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Today we are gonna talk about Pringles. I know it’s a big brand now and has more than 165 flavors selling over a dozen different countries. Still, Pringles is a true American chip. It is a first of its kind with a perfect shape and a delicious range of flavors. Not only does it taste good, but you can also even stack these chips one on top of the other as an edible tower.

It all starts in 1956 when P&G the original owners decide to come up with their best chips. They assigned a chemist Fredric Baur to this task. He designed the perfect stackable oval chips with potatoes. Although It was Alexander Liepa who gives the final touch to the development of Pringles. P&G also come up with a brilliant cylindrical packaging tube that keeps these crispy chips from crushing or crumbling. Later in 2012, the brand was sold to Kellogg. Since then Kellogg became the owner of the brand.

There are a lot more interesting facts to know about this stackable potato chip. Keep reading to know more.

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Who Invented Pringles?

Fredric J. Baur prepares the design of Pringles. Although it was Alexander Liepa who gives the final touch to Pringles. Baur was trying to make a chip that stands right on top with the best taste and firm structure. He succeeds with the design but never gets the perfect taste. The problem of crumbly chips was easy to solve. They come within the idea to use a cylindrical can that prevents these fragile chips from crushing.

Baur spent almost a decade fine-tuning the perfect chip structure. Although the credit is given to Liepa as per official patent records.

Therefore we can say that Fredric J Baur is the inventor of Pringles. He spent more time and effort that paves the way for Pringles.

Who Owns Pringles Brand?

Procter & gamble is the original owner of Pringles. P&G organized and funded the research that led to the development of the pringles chips. Their research starts in 1956 with Fredric Baur and ends with Alexander Liepa in the mid-1960s. P&G start selling Pringles in Indiana in 1968. It became available throughout the country in late 75 and Pringles became international in 1991.

Credit: By Famartin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Later Kellogg owns the pringles brands and it is the owner of Pringles in 2022. It bought the brand from its original owners on 31st May 2012.

History of Pringles

The history of Pringles starts in 1956. It was the time when many potato chip brands nearly dominated the commercial-packed food market. They were all good with specific tastes and textures yet there is something that brings them to the obvious criticism. The fragile nature of any light potato chip is very frustrating.

The more these chips become greater their chance to break before reaching their customers. This is really a very annoying situation. So Procter & Gamble decided to bring a product that remains safe and delicious as well till the last bite. They assign a chemist named Fredric J Baur to design their perfect potato chips. On the other hand, they work out for the best packaging for those chips. This was the time the first iconic pringles can or tube come into existence.

Credit: Doctorine Dark, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The idea of putting fragile items in a solid can for safety is not new yet this became a signature step for P&G.

Meanwhile, Baur was unable to bring his idea to a real plate so they pulled him to another project. Then comes Alexander Liepa, a researcher from Montgomery Ohio. Liepa continues with Baur’s work in the mid-60s and succeeds in presenting the first ever Pringles or the true stackable original chips.

In 1968 they start their sales in Indiana which spreads throughout the country by 1975. Pringles became international in 1991.

Kellogg’s official owns the brand on 31st May 2012. They bought it for $2.695 billion and continue to present this wonderful product to the international market.

Pringles Flavors

There are nearly 165 flavors to choose from. Although not all of them are available worldwide still you can get your favorites anywhere. I have a small list of a few of the popular Pringles flavors. Look out for your favorites on the list.

