Barcel Takis: History Flavors and FAQs

What is Takis?- Barcel Takis is a popular Spicy Mexican Snack. It is a variant of Tortilla chips with lots of flavors. Takis is a Rolled Corn Tortilla chip. It first came into the Mexican market in 1999. Within 5 years of its launch, Takis came to the states. Since 2004 Takis become a popular snack in Mexican American Community.

The whole idea behind Takis is to present the traditional Torittila chips in an innovative avatar. The trend of spicy food is not new in Mexican culture. Spices are an essential part of Mexican cooking. Hence They come up with a mix of spicy and tangy flavors in tortillas. The Takis came into existence in 1999 and soon became popular due to its extensive variety of flavors. To expand its reach further north, Bracel LLC imported Takis to the States in 2004. Since then Takis also became an integral part of American Markets.

Barcel Takis Fuego
Barcel Takis Fuego

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When Did Takis Come Out?

Takis first came out in 1999 in Mexico. Latter in 2004 it was introduced in the United States by Barcel LLC. Taksi is a flavorful spicy tortilla chip that became a popular snack since its launch in mid-1999. The brand gains popularity with each new variety and flavor variation. Soon its popularity bring Takis to the United States. It was the year 2004 when Barcel LLC a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo brings Takis to the United States. Soon Takis became popular among Mexican American community and its popularity reached beyond any cultural boundaries.

Who Invented Takis?

A person of Mexican origin, Morgan Sanchez is the inventor of Takis. Although there is very little evidence to support this theory yet we believe it. He prepares a traditional corn flour mix for tortilla chips with some interesting flavors. His curiosity and experience give birth to his new favorite snack- Takis in 1999. This snack gained popularity beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries with time.

When Did Takis Start Selling In The US?

In 2004 Takis starts selling in the US. Although it takes 2 years for this snack to gain enough promotion and popularity among Mexican American community. Though the prime customer of Takis was of Mexican origin but with time the popularity of Taksi grows beyond the brand expectation. It soon became a hot pick for every spicy food lover. Barcel LLC is the company that brings Takis to the United States and they are the sole owners of this delicious spicy snack.

Who Owns Takis?

Barcel LLC owns the Takis brand. It is a subsidiary of Grupo bimbo. Grupo Bimbo is a well-known banking company. It is listed among one of the world’s biggest banking firms. Barcel on the other hand is a manufacturing and marketing company for spicy Mexican snacks. It also makes many snacks other than flavored Tortillas like Takis.

Barcel Takis Logo & Slogan

takis logo

The logo of Takis is pretty simple. It states the Name “Taksi” with a unique twirl over the “I” in the name. This twirl denotes the rolled corn tortilla chips. This is an interesting way to present the product just with its name. The Logo is made with a pale yellow color and clear font.

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“Are You Takis Enough?”

The True slogan of the Takis brand is nothing but a simple question. It states “Are you Taksi enough?” It was first quoted in one of their commercials and soon became a catchy tagline for the brand. The context of the slogan is simple, it states the thought or simply the mindset of the consumer. You can be either a lover or a hater and both of which are perfectly fine if you are a customer of the Taksi brand. There are many flavors, some of which you may like while others don’t. So It’s simple the answer is relevant every time you ask-“Are you Takis enough?”.

History Of Barcel Takis

Takis is a rolled corn Torttila chip. It is a Mexican spicy snack. The journey of Takis starts with a Mexican man named- Morgan Sanchez. He is the inventory of Takis, although the brand itself is owned by Barcel LLC. Barcel is a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, one of the world’s largest banking companies.

Morgan Sanchez came up with the idea of presenting traditional tortillas in modern form. He made tortillas with different flavors and spices and hence the Takis became reality in 1999. In states, it is compared to Flame Cheetos although these two snacks are entirely different products with specific ingredients.

Takis came to the US in 2004 and took almost 2 years to be recognized among popular brands. It is still a small snack brand compared to the market giants like Hershey’s or Nestle. Yet Takis has made its unique spot among spicy food lovers. It comes in 17 different flavors. The variety of these tortillas makes it unique among competitors.

Corn masa flour prepared with fresh lime extract is the base ingredient of Takis. Other ingredients are mostly cooking oils, spices, and flavorings according to a specific variety. If you want to try something spicy then start with Feugo Takis, it is my favorite.

Takis Flavors

There are 17 different flavors of Takis, especially for their Tortilla chips. They also make some other products with Takis as a primary brand name. Therefore have a look at the complete list of Takis flavors.

