Candy Names That Starts With D-with Pictures

It’s time for the fourth Letter in the Alphabet-‘D’. Today we will talk about some Candy Names That Starts With D. You can also read about candy names in A, B, and C

Some of the candy names that start with D include- Dairy Milk by Cadbury, Doublemint, Dum Dums Tropicals, Dots Candy, and many more. Keep reading if you really want to know them all.

Candy Names That Starts With D
Candy Names That Starts With D

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Candy Names That Start with D

1. Daim Bars

Daim was first introduced in Marabou Sweden in the 1950s. Its original name Dajm was given to the brand in Sweden and Norway. Later in 1990, the name Daim was given to this candy bar. Although the company continues to sell the bard with the name Dime in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This was later changed to Dime in 2005.


This delicious candy bar contains roasted Almond caramel, Milk Chocolate, and various other flavors.

2. Dee Best

Dee Best has some very unique and delicious candies. They prepare pops, dips, and many other flavorful fruity candies. You can buy these online or try to find some in your local candy store.

Their unique way to present these candies makes them special. The Dee Best Sweet toothpaste or the lego/Brick-shaped Dee Best bank is all flavorful and sweet, don’t you like that?

3. Dentyne

Dentyne Chewing gums are popular in many countries. The brand is owned by Mondelez International. They prepare gums in different flavors with unique names like Fire and Ice. Although the classic Dentyne is still very popular new variants are getting their fair share of consumers.

4. Divinity

Divinity candy is an old recipe that contains egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar. It is more like nougat with the extra smoothness of egg white. Sometimes fruits and nuts are also used to enhance the taste and texture.

It is easy to make at home. Just mix 4 egg whites with powdered sugar. It will take time so have some patience with whisking and slowly mix corn syrup to thicken the mixture. Soon you will get a white fluffy mixture. This is the true Divinity. Taste it and adjust the sugar or corn syrup accordingly.

You can also bake this mix in the microwave at a low temp just for 10-15 minutes. It will then taste more like a sweet pancake.

5. Delight Chocobar

Delight choco bar is a classic milk chocolate bar with a creamy caramel core filled with roasted nuts. This candy is for every chocolate lover.

6. Dulces Pigui


Dulces Pigüi is a Mexican Candy distributer. Here in the States, it operates in the city of Compton, California. Their specialty is the fruity lollipops, they call them slaps. These Slaps come in different colors and flavors.

7. Dove Chocolate

Dove chocolate makes many delicious candies. Most of them contain Milk chocolate and caramel. They also make dark chocolates for those who like strong flavors. The dove chocolate comes in both bar shapes and in bite-size square candy shapes.

Dove Smooth Chocolate Icecream candy is also a popular brand.

8. DOTS Candy

Dots is the classic Gum drop available in the market since 1945. It is one of the best-selling gumdrop brands in America. The Tootsie Roll industry owns this super popular brand. They claim to produce more than 4 billion drops only in their Chicago plant. Their gums are really colorful and flavorful.

9. Dippin’ Dots

Curt Jones invents the Dippin dots Ice cream snack in 1988. Now it is sold in more than 14. This delicious snack originates in Kentucky. They make this in the Dippin dots headquarters at Paducah, Kentucky. The brand probably stops making the popular ice cream snack in 2011 due to bankruptcy.

10. Dum Dums

The Akron Candy Company made the first and original DUM DUMS in 1924. It was a simple yet pretty delicious Lollipop. The safety stick on the sweet candy and the easy name makes it very popular among children.


The spangler candy company acquires the Dum Dums from Arkon Candy company in 1953.

Since then the company keeps growing from place to place introducing more and more flavors. They even have gluten-free candy and some with bacon popcorn and pizza flavors.

Today they claim to produce more than 12 Million Dum Dums each day in Bryan Ohio. This is the Lollipop capital of the world.

11. Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

The Dr. Pepper candy is a unique combination of classic Cotton candy with the Dr. Pepper soda. If you like both then try them together in this iconic cotton candy.

The cotton candy comes in an airtight plastic wrap. You just have to tear it open and eat.

12. Dip Stick

As a candy, These Dip Sticks are pretty simple. They only consist of a wafer stick and chocolate dip. Although there are many brands that sell candies with similar names but different ingredients.

Fund Dip Candy stick is something like that. It is a flavored sugar candy in the shape of a finger stick. It’s practically just a hard sugar candy stick with some flavorful fruity powder dip. Each packet of these Dip Sticks contains one white candy stick and a packet full of powder dip.

13. Doublemint Gum

The Doublemint Chewing gum is a generation-old brand. It is well known for refreshing mint gums. The Wrigley candy company introduced this gum in the year 1914. Since then it has seen many changes in brand exposure and flavors yet its popularity never goes down.

Today they make chewing gums in many fruity flavors yet their refreshing flavor is the most popular. This is the Chewing gum that even your grandpa will love to have.

14. Dagoba Chocolate

DAGOBA organic chocolate tastes just like any other chocolate bar yet it is not like any of them. Besides being a delicious chocolate candy maker, they also serve the community. DAGOBA established one for all cacao projects in 2016.


It is a noble mission to empower women and strengthen the cacao community. In this mission, they try to increase women’s participation as farmers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, especially in organic cacao farming.

15. Dairy Milk Chocolate

One of the most popular classics of Cadbury. Dairy Milk chocolate is simple sweet milk chocolate. Cadbury makes many variants of Dairy milk. Some with nuts and resins and others with wafers and choco chips.

The Brand Dairy Milk is a signature of Cadbury. It has given both fame and money to the company. Today Dairy milk is available all across the globe contributing to Cadbury’s business.

You should try the Dairy milk silk for its smooth texture and sweet flavor.

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