Candy that Starts With R : Name With Images

Here is some interesting Candy that Starts With R. Some of the followings are sweet and hard some are sour and you will also find the spicy one. Also, Check out the list of candy names start with J and B.

Candy that Starts With R: Name With Images

Here are is a list of some interesting and yummy candies. Do not forget to share your favorite Candy that Starts With R.

Reese’s big cup

Candy that Starts With R

Reese’s big cup is a giant cup-shaped candy. It is a delicious candy cup filled with more peanut butter. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate will not let you stop. You will keep eating till your last bite. And there is something unique about this candy cup is that people love doing candy eating challenges with them.

Reese’s sticks

chocolate sticks Candy that Starts With R

These chocolate crunchy sticks are perfect for your evening cravings. The layers of yummy crispy wafers, chocolate, and peanut butter give a satisfying crunch in every bite. Not too sweet but sweet enough to use as a dessert. delicious peanut butter gives you the sweetness with a touch of salty. this is loved by kids as well as their parents.

Ring Pop

Ring pops are cute looking ring-shaped candy. It has a big diamond shape candy on the top and a ring-like stricture to hold by wearing it. It comes in 6 different flavors which are definitely mouthwatering. Watermelon, Raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blue raspberry, and berry blast. These are all kid’s favorite.

Rapid Acting Protein

Rapid Acting protein energy gummies

Rapid Acting Protein or RAP energy gummies are actually healthy. It contains protein, vitamins, and many minerals in it. These cute looking gummies are yummy and are healthy in some ways. You can get it in many different flavors like grapes, strawberries, orange, and mixed berries. You can also use it in decorating your healthy desserts.


chewy sour candy that Starts With R

Rattlerz fruit flavor candies have an intensely sour taste. It is refreshing and comes in different colors and flavors. Kids love it as it gives intense sour shock and light sweetness also. These are perfect movie snack or for evening snack. You can buy it for parties and celebrations also. One of the interesting candy that starts with R.


Razzles round candies are one of the most interesting candy. At first, it is candy and when you start licking and eating it will turn into chewing gum. Yes, at first it is a candy and in the end, it is chewing gum. The primary flavor is raspberry but it is now available in orange, lemon, grape, and blueberry also.

Red Hots

red hots spicy Candy that Starts With R

These are not usually red sweet candies that we love eating, these are super spicy candies. If you are a spicy lover then this is for you. Red hots with fire up your taste buds with the intense taste of cinnamon. Some feel it as a painful pleasure while others feel it sinfully hot. But everyone loves eating these chewy super hot candies.

Red Vines

red vines candy

These are red licorice candy usually are twisted chewy candy. They are referred to as red licorice despite it contains no licorice in it. Originally they were raspberry flavors. These look really beautiful and can be used to decorate Christmas cake or desserts.

Resident Evil

You can imagine it from the name. This candy is a Resident evil umbrella corporation mints. The logo of the umbrella on it tends you to buy it if you a resident evil fan. These white mint really yummy and refreshing. And it comes in a handy tin container that is easy to open and use.


caramel balls

Richardson is a well-known candy brand and it has lots of varieties which you will definitely love to try. From dark chocolate to white chocolates, from malt balls to caramel balls and gummies, you can find everything here. Caramel balls are super delicious.


Rips candies are much similar to rip rolls. These are bite-size licorice candies with intense fruity flavors. Strawberry, ripping red, watermelon and green apple flavors are in all-time demand. You can fee the intense sour and sweetness perfectly combined in a candy.


Ritz cracker candies, cookies, and chocolates are super duper delicious. They are full of dry fruits, caramels, chocolates, and many more. There are lots of varieties of candy they have you should go and check out it now if you haven’t yet. Ritz cracker candy is my favorite, it looks much similar to peanut brittles. Chocolate, milk, butter, and brown sugar makes it an amazing combination to taste.


almond roca Candy that Starts With R

This is actually known as Almond Roca. You get beautifully packed hardened caramel topped with lots of roasted almonds and chocolates. The almond with chocolate is really an amazing combination and almost every loves it. The caramel at the center gives a chew feel and crunchy nuts at the top and chocolate make it a fun treat.

Rocky Road

Peanuts, marshmallows, condensed milk, and chocolates are combined to form a magical candy.  But in traditional rocky road candy bars, there are handmade marshmallows. Covered with milk chocolates and cited with cashew nut or walnuts. It has a perfect touch of crunchiness or dry fruits and softness of chocolate.


rolo candies

Bite roll for a deliciously sweet experience. Caramel covered with milk chocolate or call it a caramel-filled chocolate candy. These candies are perfect for candy blows. You can give it as celebration treats or even give out as holiday favors.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph red nosed reindeer candy comes in a cute red and white packaging with reindeer print on it. Inside the packet, there is a giant candy cane with cute prints on them. Comes is a sweet cherry flavor. This candy is perfect for dessert decoration and Christmas celebrations.

Reese’s peanut butter cups

Reese's peanut butter cups Candy that Starts With R

Reese’s miniatures

This is basically a small form of big chocolate cups. You can get the same feel and taste in a smaller size. These miniatures are co yummy caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate. Perfect for kids who frequently quarrel for chocolate or candies. There are many more Reese’s candy varieties you can also try nitrogenous and Reese’s fast-break for the delicious blast.

Rainbow Nerds

Rainbow Nerds

These cute looking candy sugar-coated and crunchy. Comes in five different colors and flavors. Orange, lemon, grape, apple, strawberry are flavors that have a recognizable taste. You can taste each rainbow nerds separately. These are great ice cream or cake toppings.

Rip Rolls

Rip rolls are yummy flavored licorice rolls. These are sour chewy candies loved by both kids and adults. watermelon, strawberry, green apple, and ripping red are some delicious flavors available in the market. green apple is my favorite which one is yours?


raisinets Candy that Starts With R

You can feel the delicacy of California in these sun-ripened chocolate-coated resins.  Creamy milk chocolate coating makes it more creamy and yummier. Perfect for evening snacks or for handling kid’s tantrums. These are yummy chocolate-coated healthy resigns.

Rainbow sticks

Sweet cherry flavor rainbow sticks are everyone’s favorite. A swirl of rainbow colors and yummy taste attracts kids and is fun eating. It lasts longer than any other candy. crunchy, chewy, fruity candy twists are perfect for movie snacks also.

That’s all about candy that starts with R. I hope you got the one you are searching for. Don’t forget to let me know if I have missed any. Enjoy your sweet journey with your favorite candy.

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