20 Candy That Starts with S: With Pictures

We are back with 20+ Candy That Starts with S: There is plenty of candy with names starting with S. Some of them are popular and others may not yet the count of popular ones is quite long. All of us are familiar with the Snickers, Skittles, Smarties, or the Sugar Babies. These are the few of all those candies that start with S. Keep reading for short info about each of them.

Candy That Starts with S
Candy That Starts with S

What is the Oldest Candy Still in Production?

Candy That Starts With S

  1. Sixlets

    • Oak Leaf Confections made these delicious colorful small chocolate balls. The Candy gets its name Sixlets from the arrangement of 6 candy balls in cellophane tube wrap for sales. They came in red, yellow, green, orange, and maroon colors. This brand is in the market since the 1960s and was very popular. The best thing about this Ontario, Canada-based company is that it presents a unique candy color combination for every celebration. You can have all red, pink and white Sixlets for valentines day. Similarly, white, pink, and blue colors especially for easter, and Red, green and white for Christmas. Halloween has also a special combination of Sixlets that contains Orange, teal, purple, green, and black candies.
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  2. Snickers

    • Since the 1930s Snickers is one of the most popular candies on the market. Snickers candy bars contain crips core with nougat and caramel layered with peanut and a final coat with milk chocolate. It was first made by Mars Corporation in the early 30s and was soon labeled as one of the most delicious chocolate protein bars. Today there are a ton of snickers flavors available other than the classic Peanut caramel and nougat.
  3. Smarties

    • Smarties are in small disk-shaped sugar-coated chocolate confectionaries. They are in the market since 1937. This candy was originally manufactured by H.I Rowntree & company in the United Kingdom, now it is owned by Nestle. Today you can find this candy anywhere around the globe. The texture and flavor have changed a lot with time and place yet its popularity always remain the same.
  4. Spangles

    • Spangles was a popular sweet manufactured by Mars Ltd in the United Kingdom from the 1950s to the early 80s. The square shape with rounded edges was the iconic signature of these candies. Spangles were especially popular due to their low price compared to other sweets of the time.
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  5. Spira

    • Spira was a delicious chocolate spiral made by the Cadbury company. These were the hollow twisted milk chocolate finger bars. Each packet of Spira contains two twisted chocolate fingers.
  6. Sour Punch Straws

    • Sour punch straws are sweet candy straws covered in a sour coating. These candies were very popular due to their unique flavor and the tangy punch. They come in many fruity flavors although raspberry, grape, and blueberry were the most popular among all. The sour punch straw was later discontinued due to the decline in its popularity.
  7. Sports Mixture

    • Sports mixture is a confectionery brand of Cadbury UK. It was originally manufactured in the UK under the brand name of Maynards Bassetts which was a part of Cadbury UK. The brand is now owned by Mondelez International formerly known as Lion Confectionary.
      These fruity-flavored hard gums were popular due to their unique shape. They come in combinations of different sports equipment like- cricket balls, bats, stumps, ice skates, jerseys, shirts and tops, pedal cycles, and hoops.
      These gums were introduced in five different colors -Red, orange, black, yellow, and green. They continued these combinations to date.
  8. Swedish Fish

    • This fish-shaped chewy candy was originally manufactured by a Swedish confectionery company – Malaco for the U.S market during the late 1950s. The Swedish fish candy comes in a variety of color and flavor combinations. The fruity gummy texture was the highlight of this candy. check out the latest price for Swedish fish on amazon.
  9. Starbar

    • Starbar is a popular chocolate bar brand manufactured by Cadbury candy company. It contains caramel, and nougat filled with crushed roasted peanut, and everything is covered in delicious milk chocolate layers. These chocolate bars are still available with some changes, the Swedish Marabou company still manufactures the Starbars. The brand is now owned by the Mondelez International company the current owner of Cadbury.
  10. Sour Patch Kids

    • The Sour Patch Kids candy was introduced in 197 by Mars Men Ltd. The candy was unique in its flavor and shape. It was an inverted sugar soft chewy candy that contain a sour coating on the outside. The punch of sour taste ends with a mild sweet flavor. It was unique and quite popular among children.
  11. Sugar Daddy

