Candy That Starts With F: 30 Names with Images

In this article we will discuss Candy that starts with F. Candy names with the letter F and everything about them, isn’t it interesting.  If you like candy then this articles definitely for you. Let us know which one is your favorite and if I miss any.

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30 Candy That Starts With F

We have the usual candy that starts with F like Fudge, Fruit Slices, Fruit Gummies, Ferrero Rocher Truffles, and Fruit Jellies. Other popular cady includes Fudge, Flipsticks, Famous Amos, flips, Five Star, and many more. Check out the complete list given below.

  1. Fig newtons
  2. FUN DIP
  3. Forever yours
  4. Fudge
  5. Fireballs
  6. Frutie Tootie twists
  7. Famous Amos
  8. Flipsticks Taffy
  9. French Chew
  10. Famous Grouse
  11. Flipz
  12. Frooties
  13. Fazermint
  14. Flossugar
  15. Fruit Chew Pops
  16. Finders Keepers
  17. Fluffy Stuff
  18. Fruit Gushers
  19. Fraise Tagada
  20. Fini
  21. Fort Knox
  22. Ferrero Rocher Truffles
  23. Fruit Stripe
  24. Fruit Slices
  25. Flake
  26. Fralinger’s
  27. Fruzel
  28. Freddo faces Cadbury
  29. Flicks
  30. Five Star Chocolate Bar by Cadbury

Some of them are popular while others are not so like Fruit, French, Famous, Fancy, Fig, and Filled types. Check out Candy Names That Starts with N

Fruit: all start with the word fruit

Filled shell candy, fruit & nut chocolate easter eggs, jelly candies, shaped powdered filled candy, gems, blast mix, fruit oval lollipops, drops, discs, fantasy hard candy, and chews. These are all fruit types with their specific names, shape, and taste. The Fancy fruit assorted candies are most popular in this category.

French: all start with the word French

Orchard assorted filled hard candy, candy creams, chocolate medians confections, balls, style pate de fruits, bonbon fruit candy sweets, French fruit lollipops, French honey candies, mints, chocolate mints, lilliputians bonbon fruit candies, violet flavored lollipops, chewy taffy (several flavors), chef Yves Thuries chocolates, and chocolates and nuts.

Figs: all start with the word fig

Figs- Sugarcoat candy, dried, caramelized, nut candy, hazelnut candy, ginger truffles, walnut truffles, glazed candied bacon, teaspoon sweets, with anise and walnuts, and nut truffles, and date energy balls, cacao candy log, bars, and just plain fig candy.

Famous creams filled candies with or without nuts are also popular in this list.

Candy and Chocolate range by FUGI’S, FLEET FARM

FUJI’S and Fleet farm are two popular confectionary candy brands with names starting with F. They manufacture many candy and chocolates. If you like the bands then their products are a must-try.

Others candy that starts with F includes Figgis & Jammies, Filled raspberry candy, Figgin & Fruit, “Frootsies”, Fresh cotton candy grapes, First Choice Candy assorted gummy fruits, Fruit n Tell summer fruit candies, French Burnt Peanuts, Flake, Figcolates, Fig rolls, and the list goes on and on…

Fig Newtons and Fig & Cream Cheese bars

Every Fig product comes with the name Fig at its start. Although the Newtons and Creame cheese bars are two of the most popular in the category. You must give them a try.


This old yet popular candy is made by the Ferrera candy company. It is a mixture of sugar and fruit flavor. You have to dip it in water and it will do the magic.

Forever yours candy Bar

This brand is an old one and is currently discontinued. It was made of dark chocolate, vanilla nougat, and caramel with a wafer core. Your parents may still remember this one.


Simple chocolate, nougat, lots of sugar, and soft mush, this is all about fudge. I know you like it and It’s one of my favorites. Also, read Candy That Starts With I: Name with descriptions


These small spherical red balls are popular for their sweet cinnamon flavor, especially in the UK. It is more like a spicy-sweet choco ball, the taste is peculiar to specific groups. There is nothing wrong with trying new, go enjoy the fireballs.

Frutie Tootie twists

Frutie Tootie is fruit-flavored hard sugar candy. It is a brand name for traditional sugar twist candies with popular fruit flavors. The specific color with varying tastes is the uniqueness of this product.

Famous Amos

Famous Amos is a perfect bite-size cookie made with dry fruits, nuts, and many other ingredients. It is a popular product since 1975. I think many of you know the brand well and hope you like it.

