Candy That Starts With K : Name with Pictures

Candies give sweet satisfaction and are symbols of happiness for everyone. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult we all love candies. I remember when I was a kid my uncle use to give me candies every day to see a big smile on my face. Even today when someone gives me candies I cannot stop myself from smiling. I feel happy and it reminds me of my childhood. Today I am sharing the candy that starts with K.

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Candy That Starts With K

Kitkat and candy Korn are some really yummy and well-known candies. Apart from these, there are lots of candies in the world that have interesting names and tastes. Here is a list of candy that starts with K.

Kit Kat


Crunchy wafers covered with yummy chocolate. Who doesn’t know what KitKat is? This is one of the most liked candies in the world. From kids to adults, everyone loves to eat Kit Kat. Kit kat in the red wrapper is the most common but in some countries Blue, yellow and even green Kitkat is available.

The chocolate classic flavor of the kit is of the best flavors. Now many bakery shops use KitKat to cover or to decorate chocolate cakes. Kitkat lovers cannot skip the cake topped with KitKat crunchy bars. Just perfectly made with the softness of chocolate and crunchiness or wafers inside.

Krabby patties candy

If you are a fan of sponge bob square pants, you are gonna love this. The theme of packaging of Krabby patty candy is a sponge bob theme. It looks so cute and reminds you of sponge bob. Inside the package, there are candies in the shape of a cheeseburger.

The cheeseburger Krabby patty candies are available in all sizes from bite-size to giant size. Also, the flavor is fruity and yummy of course. You can use them for any theme party snacks or cake decoration.

Kandy Korn

Kandy corn

These are small colorful red, orange, white candy. Mostly made with corn starch, sugar, and gelatin. These candies are available in many different colors and flavors. You are not getting real corn instead you’ll get cute corn-shaped gelatin candy. These are perfect for celebrations and parties.

You can use these candies as a treat on the eve of al-Halloween. Garnish your pudding or pie or just spread some candies on homemade fruit cake. It looks beautiful and tastes yummy.

Killer sharks Gummy

The killer shark gummies are amazing blue and white candy. These Gummies are bite-size and look so cute. It is a combination of blue raspberry and marshmello. If you are a blueberry lover then you are gonna love it too.

Blue and white color of the candies featuring the shark design best for a blue theme party. Also, the taste is very unique and different from other candies. I hope you have tried it or else you can go and try it now.

Krunch Bar

krunch bar

Yummy crunchy chocolate bar as it sounds. This one is one of the most liked chocolate bars. A soft delicious creamy center with a crispy outer crust is best for an evening snack for mid-night craving. Most people love it as chilled hard. And some like to eat yummy bar cold and creamy with the crunchy outer layer. This is best for dessert which everyone loves eating.

Kookaburra Licorice

A Washington-based family started a business for making yummy licorice candies. They made soft chewy candies full of flavors and now famous worldwide. The best thing is you can taste traditional licorice whenever you want, just order kookaburra today.

Klondike Kandy Bar

kandy bar Candy That Starts With K

Klondike Kandy Icecream bar is much similar to crunchy bars. These are even yummier than the crunchy candy. You can taste the small crispy nuts. Keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours and enjoy it crunchy. You will love it even after it gets melted.

Eat creamy cold dessert or eat it as a snack if you are a sweet lover. The nuts and dry fruits make it a bit healthy too.

 Koko Cereal bar

As you can guess Koko cereal bar is a healthy cereal snack. It contains chocolate and cereals which makes it perfect for cravings or evening hunger pangs. This bar is healthy as well as super yummy to eat as an evening snack.  You can even eat it in your lunch or breakfast too. This can be a quick solution for your hunger when you are out of time.

Koko Krunch

koko krunch Candy That Starts With K

This is actually not candy but we can include it in this category. The chocolate-flavored Koko Krunch is made up of sugar and chocolate. These waffle-like small chunks are yummy and loved by almost all kids.

Kits Taffy

Kits are bite-size taffy available in the market for ages. I am sure you have your kits taffy story to share as it made our childhood interesting. There many flavors available. You can go for assorted fruits, chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry. They have gift packs also. You can gift the one to your close one and enjoy your childhood again.

key lime flavored sliced fruit jelly

slices flavored fruits jelly Candy That Starts With K

These are cute colorful sliced lemon-like jellies. You can get a refreshing life flavor with a tangy or sour taste. These sliced look super cute and you can use them for your DIY candy cake toppings, it’ll look amazing. Tangy sour candies are kids’ all-time favorite. They like eating these candies as a snack even I love them.

Kiddie mix candy

Are you looking for Halloween candy? Kiddle mix is the one you are looking for. The packaging is also on a Halloween theme. Sourlicious mix, chewlicious mix, and party mix are different categories available. Kiddle mix is the best candy for Halloween treat. The company produces candies on all themes including holidays, valentine, and easter.

I hope you have got the one you are looking for. Please do not forget to let me know if you know more candy names that start with K. Suggestions are always appreciated please comment below in the comment box.

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