Candy Names That Start With C

In today’s post, I have collected a list of Candy Names That Start With C. Every year we celebrate thanksgiving with corn candy and Christmas with the candy cane and cotton candies All of these have their names starting with the Alphabet C. So this is our topic of discussion for the day. Here’s a list for those who need a quick preview.

Some popular candy names that start with C include candy cane, Cotton candy, Chocolate Fudge, Corn candy, Cherry mash, and Everything from Cadburys. There are many more to be listed here and trust me I know very little of all.

So without wasting your precious time let’s jump to the listing.

Candy Names That Start With C
Candy Names That Start With C

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Candy Names That Start With C

  1. Candy Cane
  2. Corn Candy
  3. Crunch Chocolate Bar
  4. Cherry Mash
  5. Charleston Chew
  6. Circus Peanuts
  7. Cotton Candy
  8. Cadbury Eggs
  9. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  10. Cracker Jacks

A candy cane is a famous term and quite popular during the Christmas holidays.  I think we all are familiar with what a candy cane is, it’s a sweet J-shaped candy. Just take a bite and enjoy it for a couple of minutes or chew it ASAP for a quick snack. It’s up to you how you choose to enjoy these candies yet one thing is sure They will always remain present.

Another popular candy name that starts with C is Cotton candy. It’s my favorite, I know it sounds childish yet this is something I never regret admitting. Cotton candy is well known everywhere and big confectionary brands are now trying to present this age-old candy recipe to the commercial market. Still, I like those freshly made cotton candy from the traditional street candy sellers. The making process is a treat for the eyes.

Apart from these two, there are a few other candies worth mentioning here. These are The Circus Peanuts, a not-so-popular yet pretty unique chewy candy. Another one is Charleston chew, as you might have guessed by the name it is a caramel chew quite popular for its small size and sweet milk chocolate mix.

Finally, we have the cherry Mash and the Cherry sourballs. As the name suggests these candies have a sweet cherry flavor. The Cherry mash is a jello-type candy so the flavor is significant. The Cherry sour is a round red ball having a peculiar cherry flavor with a twist of tang.

And there’s always a big name on the list, it is the Cadbury. There are more than a dozen different candies sold by Cadbury.

Some More Candy Names with Letter C

Want some more, here’s what you want another list of candy names that start with C. Some of these might seem unknown as they are available only in specific areas or countries. So don’t worry if you wanna taste all of them just visit some online candy store or give a visit to the Amazon site of the particular country.

1. Caramello

Cadbury Caramello is a popular chocolate caramel candy bar. It’s soft sweet and full of goodness.

2. Crispery

crispery prepares delicious rice cakes since 1995. It is a crispy rice cake brand that always tries to fulfill the customer’s needs. They have a wide range of fluffy, crispy rice cakes and some of them even have chocolate chip toppings. These crispy cakes have already become celebrity favorites so it’s definitely a must-have on today’s list.

3. Crows Candy

candy names that start with c- crows

Crows is a Black licorice candy. It was invented in the early 1890s by Henrique Cataldi and Joseph Maison. These confectioners got the trademark registered in 1911. The dark black color candy has a wrapper that contains the signature crow mascot with a hat holding a cane.  In 1972 Tootsie roll Industries acquired the Crows brand.

4. Caramel Drops

Caramel drops are small chocolate toffies having a soft caramel core. It is a perfect bite-size candy fit for every consumer’s taste.

5. Clark Bar

The Clark candy bar was introduced in the year 1917 by David L Clark. It was a popular candy during both world wars. It contains crispy peanut butter in a soft taffy core. This caramel center milk chocolate bar has gone through many transitions and variations from one owner to another. At last, it ends up with the Boyer Cady company that acquire the brand after the bankruptcy of Necco in 2018.

6. Caramels

caramel is the essence of many delicious chewy candies. In fact, it has its own popularity as chewy candy. Caramel only contains corn syrup, butter, sugar, and condensed milk. The specific combination of ingredients makes it unique for every brand.

7. Coffee Rio

Coffee Rio is a perfect combination of coffee, milk chocolate, and Caramel. The sweet milk chocolate adds a contrast to the delicious and refreshing coffee. The brand also produces sugar-free coffee caramel candy so it’s for everyone.

