Welcome Back Trix Yogurt: History, Ingredients & All

Today we are welcoming a generation-old popular Yogurt brand- ” The Trix Yogurt”. Trix is a well-known name in the cereal industry. Almost every single American especially the 80s and 90s kids is familiar with the brand. Trix hade made an unforgettable name as a popular cereal brand among consumers. Since day one of its launch the brand has had to deal with many strong competitors. It was not easy to stand out of the crowd yet somehow General Mills the owner of Trix cereal manages to bring it out for so long.

Those who know the Trix cereal may or may not know there were many other products that came as a successor to their original cereals. General mills have tried everything to keep everything in order. There were some fallbacks although one product that sits on top is the Trix Yogurt. The Interesting part is that Trix Yogurt was not part of General Mills. It was made by the Trade Name Yoplait, a subsidiary owned by Sodiaal COOPs. Yoplait acquired the license from General Mills to work on their new product with the popular Trix Brand. Before that, they made a range of yogurt variants although none of those performed as much as expected.

Trix yogurt box
credit: Yoplait

This unusual amalgamation of Yoplait and General Mills gave birth to the Trix yogurt. The initial target was to just save the brand from constant decline but this new introduction brings it all the fame. Trix Yogurt soon became the face of Yoplait. It has successfully survived the test of time for decades and still going with the same consistency.

Who Invented Trix Yogurt?

Yoplait made the Trix Yogurt with an acquired license from General Mills. It is a coop founded by six prominent dairy organizations in France in 1965. The license allows them to prepare the mix of flavors that brings fame to the popular Trix Cereals. Yoplait excels in yogurt and dairy product processing, it was the new taste that give their product a built-in consumer base all over the country.

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When Did Trix Yogurt first Come out?

The first version of Trix Yogurt came out in 1964 when 6 dairy organizations in France formed a COOP to survive and expand together. They named the venture Yoplait and this foundation starts the journey of this delicious yogurt. Although in its initial days the product was known as Yoplait yogurt. The Trix brand name was licensed from General Mills with its traditional cereal flavors. The introduction of these popular flavors brings customers. It also brings hope for the Yoplait brand. Trix Yogurt came to the US in 1974, it took the brand a decade to come into the US from the European market. Here it was sold by the Michigan Company, a well know name for Cottage cheese.

Trix Yogurt Logo

The original Yoplait Logo is the true identity of Trix Yogurt. It was made official logo for the brand since day one. The Yopliats logo is pretty simple and very powerful. It only has a flower symbol with 6 petals that denotes the six founder members of Yoplait coops. It signifies the journey of the start to their ultimate goal.

In addition to that, Trix includes its Tag name alongside Yoplait in their official logo. This also denotes the objective of the brands to work together as Coops.

Trix Yogurt Logo

History of Trix Yogurt

The history of Trix Yogurt starts with the brand name Trix. The name Trix first comes into existence with the Cereal brands. We all know the Trix Cereals and the journey of the yogurt can’t begin without discussing the cereals.

Trix Cereal start its first sale in 1954. At first, it was just a fruity-flavored version of their popular cereal product- Kix cereal.

New fruity flavors like strawberry and blueberry made this a new hit for the brand. This addition gives birth to their new cereal brand Trix. Trix Cereal became a hit soon after its launch.

Now to the point, Yoplait is the original creator of Trix Yogurt. Yoplait is a group of 6 French Dairy organizations. They come together to form a coop in 1964. This opportunity provides all of them to grow and expand all across the globe. And they succeed in their journey with a lot of popular dairy products. Their journey took a leap when they get a license to include the Trix Cereal flavors in their yogurt. The license was allowed and accepted by General Mill, the original owners of Trix Cereal.

This inclusion starts the journey of Trix Yogurt in 1964. and a decade later they launch in the US. Since 1974 Trix yogurt is thriving in the US market. They gain popularity over time and every consumer of Trix cereal accepts the new yogurt as it is. Although there were several changes made during all those years, the initial taste remains the same.

The brand gets some fallbacks in time mostly due to high sugar content and consumer concern. The notion of healthy food makes consumer doubt whether or not yogurt is good for their kids. The concerns led to a decline in sales and at last, it limits their production.

