Best Candy for Office: Do’s and Don’ts

Are you an office employee? If so then you are familiar with mid-day cravings. It happens mostly before lunch break. The Situation can become embarrassing especially if your tummy starts growling during a meeting. So what to do- Just grab some candies and give a sweet treat to your hunger. Yes, you guessed it right, our topic for the day is the Best candy for Office. And this is something you need the most.

So Why not bring some candies for you or may for your office employees.

Candy for Office
Candy for Office

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Why Candy for Office?

Many Studies suggest that complimenting employees is a great way to boost their morale. Giving appreciation in any form can help you in creating a familiar office environment. It will lead to strong bonds of trust between employer and employee. Hence many successful corporates offer snacks, food, or treat of some sort to their employees. It is a delicate way of office micromanagement.

So what’s better than a sweet candy to cheer you up? Any Candy is perfect to keep to full and running till the day ends.

It’s affordable, does not require much space, and brings peers close. Offering candy for the office is the best and most elegant way to reduce competition stress. A regular supply of free candies will definitely keep you and your employees happy. Even Customers appreciate greetings with sweet candy.

It would help if you consider offering candy to your colleagues in the office. This is the best way to show affection and appreciation. It can also act as a treat for the achievement of specific tasks.

What else can I Say?…..

# It Boosts Morale

Offering candy in your office is a nice and sweet way to boost the morale of your employees. Even if you are not their employer, It works. It shows your appreciation for others and who doesn’t like appreciation? Even the most useless or cranky person in a workplace like a grumpy boss will love to be appreciated by their peers. The best part about sharing candy is you gain trust and it yields essential favors in times of need.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to simply cheer you up. You can and definitely should appreciate yourself once in a while. Give a treat to yourself whenever you finish something important. It will mark a milestone for your job and keep your going for the next difficulties.

# It can get You High Customer Satisfaction

If you work as a Sales rep or as an office representative then having a jar of candies on your desk is the weapon for your success. Customers love greetings and there is nothing better than candy to give a customer a sweet smile. It is a simple and very old office trick to treat the customer with a snack or candy just before the deal. You will be amazed by seeing how a candy that is worth a buck can return you hundreds in a successful deal and customer satisfaction.

# It can attract new Employees

If you are an HR or a manager then you must provide free access to candy to your employees. Also, post images of happy faces with this candy jar on ads and social media with the candy bowl. It is a brilliant trick to attract talented millennials as your new employee. Trust me, they love candy more than your fancy desk or office decor.

# Finally It is better than a Vending Machine or Kitchen Establishment

Setting up a functioning Kitchen or cafeteria for your employee require huge space and money. It will demand more workforce just for the maintenance. Even the vending machines will need space and specific maintenance regularly. All of this can be easily avoided just by placing a few candy jars in your office. One is good but the more is the merrier.

One problem that always bothers me about office vending machines and the cafeteria is the requirement of change and dollar bills, and it should be clean always else you will be stuck with the dumb box for eternity. If you offer candy for free for all your staff or employee then they will never have to worry about these hassles. It can reduce the financial burden for them and increase work efficiency for your office.

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Do’s and Don’t with Candy for Office

If the candy jar is just for you then choose whatever you like. It’s just a matter of taste and choice. Although if it is for all your employees and colleagues then you should understand the necessities.

There are a few things to consider before choosing candy for the office. You can think of these as basic dos and don’t or just a suggestion maybe.

  • Never choose anything too big. Chocolate bars or anything like popsicles can be costly considering the number of consumers per day. So it’s better to be simple and bite size.
  • Say no to any sticky or oily candies. Yup, you never want to stain your finger while working. It will make your job hard and think of a time when everyone around in the office working with sticky fingers. Nope it’s not good
  • Also, avoid anything that leaves crumbs behind. Yes, it will get really nasty if something falls and get stuck in the keyboards or inside an important paper file. This could ruin your day and sometimes your job is on the line.

10 Best Candy for Office

1. Jelly Beans

2. Gummy Bears, Swedish fish, or any sweet and sour gum candy.

3. M&Ms and Skittles

4. Gum Balls, Cherry Drops

5. Mints and Bubble Gums

6. Hard Sugar candies

7. Chocolate Bites

8. Hershey Kisses

9. Atomic Fireball- This one is for those who like the heat.

10. Classic hard caramel Taffy

red hots spicy candy

There are many, many more candies for your office. You can mix them together for a change or consider something custom for a specific person. Although choosing specific candy for each member is sometimes a costly and tedious task. So I recommend sticking with the obvious options and keeping things clean. 

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You can also choose candies with nuts. My Favorite chocolate-coated roasted peanuts. Nuts whether sweet or salted is always the first choice of everyone. Although You must label the jar for Nuts as some people are allergic to nuts. If you know someone with nut allergies in your office then better avoid anything with nuts. 

Popsies are best in certain situations especially if your usual customers come with kids. What’s better than a lollipop for a kid, if the child is happy then the chance is pretty high for a successful deal. 

Overall it is your choice what you choose. The best candy for the office is the one that fits your need and affordability. It’s never meant to exaggerate accomplishments in office. Make sure your efforts are seen as a loving gesture, not a show-off among peers. 

After all the whole idea of having candy in the office is to show appreciation and create strong bonds. 

So keep it simple and Lets us know which one is your favorite candy for the office.  

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