard juicy lemon candies were first introduced in 1962. It is a true American brand. The candy was made by Salvatore Ferrara and is still owned by the Ferrara Candy Company.

Lemon head candy has a sweet-sour fusion of flavors. The tangy lemony touch to a sweet hard sugar candy is very interesting. The unique appearance and great taste made this candy a best seller soon after launch.

Lemon Heads also comes in a chewy variety, especially for gum lovers. It is one of the most popular candies that start with L. The figure of a yellow Lemon Head character is the iconic signature of this brand.


Lollipops are traditional candy on a stick. It is a true evolution from the traditional hard sugar candies. A lollipop is not just any candy. It’s a start for a whole category of candy. There are 100s of different types, varieties, sizes, colors, and flavor variations available for just a lollipop.

Almost every popular candy manufacturer has at least one or two varieties of Lollipops on their list. Even medicinal lollipops are there just to soothe some patients.

The history of lollipops dates back to mid 18th century. Although the commercial production of lollipops started in 1908 when George Smith made a hard candy on a stick. He started selling those in his small candy shop and named it lolly Pop after a racehorse. Soon it became popular among kids and college teenagers.

Today more than 2 billion lollipops are sold each year in the United States during the holiday season. The overall count worldwide is beyond imagination.

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Lion Bar

The lion bar is a popular European candy Brand. It was introduced in 1976 by the Rowntree company. This bar contains wafers, caramel, nuts, and milk chocolate.

A lion candy bar is hard to find these days but if you succeed then it’s a must-try. These tasty candy bars were once best sellers.


Licorice candy is not a new concept in the confectionery industry. It is been around since the late 18th century. Traditional licorice candy is made with the extract of licorice roots. Apart from this sugar is the main ingredient of these candies.

Latter some candy manufacturers also introduced licorice flavor to the gummy candies and chewing gums. However, hard licorice sugar candy and lick sticks are still common.

Twizzlers are one the most common and popular licorice candies in the United States. They make licorice candies in different fruity flavors. The red one contains an artificial strawberry flavor.

Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate is a renowned chocolate brand since the 70s. They are popular for their flavorful and smooth gourmet chocolates. Lindt offers a wide variety of these chocolate bars and candies. Although here we are talking about a specific- The Lindor Chocolate bar.

Lindor was a true Chocolate delight. It contains a solid piece of smooth Milk chocolate with crusty edges and a hint of the strong dark chocolate layer. This chocolate is once considered the best in the premium category. Lindor Chocolate bars are hard to find these days.


Lips candy is a classic wax candy made by the Tootsie Roll brand. These waxy candies have a lip-like structure. The Red Lips candy can be used for a little show-off and when you are done with it, just eat it. These candies are best for a Halloween look. It goes perfectly with scary costumes and Halloween makeup. In the end, you can simply eat your lips.

Look! Candy Bar

The Annabelle candy company was established in California in 1950. The owners were Russian immigrants. They started their home-based candy company and made the Look chocolate bar. It was a dark chocolate bar filled with nougat and roasted peanuts. These chocolate bars are pretty hard to find these days.

Lemon sherbert

A Traditional Lemon sherbet is simply lemon juice, more like lemonade with sugar and cold water. Although you can find lemon sherbet candies with a similar taste in hard sugar candy.

Lime skittles

If you like skittles then Lime skittles are a must-try. Lime Skittles are small green candies with sweet tangy flavors. It was discontinued as a business decision but this turn to be a mistake for the commercial aspect of this brand. Soon Skittles add up their popular Lime flavor back to the list.


Lozenges are solid yet britle candies. These flavourful candies are the first commercial candies still in circulation. Today lozenges are mainly used for medicinal purposes. It is easy for the doctors and the patients to take a medicine that taste better than others.

The original lozenges were compressed sugar tablets. They dissolve slowly in the mouth. Many variants were later introduced with unique flavors. Lozenges were very popular during the Victorian era. It was cheap and easily affordable than most premium candy and chocolates.

Lego candy

If you like lego what about getting some to eat? Yes, it is possible with delicious fruity Lego-style gummy blocks. You can play with it and eat it after the game ends. The Lego candy comes in four different flavors and sizes ie. Cherry, Lime, Banana, and Raspberry. They also have different colors to play along with while building and eating.


Laddu is a kind of sweet candy. Traditional laddu is a soft ball made with fried chickpea flour and is usually very sweet. Although the term laddu does not define any particular sweet or candy. Rather it is a generic name given to most Indian spherical sweet balls. Basically, there are many more sweets like this so you have to understand their difference. Usually If a sweet is drippy, or it’s sticky with sweet syrup then it may not be a laddu. Traditional laddu should be sweet, spherical, and dry in texture.

In India, you can find tons of different varieties of laddu. My favorites are coconut laddu, besan laddu, and Motichur Laddu. You can find many more, I don’t even know all of those.


Von Humoristfrank – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=82418042

Lakritz is a german term for licorice candy. It is made with licorice plant extract. These candies are in production since the early 20th century. Traditionally a Lakritz or german Licorice candy has two varieties. One is the soft chewy candy and another is the traditional hard coin-shaped licorice candy.

Final Words

What are your favorite Candy Names That Start with L? Is it listed here or not?  

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