  1. The Original flavor
  2. Sriracha Pringles
  3. Chilli cheese Pringles
  4. Zesty Southwestern Cheese Pringles
  5. French Onion Dip flavored Pringles
  6. Soy Sauce Ramen flavored
  7. Cinnamon Sweet Potato flavored
  8. Top Ramen Chicken flavored Pringles
  9. Hot and Spicy
  10. French Onion (Idaho Rippled Pringles)
  11. Taco ‘n Cheddar
  12. Salted Caramel
  13. Bacon flavor
  14. Jalapeno Pringles
  15. Cheddar & Sour Cream
  16. BBQ
  17. Lightly Salted Pringles
  18. Cheddar Cheese
  19. Salt & Vinegar flavor
  20. Salt And Pepper
  21. Crushed Pepper flavor
  22. Sweet Mayo Cheese flavored
  23. Prawn Cocktail flavor Pringles
  24. Sour Cream & Onion flavor
  25. Pizza flavored Pringles
  26. Extra Hot Chili And Lime flavor
  27. Chile y Limón
  28. Salsa flavor
  29. Buffalo Ranch
  30. Chile con Queso Pringles
  31. White Chocolate
  32. Milk Chocolate
  33. Ranch
  34. Screamin’ Dill Pickle flavor
  35. Cheese Burger flavor
  36. Cheese Dog flavor
  37. Honey Mustard flavored
  38. Cheeseburger flavor
  39. Loaded Baked Potato flavored Pringles
  40. Memphis BBQ flavored
  41. Blueberry flavor
  42. Onion Blossom
  43. Tangy Buffalo Wing
  44. Blazin’ Buffalo Wing
  45. Multi-Grain Farmhouse Cheddar
  46. Grand Canyon French Fries flavored
  47. Butter Caramel
  48. Extra Pepper
  49. Garlic Seafood
  50. Grilled Shrimp & Garlic flavored
  51. Salsa de Chile Habanero
  52. Nashville Hot Chicken flavored
  53. Seaweed
  54. Xmas Turkey
  55. Finger Licking Braised Pork
  56. Balsamic Vinegar
  57. Grilled Shrimp flavored
  58. Sausage flavored
  59. Lemon and Sesame
  60. Ketchup flavored
  61. Pigs In Blankets flavored Pringles
  62. Beef Kebab Pringles
  63. New York Cheese Fries Style Pringles
  64. Extra Hot Chili & Lime
  65. Salsa Fiesta (Loud version)
  66. Fiery Chili Lime Pringles (Loud version)
  67. Super Cheesy Italian (Loud version)
  68. Spicy Queso (Loud version)
  69. Mighty Margherita Pizza (Loud version)
  70. Smoky Bacon Pringles
  71. Cheese & Bacon flavor
  72. Bacon And Cheese Potato flavor
  73. Bruschetta
  74. Spanish Salsa Pizza
  75. Salsa Verde
  76. Xtra Spicy Chili Sauce Pringles
  77. Hot Paprika Chili
  78. Sweet And Tangy BBQ (Pringles Wavy)
  79. Spareribs flavor Pringles
  80. Smoked Salami flavor
  81. Prawn Cocktail Pringles
  82. Philly Cheesesteak
  83. Paprika flavored
  84. Funky Mustard flavored
  85. Funky Soy Sauce flavored
  86. Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara
  87. Bacon Caesar Salad
  88. BBQ Chicken flavored
  89. Mayo Potato Pringles
  90. Lemon & Sesame flavored
  91. Keema Curry
  92. Indonesian Satay
  93. Crab flavored
  94. Soft-Shell Crab flavored
  95. Cheese Carnival Pringles
  96. Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing
  97. Mac’n Cheese flavored Pringles
  98. Bacon Mac’n Cheese flavored Pringles
  99. German Sausage
  100. Wasabi & Soy Sauce
  101. Peri Peri Flavor
  102. Blueberry And Hazelnut
  103. Hot Chili Sauce
  104. Spring Onion & Feta flavor
  105. Spicy BBQ Pringles
  106. Thai Green Curry flavored
  107. All-American BBQ flavor Pringles
  108. Cinnamon & Sugar flavor
  109. White Chocolate Peppermint
  110. Pumpkin Pie flavored Pringles
  111. Mexican Layered Dip (Restaurant Cravers Pringles)
  112. Slow Cooked BBQ flavor (Restaurant Cravers Pringles)
  113. Cheesy Fries (Restaurant Cravers Pringles)
  114. Kickin’ Chicken Taco flavor (Food Truck Flavors Edition)
  115. Grilled Ham And Cheese flavor (Food Truck Flavors Edition)
  116. Southern Fired Chicken flavor (Food Truck Flavors Edition)
  117. Sweet Chili Chicken flavored Pringles
  118. Butter Popcorn flavor
  119. Devil Hot Pringles
  120. Taco Night flavor Pringles
  121. Cheese And Onion
  122. Kickin’ Cheddar flavor
  123. Prosecco And Pink Peppercorn (Dinner Party Edition)
  124. Cocktail Sauce flavored Pringles (Dinner Party Edition)
  125. Sausage And Crispy Bacon flavored (Dinner Party Edition)
  126. Pizza-Licious Pringles
  127. Spicy Cajun flavor
  128. Basil And Garlic flavored Pringles
  129. Bacon Caesar Salad Flavor
  130. Chili Cheese
  131. Fiery Wasari (Xtreme Edition)
  132. Zesty Lime ‘N’ Chili
  133. Chipotle Limon flavor
  134. Spicy Guacamole Pringles
  135. Sweet BBQ Spare Rib flavored
  136. Corn flavor (Roasted Corn Flavored Pringles)
  137. Spaghetti flavored Pringles
  138. Flame-Grilled Steak flavor
  139. Flame-Grilled Steak And Caramelized Onion Flavor (Gourmet Pringles)
  140. Sea Salt And Black Pepper Flavor (Gourmet Pringles)
  141. Red Chili Chicken flavored
  142. Flamin’ Chili Sauce
  143. Smokin Ribs flavored (Xtreme Edition)
  144. Smokin Hot Ranch flavor
  145. Hot And Spicy Wonton Pringles
  146. Honey Roast Chicken flavored
  147. Roast Chicken & Herbs flavored
  148. Swiss Cheese flavor
  149. French Consommé
  150. Wild Consommé
  151. Roast Turkey flavor
  152. Roast Ham
  153. Roast Beef
  154. Salt, Pepper & Herb Wedges flavor
  155. Pecan Pie
  156. Grilled Cheese flavored Pringles
  157. White Cheddar Pop flavor
  158. Exploding Cheese And Chili flavor (Xtreme Edition)
  159. Wisconsin White Cheddar flavor
  160. Sabor Jamon flavor
  161. Jamon Serrano Serrano Ham Pringles
  162. Zesty Queso
  163. Sour Cream Bacon
  164. Mushroom flavored Pringles
  165. Egg Sandwich flavor

