Candy Names That Starts with N

There are 100s of Candy names that start with N. All of them have different textures, shapes, consistency, and taste as well. Sometimes a candy or something similar may have different names in other regions. So without any official affirmation. I present a small list of a few of my favorite candy that starts with N. This list is collected from the internet and you may not recognize a few of these. Some of these brands have already closed their manufacturing. So either they are out of business or the brand name is changed.

Do you know? Most Candy names that start with N contain Peanuts in one or other forms. Others get their name from the Company or manufacturer itself.

Candy Names That Starts with N
Candy Names That Starts with N

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Candy Names That Starts with N

  1. Nougat
  2. Nutella Bars
  3. Necco Wafers
  4. Nerds by Nestle
  5. Nips by Nestle
  6. Nestle Crunch
  7. Neopolitan Coconut Candy
  8. Now and Later by Ferra Candy
  9. NutRageous by Hershy
  10. Nutrine by Hershy India
  11. Nic-L-Nip wax bottle candy by Tootsie Roll
  12. Nestle Classic
  13. Nature Valley Crunchy Peanut
  14. Natural Peanut Brittle
  15. New Orleans Pralines
  16. Nutella Fudge
  17. Nutter Butter Truffles
  18. Nutter Fingers Candy Bars
  19. Nutty Caramels
  20. Num Nums
  21. Nutty Chocolate Chex
  22. Nutty Cornflakes Clusters
  23. Nanaimo Squares
  24. Nutcracker
  25. Negerkuss
  26. Nut roll
  27. Nacho
  28. Nabisco
  29. Nibbs
  30. Nutty Butty
  31. Nesquik
  32. Newton bars
  33. Nummies
  34. Nilla Wafers
  35. Nutt and Spiz

There are many more candies to list here. I leave those for your research. For sure I don’t know all of them so If you think I missed something special. Then let me know I’ll update the list for you.

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In today’s list Nougat, Nutty Caramel, Nestle Crunch, Nut Brittle, Nut Craker, and a few others are my favorite.


This is a special edition to the list. It is a sweet juicy colorful fruit syrup packed in tiny bottles. You have to twist the cap and sip the liquid. It’s small but delicious.


Nougat is probably my favorite. It is a sweet Caramel composite made with sugar, honey, nuts, and all other goodies. It was Quiet popular in the UK though widely available worldwide with other names. Nougat is easy to make if you have some time, essential ingredients, and of course some interest in candy making.


Nestle is a big brand in the sweet confectionery industry. It manufactures a dozen different candies with names starting with N. Nestle Classic and Nestle Crunch are just a few of those popular candies. Most of these candy contains, caramel, sugar, chocolate, wafers, and other essentials.

Nutella Bars

Nutella bar is another favorite candy on my list. It consists of different layers of Creamy caramel, nuts, and nougat. Together they make a very delicious chewy candy. I think many of you know this candy, hope you also like it.

Necco Wafers

It was a hard sweet candy Wafer. The company probably stops manufacturing these after a gradual decrease in popularity. It was a white round quarter-size sweet candy. Necco Wafers were popular among kids and their parents in their initial days but the introduction of new chocolate and candy brands made them obsolete.

Natural peanut Brittle

It is an old-fashioned peanut Brittle candy. Everyone likes it hope you do. Peanut Brittle is quite easy to make. It only requires roasted peanuts and a lot of sugar or jaggery if you like.

Nutty Chocolate

It contains caramel, nuts, and chocolate. You can’t say no to this combination. It is a delicious chewy nut-filled chocolate. If you like salted nuts with chocolate then this candy is made just for you.

Nutella Crispy Treat

This candy is a combination of crispy puffed rice, sugar, and nuts. A perfect mixture for a morning snack. The bite-size pieces of this sweet confectionery can keep you happy throughout the day.

Neopolitan Crispy Treat

Another tasty candy bar made of the crispy wafer or puffed rice and nuts. It is slightly different in taste and texture.

Nutty Cornflake Clusters

It contains Cornflakes with a hint of nutty flavor and is glazed with sugar. You may like these in your breakfast.

Nutella Fudge

Fudge of any brand is definitely in my favorites. The Soft Chocolate texture and dark browny flavor made this candy a delight. It is a full-day snack eat it whenever you want. The toughest part of this is to stop overeating.

Nutter butter Cookie Truffles

If you like cookies and truffles then This candy is just for you. The candy maker has turned the delicious Nutter butter cockies into soft sweat chocolaty truffles.

Nougat Icecream

Another interesting member of this list. I know it is not candy though I wanna add it here. If you like Nougat in its coldest format then this Icecream is for you. It is a smooth sweet and cold desert with a unique nutty taste due to Nougats.


Nipps are popular coffee-flavored candy. It is a small bite-size semihard chewy candy. Nipps is very addictive at least for me,  trust me once you have it you will crave more. It is delicious and quite affordable. There is nothing fuss just sugar caramel and coffee flavor. Together it makes the perfect blend for delicious candy. It is probably the smallest and simplest among all candy names that starts with N.


I have listed a few candy names that start with N. If you know more then let me know, I’ll update the list for you. Also if you have any interesting stories or any childhood memory related to candy then please share them with us. Enjoy your day and have a sweet smile.

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