    • Sugar daddy was a delicious caramel candy bar on a stick manufactured by the tootsie roll candy company. It was popular for its big rectangular size and the obvious chewy sweet caramel flavor. The Sugar Daddy candy bar is one of the oldest American caramel lollipops.
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  12. Sugar Mamma

    • Just like Sugar Daddy, the Sugar Mamma candy was also a delicious caramel candy bar. It was smaller in size, a perfect bite-size roughly square candy. Sugar mamma candy was introduced during the early 60s.
  13. SweeTart Ropes

    • Sweetart ropes are popular chewy rope candy. It mixes the popular licorice flavor with sweet candy tarts. The fusion of unique color and fruity flavors made this candy a unique choice for confectionery lovers.
  14. Super Bubble

    • Super Bubbles were originally introduced in 1946 by the brand name Bub’s Daddy. It is a popular fruity bubble gum since its introduction. Today you can find them in a variety of flavors including Grape, apple, and watermelon. Every single super bubble is perfect in bite-size for every mouth. It is filled with fruity syrup that will keep you engaged even if you don’t like chewing gums for long.
  15. Saltwater Taffy

    • Saltwater taffy was originally introduced in Atlantic City, New Jersey. These soft chewy candies were popular for their low price and small bite-size pieces. Today many confectionery companies use the ingredient i.e sugar, cornstarch, and glucose syrup for making their own brands. Traditionally saltwater taffy was unique in its slaty sweet taste. The original brands were discontinued yet you can find some combinations still available in local candy stores.
  16. Sno-Caps

    • Sno-Caps was the original American candy brand manufactured by Nestle. It consists of small pieces of semi-sweet chocolate covered with white nonpareils. The combination of dark and light colors gives it the look of a snow-covered mountain top. Probably this was the reason for naming the candy Sno-caps. It was first introduced in the late 1920s by the Blumenthal Chocolate company. The Ward Foods company buy the brand in 1969.
  17. Skittles

    • Skittles are colorful chewy candies. They came in many different fruity flavors. Skittles was first sold in Britain in 1974 and Later in the US in 1979. The company started its production in the US in 1982. Since then Skittles became a popular candy brand.
  18. Sugar Babies

    • Since 1935 Sugar Baby candy has maintained its popularity. These bite-size caramel candies are chewy sweet and delicious. They are somewhat similar to Sugar Daddy candy with a much smaller size. Sugar baby candy is still available in some candy stores although they are not very common these days.
  19. S’Mores

    • Toasted marshmallows, chocolate layer all together within two pieces of crackers, this is S’more. It is a treat for a campfire and you can mix and match it with anything you like.
  20. Soda Pops

    • If you like fizz in candy then these candies are just for you. Soda pops is a fruit-flavored candy named after fruity fizz drinks. You can have these as it is although it is better to drop a few candies with a sip of water. I like it that way, what’s your favorite way of eating Soda pops candy.
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  21. Sweet Tooth Sugar Candy

    • Sweet Tooth Candy came in many flavors and quite a few colors. Initially, It was a simple hard sugar candy for the Halloween celebration. Later with time, many companies come up with varieties of tooth candy. Today you can find sweet tooth sugar jelly as well as hard candy in the shape of small tooths. They all taste great and what’s better than a huge vampire fang for a Halloween party.
  22. Starburst

    • The Colorful square Starburst candy was first made in the UK during the 1960s. Later in 1967, starburst came to the US. Its initial name was Opal Fruits due to its juicy fruity flavors. The Candy gets its name Starburst only after its introduction in the US. The Original flavors were Lemon, Orange, Cherry, and juicy Strawberry. It was a popular candy and still finds its fair share of consumers.

Other Homemade Candy That Starts with S

  • Strudels
  • Strawberry shortcakes
  • Sweet potato PieCandy
  • Spumoni
  • Sorbet

Final Words

There are many more candies with names starting with S and I know I missed a lot of them. So if you find any left outs then let me know in the comments.

Do you know any more Candy That Starts with S- Let us know and we will add your candy to this list.

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