Candy Starting With J: Names with Pictures

There are a huge variety of colors, shape, and flavors of candy. You’ll find from Sweet, tangy, gummy to sour and spicy candy. Today here we are gonna take a look at the list of best 20 candy starting with J. Also, check out- Is chocolate considered candy?

Candy Names Starting With J

  • Junior Mints

Junior Mints are small round chocolate-coated candy with mint filled inside. It is available in different sized packets. From fun pack to the larger boxes are easily available in the market. This candy is really a unique combination of creamy mints in pre chocolates. A perfect candy to give you a sweet taste with mint’s freshness.


  • Jumbo Push pop

This is basically a push pop lollypop. If you love lollypop and always ready to have a huge sweet experience, this is just for you. Jumbo push pop by bazooka has flavor assortment including watermelon, strawberry, berry blast, Blue raspberry. You can also get the exclusive sour mystery flavor.

  • Jolly Ranchers

These are some of the most common and demanding candies. The flavors blast in your mouth and feel like a party in the mouth. You’ll get low-fat candies with flavors include Lemon, Mountain Berry & Strawberry. There is also Pineapple, Orange, and freshest Fruity Bash for you.

Candy Starting With J


  • Jelly Rings

These are cute looking yummy jelly. You can get Jelly rings covered with dark chocolate also. Kids love eating as it has jelly in it and chocolate cover gives a firm crunchiness too. Classic jelly rings in different flavors and colors are kid’s all-time favorite. These rings look cute and you can use these for garnishing your desserts.

Candy Starting With J jelly ring

  • Jelly Beans

These are bean shapes of classic candies. It has a flavor assortment for grapes, orange, lemon, lime, cherry, vanilla, pineapple & licorice. These cure colorful chewy gummy candies are best for your family movie snacks or for Halloween treats.

jelly beans Candy Starting With J

  • Jelly Belly Gummy pet

Does your child love animals? Does he love dinosaurs? You can surprise your kids by gifting them jelly belly Gummies. Assorted Flavors – Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, and Cherry. These gummy pets are yummy as well as fun to play with.

  • Jawbreakers or jaw busters

These are basically round-shaped hard candies. Usually range from 1cm -3 cm and is really fun to eat. Kids challenge their friends to eat jaw busters faster and make new records for fun. It has several layers, colors, and flavors in it and takes more time as compared to other simple candies.

  • Jordan Almonds

These are one of the yummy and healthy candies. These are almonds covered or coated with sugar and colored with beautiful pastel colors. Jordan Almonds are used for decorating cakes, and desserts. You can get, black, white, silver, golden, or even white color sugar almonds.

  • Juicy Fruit Gum

These fruit gums are one-of- its kind. People of all age group loves these sweet gummies with the outer crunchy layer. You can get sugar juicy fruit gums also. And these are amazing to share with friends and family and have daily sweet fun.

fruit gum Candy Starting With J

  • Jujubes

Jujubes has a variety of yummy Candies. You can get Smart sweetfish, sour candy patch, chewy and gummy candies. everyone loves the flavored jujubes candies.

Candy Starting With J

  • Joe’s candy

It is actually Trader Joe’s candy. There are a huge variety of candies. You can get from coconut, chocolate, coffee to ginger flavors. These are yummy and has some health goodness too.

  • Joe’s mints

Small leaf-shaped green tea infused mint flavor candies. One of the best candies to eat during work at the office or in a long journey. It gives you instant fresh feel along with the sweet taste.

  • Junior caramels

Just as junior mints junior caramels are very much liked by people. It has an amazing combination of Buttery caramel and creamy chocolate. You get the chocolate filled with the yummy caramel at the Center.

  • Jila mints

Jila mints are strong peppermints to give you a strong refreshment. You can feel the instant cooling freshness inside your mouth along with the sweetness of candy.

  • Juicy drop Gums

This is one of the unique candies. It comes with a sour gel that can be used to boost the gum flavor. And the best this is you can eat this as you want, with or without gum. IT gives an amazing taste of sweet and sour mix.

  • Juicy twists

Juicy twists are swirl sticks usually chewy and gummy. It comes in green, purple, white, pink, red and many more colors. Assorted with watermelon, apple, raspberry, grapes, orange, and many more yummy flavors.

  • Jumbo mints

Red and white peppermint balls are available as jumbo mints in the market. These balls looks super cute and can be use in Christmas, Easter, or Halloween decorating. You get a 1 cm in diameter red and white peppermint candy.

  • jungle jollies

Jungle jollies are one of the oldest candies. Even now it can take you to the sweetest childhood days. everyone loves this flavored chewy candy. If you haven’t tried it till now, this time you should taste it.

  • Jumbo haystacks

Jumbo haystacks are almost everyone’s favorite. This is basically roaster coconut dipped in white chocolate and milk chocolate. These days many sweet candies are available that are similar to haystacks but nothing can replace it.

  • Jelly babies

These are sweet jelly in the shape of plump babies. Jelly babies look really cute and are yummy too. These are basically gummies in the shape of babies.

These are some yummy Candy names starting With J. Hope you got the one you are looking for. Let me know if I missed any or you find any new one. Write your suggestions or requests bellow in the comment box, we’ll be back there for sure.

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