Ingredients in Pringles

Each 5.2oz container of Pringles Original contains Potatoes, salt, and starch. oil, and spices. Check out The complete list of Ingredients below.


  • Dried Potatoes
  • Vegetable Oil specially Cottonseed, High Oleic Soybean, and Sunflower Oil
  • Degerminated Yellow Corn Flour and Cornstarch
  • Rice Flour
  • Maltodextrin, Mono- and Diglycerides
  • Salt
  • Crystal sugar
  • Wheat Starch
  • Spices like chili, onion, and many others for particular flavors.
  • Yeast
  • Dried black beans,
  • Sour cream
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Natural and Artificial Flavorings

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Pringles Logo

Pringles Logo

The iconic Pringles logo contains their mascot Mr.P. It is a character with few hairs and a big mustache. You will definitely notice the beautiful red bow tie on Mr. P. It is indeed interesting as this logo has brought fame and popularity to the brand. The official logo made a few changes to Mr. P’s hair and the color as well. It all looks great.

The final thing in this logo is the brand name written in yellow font. It’s kind of classic for Pringles.

Nutritional Value in Pringles

The nutritional value is given for each Serving that contains About 16 Crisps (28g). Every pringle tube can contain 5 servings.

The percentage value is given to the relative daily calorific consumption limit i.e. 2000 Calories per day.

