What to Eat With Potatoes for Dinner?

Dinner is the final food of the day. It should be fulfilling and delicious. And what’s better than a plate full of baked potatoes. A little bit of pepper, a pinch of salt, and chili flakes over baked potatoes with bread is not a bad idea. have you ever thought of What to Eat With Potatoes for Dinner? I know it’s kind of a pretty common yet difficult question. Cooking potatoes may take time so if you have some then prepare something you like. the best thing about potatoes is that they can go well with any kind of food, even with deserts. There is a lot of option and trust me it all can be done with or without any meat. So don’t worry if you are a vegetarian or anything, there is always something to cook with potatoes.

What to Eat With Potatoes for Dinner? What to Eat With Potatoes for Dinner?

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What Goes Well with Baked Potatoes for Dinner?

Practically there are hundreds of different options to cook with potatoes. It all depends on the availability of other resources and most important the time.

Think if you wanna prepare something with meat or without. If you want to go completely vegetarian then alright. You can do that too. I would prefer anything on the go during weekdays. On weekends it is better to spend some extra time on something special.

A simple baked potato with pepper and salt is a nice quick snack. It is fast to prepare and you can have it anytime not only for dinner. Just turn a baked potato into dinner. The twice-baked potato is another great option.

You have some other options like-

  • Baked Potato Casserole- It will only take a few clean potatoes in a casserole. Cook it well or put it into a microwave.
  • Potato with corn, bean, and Cheese.  Corn and Beans can make a nice combination with baked potatoes. Start by cleaning, boiling, and then seasoning with pepper and salt. If you like it fried then toss it in a hot pan with a few drops of olive oil and it’s ready.
  • Stuffed potato with Savory Creame and veggies. You will need big potatoes for this one. Boil them and peel the skin carefully without damaging the structure. It should look nice and presentable. Then slit it open and scoop out the mash just enough to make a cavity. Fill the cavity with blanched or fire beans and veggies. Top them with sour creme or cheese. Brush the potato with oil and put them in the microwave for just a couple of minutes. A nice-looking crispy potato filled with veggies and sour cream is a delight for a perfect dinner.
  • Potato Mash Salads. Potato mash salad is easier to prepare. Boil them, peel the skin and then mash with a pinch of salt and pepper. If you like chilies then add some jalapeno and a couple of spoons of curd or sour creme. Mix them well and serve with bread or rice, or whatever you like.
  • Spicy Potato Soup. Potato soup is easy to make. Chop off some potatoes into small pieces. Put them in any spicy soup and they will add to the taste.
  • Lemon Potato Mix. This one is on my favorite list. It only needs some boiled potato. Fry them and then put some salt and pepper on them. At last squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice and eat them with joy. Some people even like lemon jest as a garnish on top of fried potato.
  • Potato Lentil Soup. If you live in Asia, somewhere near India then you must know the ‘Dal’. Its a kind of spicy lentil soup with onion
  • Fried Baked potatoes. 

If you like meat then you should try these.

  • Baked Potato with Lamb or Chicken
  • Chicken Stew with Baked or fried Potatoes
  • Meat Balls Stuffed in Baked Potatoes
  • Baked potato Sandwich with bacon and cheese
  • Potato chili with meatballs

The best approach is to look out for what you have and how much time you can spend. Choose something easy to cook like a boiled potato with precooked lamb chicken. this will save time and if you have time. Then prepare with the proper ingredient list and cook the best out of it.

The list goes on and on until your imagination ends. So get up, plan, and start preparing for dinner.

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Other Ways To have Potato in Dinner

If you don’t want to bake potato then alright, you can cook it raw. It will taste great. You can fry potatoes and sprinkle chili flakes and salt, who don’t like it. Potato fries are my favorite.

Again there are tons of options with raw potatoes for dinner.

  • You can start as simple as potato fries.
  • BBQ meatloaf with Roasted Potatoes
  • Steak with Potatoes stew
  • Chicken potato fry mix.
  • Smoked Pork roast with potatoes

Don’t worry there are also many vegetarian and vegan options available. You need not depend only on meat. You can try-

  • Potato Chilli curry with spices
  • Fried Potatoes with Tofu
  • Paneer Curry with Potatoes.
  • If you like spices then there are plenty of different Asian foods to try all without meat.

Mix up casseroles with potatoes, and make soups, chowders, and fries. Anything tastes great with potatoes and spices. It does not matter whether you precook it or not. The final product is the thing you want. Spending some time on preparation is not a bad idea.

What to Eat With Potatoes for Dinner?- Mutton, chicken, lamb, plain bread anything you like. Let me know which one is your favorite

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