Candy That Starts With I : Name with descriptions

There are uncountable shapes, names, and types of candies in the world. And yeah, I love them all. I am sure you are fond of exploring and trying new candies too. That’s why you are here, isn’t it? Today I am sharing names of candy that starts with ‘I’. I tried to put all ‘I’ named candy here on the list.

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Candy That Starts With I

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Candy That Starts With I

Idaho spud, Ice breaker mint, IBC root beer barrels, and ICEE squeeze candies are some of the common candy names that start with I. Do not forget to comment below if I missed any.

Idaho Spud chocolate bar

Idaho spud is one the oldest company producing chocolate bars. Its unique taste makes it the best-selling candy bar in the northwest. Marshmello center with dark chocolate outer coating masses it yummier. There are many options you can choose for yourself. the chocolate bar with marshmallow filling and coconut sprinkles is my favorite.

You can try Idaho spud-bite, chocolate peanut cluster, and many more. Idaho produces many more yummy chocolates and candies that are loved by both kids and adults.

Ice Breaker mint

Icebreaker mint is a perfect combination of sweet and sour candy. This is so refreshing and tastes so good. There are sugar-free Ice breaker candies but they actually don’t feel sugar-free. Ice breaker sours come in watermelon, green apple, and tangerine flavors. It has a refreshing cool crystal with fruit flavor.

IBC root beer barrels

Do you love IBC root beer? What if you get an IBC root beer bite-size candy? IBC root beer barrels give you the same feel. These bite-sized candies are perfect for evening snacks and mood changers. Order these candies for gifting purposes or for an everyday treat.

Ice cubes

Ice cube candies are basically yummy chocolate cubes. These are made up of hazelnuts and chocolate. The yummy cube melts when you put them on your tongue and leaves an incredible feeling on the tongue. They are not too hard but soft melting chocolate. Melts like an ice cube on your tongue.

IPSO Mint candy

IPSO was an old candy brand that make traditional mint gum drops. These were small button size delicious mint candies made by Nicholas International Ltd. IPSO candy was introduced in the mid-70s in the United States. It was a popular candy in The United States and United Kindom, especially during the 70s and 80s.

Credit: By Unknown – Original publication: circa the 1970s, Fair use,

They make this candy in four different flavors Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, and peppermint. The packaging also has different coloring according to the flavors. The brand discontinues during the late 90s probably due to a drop in sales or bankruptcy.

Icee squeeze candy

As the name squeeze candy suggests it is not like traditional hard candy. You have to squeeze it out of the tube to enjoy it. It looks like a toothpaste tube. The consistency of the candy is also similar to paste. You just have to squeeze and lick it to enjoy the sweetness.

Best to decorate your candy cake and serve it at a kid’s party, they are gonna love it. Also, it lasts for a long time which means your kid will be busy with it. You will enjoy your time while your kid is enjoying squeeze candy.

Indian Candy That Starts With I

Imli candy

This candy is an Indian sweet and sour candy. Imli is tamarind in hindi. This candy contains tamarind which has a tangy and tart flavor. Actually, it is sweet-sour with lots of tangy taste in it. It is going to open up your taste buds for sure.

The tamarind is processed and cooked in sugar, salt, and some spices to make it a spicy candy. It tastes so good not too spicy nor too sweet and tangy. Tamarind is being used in pickles and some dishes for its unique taste in India. If you haven’t tried it yet you should try it at least once.

Imli goli

Imli Goli is very similar to that of Imli candy. I contain some spice mix used in curing gastric problems. Some people take Imli Goli as a digestive candy. But we can not deny the truth that it is candy and contains lots of sugar. Thus, it is not that healthy. The unique tangy sweet and spicy combination will tend you to eat more and more. So take care!


I love eating candies as an evening snack. Also, candies are the easiest option to use as a cake topping.

Here are the names of some candies that start with ‘I’. I hope you liked it and found it useful for yourself. Please share it with your friends and family. Also, do not forget to comment your opinions or if you think I have missed any candy here.

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