  • Calories per serving 150
  • Total Fat 9g 12%
  • Saturated Fat 2.5g 13%
  • Trans Fat 0g 0%
  • Cholesterol 0g 0%
  • Sodium 150mg 7%
  • Total Carbohydrate 16g 6%
  • Dietary Fiber <1g 3%
  • Added Sugars 0g
  • Protein 1g
  • Vitamin D 0mcg 0%
  • Calcium 0mg 0%
  • Iron 0.1mg 0%
  • Potassium 110mg 2%


Pringles Old Commercials

Pringles FAQ

When Was Pringles first made?

The preparation to make a perfect chip starts in 1956. Although it took almost 10 years to come up with the Pringles chips. The first Pringles were made in 1967. It became a commercial hit just within a year.

Who made Pringles?

Fredric J. Baur was the man behind Pringles. He was assigned to prepare the perfect chip that remains steady without a break in its packet. He started the research in 1956 although he never finished it successfully. It was Alexander Liepa who took on Baurs work in the mid-1960. He made the first Pringles although the design was done by Fredric J Baur. The patent has the record with the name Liepa instead of Baur.

How are Pringles made?

These Stackable Potato chips are made by mixing potatoes with water. The consistency is around 2:1 for Potato starch with water. A dense dough is made with potato, cornstarch, rice flour, and spices.

It is then rolled into a thin sheet. The next step is to cut out oval chips from the sheet. The spare dough is recycled and fed back into the roller.

The chips are then rolled into a special mound to give them the iconic Stackable Pringles shape. These chips are then fried in vegetable oil for 11 seconds. The excess oil is removed by air blowers and then the specific seasoning is added. The final task is to measure the weight of the product and packaging. Exactly 80 pieces of Piringels are packed in each iconic Pringles tube.

What are Pringles made of?

Pringles are made of Dried Potatoes and a lot of spices, salt, and oil. It basically contains vegetable oils like soyabean oil, sunflower oil and rice flour, wheat starch, corn starch, chili flakes, maltodextrin, some spices, and artificial and natural flavorings.

Pringles use spices and flavoring agents as per specific variety. Each ingredient is specific to determine the taste and flavor of the Pringles. So many of these are unique to the pringles flavor.

Where do They make Pringles?

Pringles are made in 5 different factories worldwide. Their manufacturing plants are located in Jackson- Tennessee, Mechelen- Belgium, Johor- Malaysia, Kutno- Poland, and Fujian- China. They are also planning to extend their product to other major countries.

How many Pringles are in each can?

Pringles claims to have at least 5 servings of 16 chips in each can. This is not much for me yet altogether you will get around 80 chips in each can of Pringles. Being a chips lover I like it to be at least 100 although 80 is just fine for most foodies.

How many Pringles Flavors are There?

There are at least 165 flavors of Pringles created so far since 1968. Although not all of them are successful. Some of them became classic hits while others were dropped due to a lack of popularity. Some pringles flavors are specific to particular regions. They are not available worldwide. Therefore the count for flavors may rise as we may have missed a few.

You may find a flavor popular in a country and possibly it is not available here in the states. So the availability of choices for pringles flavors is huge. Which one is your favorite Pringles?

Why did Pringles change its logo?

I think only the true fans of Pringles have seen the gradual changes in the Official pringles logo. The most significant of all was reducing in Mr.P’s hair. It’s great by the look and more accurate by the age of 54 to lose some hair. Mr. P is still looking as handsome as ever. This was a bold move for Pringles that pays well for the brand value.

They Say “The Intention with the new look is to simplify and modernize the design, giving the brand’s mascot a bold makeover and highlighting the stackability of the crisps across the range”. The statement is true to each word and the changes really help Pringles to reach out to new markets across the globe.

Pringles never change or drop the whole logo at once. Instead, the brand made small gradual changes in its logo that fit well with time and scope.

Are Pringles Discontinued From Production?

Nope, They are still here with a huge list of delicious flavors. Pringles is one of the best potato chip sellers as of 2022. Maybe you like it may be not but it’s really great with different flavors and consistent stackable texture.

Does Pringles Contain any Allergens?

Pringles contain wheat starch and which is a known allergen. If you have difficulty digesting wheat products then consider not having too many pringles at once.

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