Flipsticks Taffy

Flipsticks are multiflavored taffy filled with nougat. I bet you can’t stop eating after the first bite. Flipsticks come in banana, strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon flavors. These finger size candy bars are easy to eat. Open the wrapper, give it a bite and enjoy the sweet nougat.


Flipz is a chocolate cover pretzels. It has a salty-sweet flavor. the covering makes them unique. These pretzels are available in dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate covers. Choose the best of your choice.


Frooties are small chewy bite-sized candy. They are popular for their small size and colorful fruity flavor.

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Fazermint is a unique combination of chocolate and mint. It is a cream-filled bit size chocolate candy with a unique mint flavor. If you like chocolate with a refreshing minty taste then this one is for you.


Flossugar is not a candy instead it is a delicate sugar mix for cotton candy. So if you want to make cotton candy at home then this one is an essential supply.

Fruit Chew Pops

These are traditional lollypops or sweet fruit hard sugar candy on sticks. Call it whatever you want yet this is the most popular in the category.

Finders Keepers

Finders keepers is a popular milk chocolate egg-shaped candy. It comes in a box with a hidden toy. The toy makes it popular among kids.

Fluffy Stuff

Fluffy Stuff

Fluffy stuff is traditional cotton candy with a fruity twist. It comes in air-tight packets that keep it fresh and fluffy for 6 to 8 months.

Fruit Gushers

Fruit Gusher is a popular chewy candy filled with a fruity splash. It comes in a variety of flavors. Strawberry Gusher is my favorite

Fraise Tagada

Fraise Tagada is a small dome shape choco ball filled with white cream and milk chocolate. The red or maroon exterior is the highlight of this candy. Usually, the red and white color combination is not common in candy or chocolate products.


Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a penny or coin-size chocolate. It is made of dark as well as milk chocolate. A shiny golden foil is used to cover each chocolate coin. It comes in a plastic container with a defined quantity.

Ferrero Rocher Truffles

The Famous Ferrero rocher truffles are choco balls filled with chocolate, nougat, nuts, and dry fruits. It is a complete package of candy and dessert. Ferrero Rocher truffles are the best choice for gifting. Don’t worry this chocolate is not only for kids, everyone likes it. You can buy these Truffles directly on Amazon.

Fruit Stripe

Fruit stripes are thin chewing gums. They come in 5 different flavors. If you like fruit gums then this one is definitely for you. And yes each gum contains a character sticker inside the packet.

Fruit Slices

Fruit Slices are small colorful soft sugar jelly candies with different flavors. Their shape and flavor make them unique. These candies look more like orange slices and each one has a different fruity flavor.

slices flavored fruits jelly

Flake Chocobar

Flake is a British chocolate brand by Cadbury. It is a folded milk chocolate bar with a dark chocolate cover. Flake is sweet in taste and very light in texture.


It is a generation-old saltwater taffy. Fraliger’s salt water taffy is popular for its consistent creamy flavor. The brand is in the market since 1920.


Fruzel is a fruit flavor jelly. It is popular for its soft texture and sweet flavourful jelly. Fruzel comes in a small cup size plastic container.

Freddo faces Cadbury

Freddo is another popular chocolate candy from the house of Cadbury. It is more popular among children than adults although there is nothing to discriminate against. If you like the taste then have it and enjoy these small frog-shaped chocolate candy. freddo faces come in an oval egg-shaped container just like Kinder joy.


Flicks are small dark choco buttons. Open the pack and tap out a few and fill your mouth. These sweet chocolate candies come in finger-size packs with flicks stacked inside. It has a slightly roasted nutty flavor.

Fruit Pastilles

Fruit Pastilles are small fruit candy. They come in a package of ten small dice-shaped pastilles, each one with a different fruity flavor and color. They are easy to carry and nothing sticky. Pop out a pastille from the pack whenever you want and enjoy the hard sugar candy.

Five Star Chocolate Bar by Cadbury

Five Star is probably my favorite product from Cadbury. It is a chocolate bar filled with cream, nougat, and sweet chocolate. It is a wholesome chocolate and nougat cream bar without any wafers. Nothing is hidden here, just cream and nougat in a soft sweet choco cover. It is simply delicious, after all, it is a brand from Cadbury.

And there is always good old “Free Candy”

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