10 Candy Names That Start With G

Let’s Continue with another Alphabet. The 7th one in the series is the Letter “G”. Today we will discuss some popular Candy names that start with G. If you are interested in other Letters, then read Candy names that start with A, B, C, D, E, and F.

This list contains popular candy names like Gobstopper, Galaxy Chocolate Bar, Goobers, Gummy ears, Gum Drops, Goo Goo Cluster, Grape heads, and Good & Plenty. keep reading to know more about all of these.

Some of these candies are still in production while others may have discontinued or changed their brand name. Overall these are the candies that will make you smile and if you know the taste then it’s good for sweet nostalgia.

10 Candy Names That Start With G
10 Candy Names That Start With G

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Candy Names That Start With G


Gobstopper is a hard colorful candy ball. It comes in different colors and flavors yet the texture always remains the same. These candies are hard to chew that’s why they use the tag line ” jawbreakers that change colors and flavors!”.

The candy Name Gobstopper became famous from the Willy Wonka movie. The Willy Wonka gobstopper is being made by the Ferrara Candy Company. The name is the same yet they are quite different from those shown in the movie. The candy also gets noted in the Chocolate Factory movie.

Galaxy Chocolate Bar

The UK-based Mars candy company come up with a delicious chocolate caramel mix in the early1960s. They name it the Galaxy. Galaxy is a tasty combination of milk chocolate caramel and sugar. It became popular in no time. The company launched this delicious chocolate in the US after huge success in the UK during the 80s.

Later with expansion, they adopt the brand name Dove in many countries. It was a business decision just to avoid naming conflicts with other local brands. Other than the naming difference most of the ingredients remain the same everywhere. Only they introduce a few dry fruits to encourage local participation and sales.

You can find a perfect taste according to your needs here. They have a wide range of chocolate bars. You can have a bar of simple milk chocolate, caramel filled chocolate bar, or some dark chocolate bars. They also prepare the galaxy Bubble chocolate bar. It is an excellent light aerated chocolate bar.


The Blumenthal chocolate company started with the idea of mixing classic chocolate bars with roasted peanuts. It was the time during 1925, they launch a unique chocolate bar with roasted peanuts in the United States. They call it the Goobers probably due to the sound made while eating these candy bars. The actual translation of the term goober in American English is Peanut, so it is the best fit for the name.

The goobers brand was later acquired by Nestle in 1984. They made this candy the first choice for every vending machine throughout the country. Soon goobers became a consumer favorite, especially in theaters and sports stadiums.

The classic combination of roasted peanut covered in milk chocolate and caramelized sugar is the signature of the Goobers brand. The chocolate itself contains cocoa butter and vanilla.

Peanuts being a protein-rich food makes this candy bar more demanding for fitness lovers. It is not just a candy, goobers is a complete snack to keep you healthy and strong. This is the prime intention of nestle that keeps this classic candy bar in production for more than 100 years.


The Brand Ghirardelli was founded by Domingo Ghirardelli in 1850s. He started the brand and production in California, USA. The company continues its production and headquarters in California. Although the brand is now owned by swiss chocolate company Lindt & Sprungli. It is the 3rd oldest chocolate company in the United States. The company itself was founded by Domingo Ghirardelli when he moved to the states from South America.

Ghirardelli is a premium chocolate brand. It is one of the finest chocolate brands to date. They still manufacture chocolate bars with both Milk and dark chocolates. They even use caramel, roasted nuts, and bubble gums in some of their chocolate bars. Ghirardelli also makes make seasonal chocolate bars to entertain specific customers.

It has taken almost 175 years for a small roadside chocolate company to become one of the finest chocolate giants. They are still in production with some of the world’s best quality chocolate bars.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bear is a well-known classic gummy candy. These bear-shaped small gummies are still very popular. Some people may not like those traditional ones especially due to their bland taste. Although the addition of new tropical fruity flavors has helped this candy regain its charm.

Credit: By Jebulon – Own work, CC, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27753729

Many popular brands are manufacturing fruity gummy bears. Some even make them hot and spicy so if you like different then there’s always something for you.

The flavors, size, and colors usually depend on the brand that makes them. The popular colors of classic gummy bears include green, pink, red, purple, and white. Some brands even make blue, black, and transparent gummy bears.

Candy companies like Haribo were among the first few to commercialize the production of gummy bears. They started producing gummy bears in the late 1920s. They were inspired by circus-trained bears taking different poses. These unique appearances became the million-dollar idea for the Haribo gummy production. There were many other brands like Hirobo that took the opportunity and encash the idea of this unique eye-catching gummy bear candy. Some of those are still in production.

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Gum drop is classic sweet gummy candy. It usually comes in sweet fruity flavors. Although many other brands present a unique spicy combination of gum drops. The sweet and spicy cinnamon-flavored gumdrops are quite popular. There are many others with slightly peppery or sweet melony flavors.

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Commercial gumdrops are in markets since the 1800s. Some brands like Dots candy have excelled in the production of these gummy candies. Usually, a traditional gumdrop should have a light sugar powder coating over it. Although commercial brands may or may not follow this exact rule. They produce some of the finest Gum drops still available in stores.

Goo Goo Cluster

The Goo Goo cluster is one of the oldest and the original chocolate clusters available. The brand was the highlight of the Goo Goo chocolate company. It was established in 1912 by Howell Campbell in Nashville Tennessee.

This cluster candy combines delicious nougat, caramel, roasted peanuts, and milk chocolate. Initially, they sell these candies in a rectangular box. Each of those boxes contains a few Goo Goo clusters.

Latter with time and change in demand they come up with individual plastic wraps. Each Goo Goo cluster is then wrapped in an individual wrap with essential info and the calorific values.

The rough appearance of these chocolate clusters is the signature of the Goo Goo company. They never try to give it a smooth look and this was the highlight of the look. The bumps of roasted peanuts make the texture rough and probably more attractive.

Goo Goo Cluster is one of the most popular Candy Names That Start With G.

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Gusano is a popular Mexican liquid candy. It is a unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It is a liquid candy more like a sip or juice with chili peppers and sweet sauce. The sweet sauce is usually a type of chamoy, i.e. a pickled fruit sauce. It is both sweet and spicy to be a perfect blend.

The unique combination of Gusano makes it popular in the Mexican community. It comes in a small sip bottle pack. The pack contains about a good sip of Gusano. So it is handy and easy to carry in your pockets.


Grapehead is a hard sugar candy that comes in a fruity grape flavor. It is just like a lemon head candy. They have a sweet grape flavor instead of a tangy orange one. These tiny candies are purple in color and are pretty sweet in taste.

This candy comes in a rectangular purple packet. The signature purple grape head icon is the highlight of this candy. Each pack contains less than 25 grams or 1 oz of candy inside. Collectively they have just 90 calories per packet.

Good & Plenty

Good and Plenty is a small licorice gummy candy. It is a classic old fashion licorice flavor candy with basically two distinct colors. Each pack of Good and Plenty contains a mix of both white and purple small licorice candies. They start with classic matchbox-style packaging that really makes it easy to pop out the candies. The packaging is really easy to carry and handle even on the go.

Candy names that start with G- good and plenty by hersheys
Credit: https://www.hersheys.com/

The Quacker city chocolate and confectionery co made this delicious candy. They started their production in Philadelphia in the first quarter of the 19th century.

Final Words

There are a few other candy names that start with G. some of these are now while others are specific to a particular country and location. You can look out for those others like the Godinger, Grand, and Godiva chocolates.

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