Candy That Starts With V: 15 Names and Images

Here we will discuss another list of Candy that starts with ‘V’. The first thing that came to my mind with candy and the letter V is- valentines Day. So let’s start with all of Valentine’s day chocolate and candies. It’s a good start although there is not much to quote out like candy with names starting with V. Simply every candy with names starting with the letter v is either referred to an ingredient like vanilla or relates to specific color like violet. Both of these words are prominent in the candy names, have a look.

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15 Candy That Starts With V

  1. Valentine Hearts
  2. Vanilla fudge
  3. Vanilla Chocolate
  4. Valomilk Candy Cups
  5. Violet Crumble Candy
  6. Vampire Teet Sugar candy
  7. Violet Mints
  8. Vanilla Lollipops
  9. Velvet Crunch
  10. Vanilla Caramel Candy
  11. Vanilla Wafer
  12. Violet Skittles
  13. Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
  14. Violet Drops
  15. Valentine Chocomix

Every Candy is different. They differ in brands, names, shape, size, taste, and sometimes in color. Although one thing that remains constant in this list is that they all have names starting with V.

Valentine Hearts

This is the signature treat for valentines day celebration. The Valentine’s heart is a common candy with a heart shape. It is usually made of sugar and chocolate. Soft chocolate valentine hearts are more popular than hard sugar candies.

You can also make these candies on your own. It only requires sugar, chocolate, and a heart shape mold or cookie cutter, if you like it big. Melt the sugar mix some chocolate and mold it into tiny hearts. That’s it.

Vanilla Fudge

Traditional Fudge with vanilla is something to be listed here. Vanilla fudge is a popular variety in this list. It is more like a dessert than a candy although it suits well in this category.

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Vanilla Chocolate

Again this one is also a generic type for classification. It is not any particular candy instead vanilla chocolate is an ingredient for many popular candies.

Valomilk Candy Cup

This one is an authentic brand that manufactures delicious candy usually filled with caramel or milk chocolate. The cup-shaped Valomilk candy has a chocolate crust covering smooth marshmallow milk cream. This one is an old-fashioned candy that is still popular among its consumers.

Violet Crumble Candy

Violet Crumble candy is a delight from the house of Nestle. It has crunchy honeycomb wafer core layers filled with cream and covered chocolate. The Dual layers of milk chocolate are the highlight of this crunchy candy bar. The crunchy texture with soft nougat cream fills make this candy a popular choice for candy lovers.

Vampire Teet Sugar candy

The vampire teeth candy is a very popular andy type for the Halloween season. It came in different shapes and tastes combinations. Although most of them are soft chewy sugar jelly candies. They also have different names assigned by their respective brands or manufacturers yet they all are specifically the same. Some brands make these candies with just two vampire fangs while others may have a whole set of teeth. You can also find these candies on Amazon by the name of Bloody Vampire teeth.

Violet Mints

Violet Mint is a unique flavourful and fragrant mint candy by Chowards Company. It is unique and different from any regular plain mint candy. These candies have a floral fragrance that makes them special among mouth fresheners and chewing gums. The square tablet look is obvious for a mint candy yet the flavor makes it unique.

Vanilla Lollipops

If you like lollipops then vanilla pops are not new for you. This is probably the most common flavor among pops. Everyone likes them and it’s pretty easy to make. You can do it in your kitchen if you want. Mix vanilla extract with dense sugar syrup. You may have to boil the syrup enough to get the consistency before mixing the extract. Once done pour round drops of the mixture on a mold and put a stick in the center. Usually, a plastic straw is good for this purpose. If you don’t have a spherical mold then press the syrup for flat vanilla lollipops. It’s worth especially if you like the taste.

Velvet Crunch

I don’t know whether you consider this a candy or not yet I like the texture so it’s here. This crunchy snack is good for any time of the day. It comes in a variety of tastes from sweet to sour and spicy. You can choose the one you like and enjoy it anywhere anytime.

Vanilla Caramel Candy

Vanilla caramel candy is the best one on this list. These are chewy semi-hard Vanilla and caramel candies. The smooth texture and sweet flavor are the classic identification of this combination.

Vanilla Wafer

Another popular vanilla flavor candy or it’s better to say just a wafer. I like wafers so this one is here on the list. vanilla wafers are popular for ice cream cones as well as wafer sandwiches. The mild vanilla flavor and fragrance can give a unique touch to any dessert. That’s why vanilla wafers are very popular.

Violet Skittles

Skittles are small colorful candies. They came in all shades of the rainbow. Sometimes it can be as simple as a dark chocolate ball. They taste great and they look good what else do you expect from perfect skittles.

Vanilla Tootsie Rolls

It is a simple sweet chewy candy with a smooth vanilla flavor. Tootsie roll is not a new term, it is a well know candy available worldwide.

Violet Drops

Violet drops are special candy with floral essence. Some of them contain aniseed in the center. It is a popular Italian delight. Some brands still prepare this candy in its traditional floral structure. The shape of the flower its fragrance and the unique sweet taste are the signatures of the violet drop candy.

Valentine Chocomix

This is the best combination. Every year during Valentine’s week candy companies come up with different combinations of chocolate and candies. Their main objective is to attract as many customers as they can. Therefore every year you can get a whole new combination of the Chocolate mix for your valentine.

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