What is Ice Cream Candy? Everything to know

It’s the flavor or maybe the color that makes these sweet colds candy a delightful childhood memory. How many of you remember those classic ice-on stick candies. Those simple ice pops have just ice, food coloring, and sugar syrup. That’s all that makes a classic ice Candy. Technically the term Ice candy or Ice cream candy is related to the traditional Phillipino delicacy -The Buko Ice Candy. It is the original ice candy probably an amalgamation of American popsicles with fruity tropical flavor. The Buko ice candy is basically a coconut milk ice cream candy on a handy stick. The Buko ice candy is a classic and a popular old-school delicacy although there are many other tropical fruit flavor variants available to try on.

The popularity of this candy has led to widespread production all across the globe. These cold juicy ice candies are now available worldwide and you can definitely find one in your nearest ice cream store. They all have their different flavors and appearance still they belong to the same family.

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What is Ice Cream Candy?

Ice candy is a simple ice-on stick delicacy with different flavors. You can find one with tropical fruits and some with spices even salty ice candy with chili flakes is quite popular. The ice candy is as simple as it sounds. Plain edible ice topped with fruit juice, sugar syrup, and food coloring is all that makes the classic ice candy.

Some modern variants have different flavor and color combinations. Even the quality and appearance have refined a lot due to the commercial production of ice candy.

Is Ice candy Related to Ice pops or popsicles?

Probably they are related. Actually, the true origin of Phillipino ice candies is hard to track. It is said that Filipino ice candy is a subset or similar to American pops. There is no real proof for this statement although the relationship and trade between both these countries may have contributed to the evolution of different ice cream candy.

The Origin of Ice Cream Candy

If you look at a traditional Buko Ice candy or coconut popsicle then one thing is easy to understand. It contains ice, coconut cream, and sugar. This is the simplest combination for an ice candy. Buko ice candy is a frozen dessert from the Philippines and it is considered the original ice cream candy.

The origin of ice candy is hard to track although it is found in almost every tropical and subtropical country. Apart for the Philippines, ice candy is popular in many south Asian countries. In the Americas, you can find something similar with the name ice pops or popsicles.

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Popular Ice Cream Candy variants

There are literally 100s of different flavor combinations for Ice candy. Everyone has their own favorites. No matter whether you like sweet, salty, or spicy there’s always one for you. Out of all those variants I personally like-

  • The Buko Ice Candy. It is the classic coconut ice popsicle. 
  • Mango Ice Candy. The favorites of all tropical fruits, I think everyone should try these. 
  • Avocado ice candy. A different flavor with a unique taste altogether in a cold ice candy. 
  • Melon Ice candy. If you like melons then this one is definitely for you. 
  • Pineapple Ice candy. The mild pineapple flavor with a little sweet ice cand. It’s perfect for evening chill-outs. 
  • Orange Ice candy. Juicy tangy orange syrup in a cold ice candy makes a true delicacy. 

Making your own Ice Candy

Regular Ice candy is as simple as its sounds. It only contains ice, sugar syrup, and food color. Although this simplicity has a big problem as there are too many variants and combinations for its recipe. And trust none of those is inferior. So it’s up to you what you like. In fact, you can make an ice candy with your favorite flavor right in your home.

You will definitely need a refrigerator for freezing the water and the rest is all about flavor.  One of my favorite tricks for making ice candy includes tasting the syrup water solution and adjusting the composition unless it tastes perfect. Once it tastes good and looks good then fill the liquid in plastic ice cones or maybe a small steel glass f you like. Place these in the deep freezer section for 4 to 8 hours and that’s it. If you are lucky definitely you will get the simplest form of homemade ice candy.

The only problem you may face in this approach is that sometimes the sugar syrup gets settled in the bottom of the ice cone due to heavier density.  You can simply solve this problem by properly stir the liquid solution twice in the first couple of hours of freezing. If you are using multiple food coloring for layers in the popsicle then stirring can create beautiful patterns in the ice. 

Plain ice and sugar syrup are great in looks and taste although my favorites include coconut cream and mango pulp. A perfect mix of fruit pulp and ice is not so easy to make. You have to try a couple of times to perfect the combination. Once you excel in taste and consistency, it’s time to share your homemade ice candy with friends and family members to get some appreciation.


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Can I make Ice Cream candy at home?- Yes Making Ice crema candy is quite easy. Just choose your favorite flavor, get the syrup ready, use quality food coloring and mix it properly with some water. Finally, pour the liquid solution into an ice cone and put it in the freezer for a few hours. You can buy affordable plastic Ice cones on Amazon. 

Are Ice cream and Ice candy the Same or Different?– Both Ice cream and Ice candy differ only in their consistency and texture. Ice candy is relatively harder than traditional Ice cream. They also differ in their preparation style and use of ingredients.  Apart from these differences, they both are cold, sweet, and juicy so It’s their taste that really matters for the consumer. 

Final Words

Ice cream Candy is a frozen desert. The original of all is the Phillipino Buko Ice candy. It’s the traditional coconut ice candy or popsicles. No matter where you like you can definitely find something similar. It’s just a matter of taste and availability of the ingredient that makes these ice candies so diverse and versatile all over the globe. In fact, you can find an ice candy with a tangy or spicy chili flavor. The diversity in flavor and color makes these frozen deserts so popular that almost all of us are fond of this low-cost childhood delicacy. 

Ice candy is still popular among children, especially for the variance of its color rather than its unique sweet tangy flavors. 

 I know this article is not sufficient to explain all of it still if you like my effort then share the post with everyone. 

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