Candy Names that Start With A- with Images

We are back with another simple yet interesting list of candy names that start with ‘A’. Today we will talk about the first letter in the Alphabet and some popular candies having their initials with the letter A.

Some of the most popular candy names that start with the letter A are- Almond Joy, Aam Panna candy, Airheads, Aero Chocolate Bars, and Apple Candy. There are many more of those having names with the initial A. If you want to know them then follow along with today’s post.

If you are interested in knowing more about candies with specific names or Initials then keep reading.

Candy Names that Start With A
Candy Names That Start With A

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12 Candy Names that Start with A

Sweet and delicious, these two terms are an integral part of defining any candy. So whenever we talk about candies the first thing that came to our mind are those old-school classic Acorn tootsie rolls and the Acade choco beads. Some of you may remember those hard sugar candy mostly without any name yet very versatile in taste and colors. Those were the essence of our school time. Still these days some classic candies are quite popular and we could find some in candy stores or maybe in school canteens. if you like candies as much as I do then give a visit to your local candy store this weekend and maybe try a few for sake of old sweet memories.

Ummm so to the topic of discussion, We have a small list of 12 Candies with names starting with the letter A. If you are interested then check out some fun facts about them and find out if you like them or not.

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  1. Almond Joy

      • Almond joy is a delicious mix of chocolate, almond, and coconut. This creamy chocolate candy is a delight from Hershey’s. A perfect size candy full of flavors and with great taste. If you like almond and coconut then this one is definitely for you.
  2. Air Heads

      • Airheads are sweet fruity and flavorful candy. This chewy candy is a delight for every candy lover. You can have these anytime anywhere and they will feed your candy-craving mouth. Try this sweet candy and must share some with your friends. If you like grape or blueberry then ask for the fruity ones in the store.
  3. Aero Chocolate Bars

      • Aero chocolate bar is classic English chocolate. These soft light aerated chocolate bars were first introduced in 1935 in the north of England. It was originally produced by Rowntree’s latter it was acquired by Nestle. A mild dark sweet taste is a signature of this candy bar.
  4. Altoids

      • A distinct metal tin container specially designed for small button shape mint tablets was the highlight of this candy. London-based Smith and company introduced this mint candy in the 1780s. Soon it became popular for its unique look and classy taste. Later in the 19th century, the brand was acquired by Callard and Bowser company.
  5. Andies

      • Chocolate sandwich with a delicious and refreshing green mint filling, this is all about Andes Candy. If you like a refreshing candy with a variety of flavors and especially chocolate layers then the Andes is just the one for you.
  6. Abba Zaba

      • Abba Zaba is a taffy filled with peanut butter. This delicious taffy was originally made by Colby and McDermott in 1922. The brand was later acquired by Annabelle Candy Company.
  7. Apple Candy

      • The Apple candy is a popular Halloween delight. It’s a whole apple covered in sugar candy coating and some sweet sprinkles. Some may have nuts or seed covering while others have plain sugar glaze. Usually, small green tangy apples are best for making Apple candy.
  8. Atoms drop

      • Atoms drop is a perfect bite-size choco ball filled with sour cream. It’s different and you may not like it on the first try but trust me, give this candy a few tries before making any opinion. The soft milk chocolate covering adds the essential sweetness to the contrasting sour cream fills. Have a bite chew it and enjoy the unique combination of flavors.
  9. Atomic Fireball

      • Sweet and spicy original cinnamon candy is a dare for every candy lover. Don’t worry The Atomic Fireball is not as hot as its looks or sounds yet the fierce coloring and the super intense cinnamon flavor are something that you will never forget. Atomic Fireball is small red spherical candy justifying its true name with the fiery cinnamon flavor. Ping me if you can eat more than a dozen at a time.
  10. Archie McPhee

      • Archie Mcphee is popular for its unique candy collection. These candies have different flavors, and texture shape,s and most important is their unique taste. If you shop from wall mart then the name Archie Mcphee candy is not new for you. They are available everywhere although not all flavors are my favorite. It’s always a choice of personal taste.
  11. Asbach Uralt

      • Asbach Uralt is a popular liquor brand and they also sell chocolates. Some are specially curated for specific consumers. You can buy the Asbach chocolate gifts from amazon and many other online stores.
  12. Aam candy

      • Aam is a Hindi term for Mango and so does the candy name. These mango candies usually cane in two flavors the first with the usual sweet mango flavor and another one with tangy sour raw mango flavor. The tangy one is usually sold with the name Kaccha mango or Kaccha Aam. The name simply stands for raw mango and the taste actually resembles that. These small hard chewy candies are pretty affordable and you can stop yourself after having the first.
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  13. Aam Panna candy

      • This is also a candy more likely a tangy one with a unique spicy touch. If you eat this candy then the first taste you will experience will be the obvious sweet or tangy which gradually changes to a more spicy flavor. Usually, the Aam Panna candy is filled with a tangy spice mix that will come out once you chew the hard sugar covering.
      • Other variants of Aam Panna candy have similar tastes but slightly different shapes and textures. They might have a small button shape and a more tangy or crusty feel. Overall these mango-flavored candies are classic for their popularity. 
  14. Almond Crunch

        • Almond crunch is something like peanut brittle but without peanuts. The only difference to the original recipe is the use of Almonds instead of roasted peanuts. It is a delight especially if you like rich protein in sugar-coated candy. This is it for every nut and candy lover. You can make these delicious crunchy almond candy bars on your own or maybe buy some from the candy store. They came in various names by different confectionary brands. Just look for the Almond crunch during purchase.almond roca
  15. Ahoy Chips

        • Ahoy chips is a choco chip cookie made by the Nabisco company brand. It’s technically a cookie, not a candy yet I like it this way. This cookie is definitely a good option for the list.

Final words

That’s it for now, let me know if I missed some important names on the list. How many of these candies have you tried so far, do you like them? Let me know your thoughts on Insta.

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