More on Trix Yogurt…

This may seem the end for Trix yogurt yet there is a lot more to see. Soon after its suspension, the brand gets requests from consumers to bring it back after working for almost 5 years. They are back and this time they are on the way to dominating the market again.

Trix yogurt
credit: change.org

The start back after the epidemic situation in late 2021. They have a small consumer base now with fewer outlets. You can order the products online as always but it will take some time to see the Yogurt back in your local store selves. The original flavors Strawberry and berry are available in big malls, especially Walmart and a few other stores. Soon they are planning to be back in every small candy or grocery store.

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Do You Know?- General Mills buy 51% of the main operating company of Yoplait Trix Yogurt in 2011. Before that, they did not show any interest. Prior to the date General Mills only licensed the rights to use their popular cereal flavors in Yoplait yogurts.

Flavors of Trix Yogurt

Right now you can only order the original Berry and Strawberry flavors of Yoplait Trix Yogurt. These flavors are available in stores malls and on their official website. Although They are planning on introducing new flavors soon. You can expect flavors like-

  • Triple cherry
  • Rainbow punch
  • Strawberry-banana bash
  • Banana bash
  • Raspberry rainbow

This time Yoplait has worked on the ingredients to keep it as healthy as they can especially to encourage parents. The new Yoplait Trix Yogurt has a better flavor with more goodness of milk.

The brand is evolving though the secret of its true success is the appearance more than the taste. Kids love all those ads and the rabbit that symbolizes the Trix brand. This was the trade mark and it remains the same even as of the day. The dual-colored yogurt has the best flavors still it was the appearance that makes every 80s and 90s kid stop and ask their parents to buy the yogurt.

There were many competitor brands as good as Trix during their launch but none of them have a mascot as Trix Rabbit. It always gives the brand an edge over all its competitors and the taste makes it a bigger success.

Ingredient in Trix Yogurt

The main ingredient in Trix yogurt is Low Fat Milk. The brand includes strawberry and berry flavorings depending on specific flavors. It contains-

  • Low-Fat pasteurized Milk
  • Sugar
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Natural Flavors
  • Potassium Sorbate to keep the yogurt fresh
  • Coloring Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5
  • Vitamin A Acetate
  • Vitamin D3

Nutrition Value in Trix Yogurt

Each container of Trix yogurt contains 80 calories. You will also get 15g of carbs and 9g of sugar. This should be enough to keep you charged for hours. Want to know more about ingredients, check out the list.

  • Calories 100
  • Total fat 0.5g
  • Cholesterol 2.5mg
  • Sodium 50mg
  • Carbohydrates 15g
  • Sugar 14g – Additives 11g
  • Protein 3g
  • Calcium 130mg
  • Potassium 160mg
  • Vitamin D, C, & A
  • No Saturated or Trans Fat
  • It also lacks Diteray Fibers

You will get almost 20% of the daily sugar requirement in each pack of Trix nutrition. The evaluation is based on average 2000 calories per day requirement.

Popular Commercials

Can you still get Trix Yogurt?

Yes, you can get Trix yogurt from their official website or look out for some in your local grocery store or maybe a candy store.

The Yoplait Trix yogurt is back by customer demand and this time they have it just for you. Your favorite Trix Rabbit is here with the popular berry and Strawberry flavors. Go Get Some Trix Yogurt.

Why did Trix Yogurt go away?

The main reason for Trix yogurt to stop its production was the decline in sales. It becomes unprofitable when parents think of it as artificial food or maybe not good for their kids. Kids being their primary consumer is another reason for the quick decline in demand. When parents disagree with the ingredient for health reasons they stop buying the yogurt and this damages the overall sales.

When did Trix stop making yogurt?

Trix Yogurt stops its production in 2016 due to falling demand. Although they are back again with the same quality after 6 years. Yoplait brings back the Trix Yogurt to the market selves in March 2021.

Is Trix Yogurt only for Kids or Can Adults buy it?

Ok, there is no yogurt made just for kids. Kids love Trix yogurt and it was originally meant to attract them as a primary consumer base. Although the kids of 80 are now adults and they also like Trix yogurt as much as their kids. In fact, it was the effort of these consumers that led to the revival of Trix Yogurt after its suspension in 2016. Consumers file petitions to bring it back and they are adults for sure.

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