How to make peanut butter without food processor?

Love peanut butter? Well, who doesn’t love it? Smooth butter spread for your toast, pancake, or for your cookies. Ultimately it goes into your mouth and you get lost in another world of delicious peanuts. Peanut butter is kid’s as well as a parent’s favorite. But, it is a bit expensive for those whose family is big and everyone loves to eat it. Today, I am going to share my recipe of peanut butter that also without a food processor.

To make peanut butter without a food processor, you need to have mortar and pestle.  Yes, the process is very simple as you just have to beat roasted peanuts until its consistency change. The consistency will change from solid to powdery to liquidy.

roasted salty peanuts

You can make it sweet just by adding honey or jaggery as much as you like. Traditionally, peanut butter is a creamy texture with a little sweetness and a touch of salty. It should not be too sweet or salty. But the best advantage of homemade peanut butter is that you can make and eat it as you like.

I love trying new things and exploring new yummy recipes. Peanut butter just tastes wow with ice cream. Make homemade candy bars or just eat it with bread. It’ll be delicious in all ways.

How to make peanut butter without a food processor?

You need to grind peanuts in the mortar and pestle if you don’t have a food processor. Food processors make our daily kitchen wor easier. From grinding, making juice to making your cookies dough, we do everything quickly in the food processor.

But, it is not necessary for you to have a food processor to make peanut butter. If you don’t have a grinder or your grinder is not working or if you just wanna save electricity, you can try this method. There is also an advantage of using mortar, your hands will do some exercises. You can make yummy peanut butter while working out for your upper body. There are many more reasons for why I chose mortar over the grinder.

Here, I am sharing detailed steps for the peanut butter making process. Check it out, try it at home, and let me know your experiences.

Roasted Peanuts

Roasting process of peanuts

Roasting is one of the important steps of making Peanut butter. Without proper roasting, you will not get that original flavor. Roasting helps to grind peanuts into powder easily. water content gets evaporated and ultimately self-life of your peanut butter increase.

I prefer buying pre-roasted peanuts. You can buy raw and roast it in your kitchen. But the technique of roasting is really very important. The consistency of peanut butter depends on how you roast it.

If it is not well roasted, it will taste a bit more sticky. On the other hand, over roasted peanuts will release less oil thus the consistency and texture of the peanut butter will stay dry. We need to roast it just perfectly as you get it from the market.

Some people prefer buying peanuts without shells. You can also buy roasted unsalted and unflavored peanuts from the market. But, shell removed raw peanuts will not be a good idea for making butter.

As per my experience, you need to buy roasted peanuts. Or, just buy whole peanuts, roast it and use it for peanut butter. If you will remove the outer layer and roast it in a pan, it will lose oil resulting in dry coarse peanut. But for perfect creamy-textured peanut butter, you need to master the art of roasting. well, don’t take it seriously and just go and buy it from the market.

Make peanut butter without a food processor

peanut butter without food processor

Now as we are doing it without using the food processor, the best option will be mortar and pestle. This can be used to grind peanuts into a perfect buttery consistency. This might seems to be a very fun activity but it really gonna test your patience.

But, using mortar & pestle has many benefits also. And the biggest benefit that I see is upper body exercise. If you are using a bigger one you can do a whole upper body work out. Even the smaller one is enough for your hand’s exercise.

You have to put all the peanuts into the mortar and beat using a pestle. Keep crushing all roasted peanut and it will start turning into powder. You can use salted roasted peanut but if prefer non-flavored ones just to get the real taste. Some like to roast and peel off the thin peal before grinding. But I keep all the peels it gives the strong aroma as well as beautiful color to my peanut butter.

You have to grind it until it becomes a coarse thick peanut paste. If your peanuts are over-roasted it will be a bit tough for you to make it paste. But at that time you will have to add oil to it to get buttery consistency.

Peanuts will change consistency slowly. Crushed, powdered then sticky and then it will release more oils and turn into a creamy paste. The thickness totally depends on your taste, you can leave it coarse or make it a fine paste as you like.

Please your taste buds

make peanut butter without food processor

Now it is the final time to add some sweetness to it. I prefer using honey to get even more creamy texture and healthy sweetness. You can also use grated jaggery or powdered sugar also. But adding sugar is never a good option and even it forms sugar crystals that can ruin the real feel.

Honey will be the best option and the best thing is that you can add as much as you want. Do not forget to taste while mixing it.

At the very end add a pinch of salt to it. But keep in mind if you have used salted peanuts, you can taste it and skip adding salt if you feel its enough. Although you don’t have to add to much salt for salty taste, just add a pinch. It will enhance the sweetness and make your peanut taste like the traditional one.

Store for future

homemade peanut butter

Ummm! yummy ha? I know you loved it. Now, stop licking your fingers and store your yummy [peanut butter in a clean jar. Yeah, I know it’ll not last more than a week but eating too much will not be a good idea.

You have to store it in an airtight jar so that you can use it whenever you feel the cravings. The container must be airtight and dry. Put all into the jar and put it in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, the consistency of the butter can change.

It will become a little dry but no need to worry. The consistency will be retained at room temperature whenever you will take it out.

How do you make peanut butter without electricity?

You can use grinding stone or stone pestles and mortar for ease. It only takes patience and some workout, no electricity needed. This is really a great alternative of electrical; grinders and food processors. It not only saves your money and electricity but also saves your body. Yes, using mortar or grinding stone needs strength and hence really good for upper body workout too.

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