8. Campfire

Candy is not just meant for enjoyment it can also serve a greater purpose. This is the idea behind the Campfire candy. Every year they organize a candy sale with lots of flavorful candies just to support the campfire community. It is really a great time for a gettogether and some charity work if you wish.

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9. Choco fudge

Choco fudge is a true delight. Soft spongy sweet fudge can cheer you up in every situation. It’s available in many brands with slight differences in flavor and texture.

10. Corn Nuts

The corn nut can be your best companion for the next movie. It is the classic toasted corn glazed with sweet and salty caramel. It is slightly different from its popped version. The journey of a corn nut starts with soaked corn kernels in hot water, and then it is deep fried. The procedure gives it a unique taste and texture.

11. Coffee Go Candy

The coffee Go candy is a try to replicate the delicious coffee flavor with the sweet caramel candy. It is handy with a perfect bite-size so you can have one even during short meeting breaks.

12. Caffarel

Caffarel is popular europian chocolate brand. It started its journey in the year 1826. The company is famous for its Italian chocolate and Hazelnut specialties. The Giandiotto is the most popular brand of Caffarel. It contains cocoa and roasted piedmont hazelnuts.

13. Chunky

The chunky chocolate bar is made by Nestle. It contains roasted peanuts, and raisins covered in a milk chocolate layer. The crispy core with smooth covering gives it the signature name chunky.

14. Chuckles

The colorful chuckles are jelly candies covered in a light sugar layer. They come in a variety of flavors including cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and the classic licorice.

15. Cella’s

Cella as a brand was first introduced in 1864 by the Masarik Family and later they sold the brand to Tootsie Roll Industries in 1985. It is a unique cherry-filled chocolate ball. The brand has both milk chocolate and dark chocolate variants. Each choco ball contains a perfect cherry glazed in a clear sugar coating. If you like cherry and chocolate together then it’s a must-try for you.

16. Cedrinca

Cedrinca is a brand from Barberoitalian foods. They prepare candy since the mid-90s for everyone. one thing that I like most about this brand is it has something for everyone. No matter whether you like sweet or salty or you want something fruity, they definitely have one for you. Just browse through their catalog and buy one for you.

17. Chupa Chup

Chupa Chup is a popular confectionary brand. It makes sweet fruity chewing gums and lollipops. This candy gum comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavors.

18. Choco Balls

Choco balls are a classic addition to the confectionery world. You can find these in different sizes, and colors, and definitely with varying tastes. A choco ball can be as simple as a solid spherical chocolate ball. Sometimes it may contain different ingredients like resin nuts and caramel filling. Therefore it has the largest range of variation in flavor and texture.

caramel balls

19. Coco Dips

Dips with chocolates are definitely the best for every wafer lover. No matter whether you like something spicy as fried chicken or sweet pastry, the chocolate dip will fit with every food.

20. Caramel Puffs

A salted wafers sandwich with a sweet caramel core is enough to define the Caramel puffs. It’s a little sweet and a little spicy so this one falls all.

Some brands also prepare caramel-flavored spicy wafers by the same name.

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21. Coffee Toffee

Coffee Toffee is another popular Indian candy brand. As the name suggests it contains caramel toffee with a refreshing coffee flavor. the coffee toffee candy comes in an individual wrap that contains single bite-size candy.

22. Coconut Candy

Coconut candy is probably one of the oldest candies still available in the market. It has many variants and most of them contain caramel, sugar, and coconut cream. Some brands even use coconut powder to give it a crusty texture. Some chocolate brands also make coconut chocolate bars and it’s quite popular.

23. Cinnamon Candy

Soft chewy cinnamon candies are quite popular. They are mostly seasonal specially available during the Christmas holidays. Some brands even prepare sweet Santa hats with these candies.

24. Coconut Delight

It is sweet, it’s a candy call it whatever you like it never tastes different. The famous coconut delight container is coconut powder, coconut cream, granular sugar, and some raisins. You can make these on your own and if you want the ingredients then simply buy the coconut delight mix that contains everything needed.

25. Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jack is the classic popcorn caramel candy. It is something we all like. These sweet and salty crispy crackers are probably the best snack for a movie.

Final Words

I know this is a long post still I think I miss many popular Candy Names That start with C. You can suggest to me more candies like Creamfils, Caramel Cones, Cookie crunch, Cafefills, Coffista Coffee candy, Cafechino candy, and my fav Lotte Choco Pie.

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