Credit: By Thomson200 – Own work, CC0,
  1. Fuego
  2. Guacamole
  3. Nitro
  4. Wild
  5. Xplosion flavor Takis
  6. Salsa Brava
  7. Takis Blue Heat
  8. Bland Broccoli flavored Takis
  9. Angry Burger flavor
  10. Titan flavor
  11. Fuego Azul Takis
  12. Blue Flame Takis
  13. Takis Zombie flavor
  14. Lava flavor
  15. Xtra Hot
  16. BBQ Pieante Takis
  17. Crunchy Fajita

Other popular Takis Products

  • Takis Waves, Ridged potato chip
  • Takis Watz, cheese snack
  • Takis POP!, Ready-to-eat popcorn
  • Takis Stix, corn snack stick
  • Takis Crisps, Potato chip shaped like Pringles
  • Takis Kettlez, a kettle-cooked potato chip snack
  • Takis Hot Nuts, Peanuts coated in crunchy corn snack
  • Takis Chippz, Thin Potato Chips

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Ingredients in Barcel Takis

Barcel Taksi is a rolled Corn tortilla chips. Hence its main ingredient is Corn flour. It is a spicy snack so chili pepper, salt, and cooking oil are a must. Therefore the complete list of ingredients in Takis includes-

  • Corn Masa Flour
  • Soybean, and Canola Oil
  • Iodized Salt
  • White Crystal Sugar
  • Lime Extract
  • Citric Acid
  • SOY Protein
  • Yeast
  • Natural and Artificial Flavour
  • Monosodium Glutamate
  • Malt dextrin
  • Sodium Diacetate
  • Onion Powder
  • Hot Chili Pepper (Chile)
  • Sodium Inosinate
  • Silicon Dioxide (Anticaking)
  • Antioxidants (BHT, TBHQ, Propylene Glycol, BHA)
  • Partially Hydrogenated SOYABEAN Oil
  • Artificial Colours (Red No. 40 Lake, Yellow No. 6 Lake)

Barcel Takis Nutrition

Takis Fuego Serving Size: 13 pieces (30g)

  • Calories from Fat 74
  • Total Calories: 156
  • Total Fat: 8.2g 13%
  • Saturated Fat: 1.2g 6%
  • Trans Fat: 0.1g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 3.7g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 2.7g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg 0%
  • Sodium: 207mg 9%
  • Potassium: 67mg 2%
  • Total Carbohydrates: 18g 6%
  • Dietary Fiber: 1.5g 6%
  • Sugars: 0.8g
  • Protein: 2.2g
  • Vitamin A: 0.7%
  • Vitamin C: 0.2%
  • Calcium: 3.2%
  • Iron: 1.9%

The % distribution denoted in the list is according to the daily prescribed limit. This data is based on an Average 2000 calories daily diet.

Takis FAQ

What happens when you eat too much Takis?

Too much of anything is bad, and so does the Takis. I know these Tortillas are really tasty, yet if you consume too much then it may cause stomach pain and digestive problems. It is a spicy snack and can cause acidity if consumed excessively. The snack itself has no problem but the capacity of digestion depends on your tummy. So evaluate how much you can handle and then eat healthily.

What do blue Takis taste like?

Blue Takis was first introduced in 2019. It is a tangy spicy Tortilla chip. The spicy chilly and fresh lime flavors are prime in this version of Takis. Although you will get a hint of mint and black pepper. It also contains a little bit of cinnamon.

When was Takis invented?

Takis was invented in 1999. It is a Mexican snack that became quite popular soon after its launch. Takis is a flavored Tortilla chip. It came in many flavors and some of which are very popular in the States. Takis came into the US markets in 2004 and became a popular snack since then.

What are Takis made of?

Takis is a Tortilla Chip. Hence It contains most of the essential ingredients. There are many flavors of Takis available in the market and all of them have similar base ingredients other than the flavoring.

Therefore Takis contains Corn Masa flour, Lime Extract, Soyoil, canola oil, Iodized salt, white crystal sugar, citric acid, and soy protein.

It also contains many spices and quite a few Artificial Flavorings. Onion powder, Chilli pepper, and Black Pepper are prominent among spices. As per Flavoring, it contains Malt dextrin, Sodium Diacetate, antioxidants, and yeast.

Takis also contains some artificial food coloring like Red 4 Lake and Yellow No.6 Lake.

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Where are Takis made?

Takis is a Mexican Snack. Most of its manufacturing is still located in Mexico. The finished products are imported and marketed by Barcel USA LLC. Although the company is shifting a few of its plants to the states for convenience.

How many Takis are in a bag?

Takis is sold in small handy plastic wrap bags. Each bag is weighed for the quantity being sold. So the chance of them having an equal number of chips is fairly low. Although on Average you may get 12 Takis in each bag. Again the size and quantity may differ but all of them weigh the same i.e. 30g.

Which Takis is the hottest?

It really depends on your taste buds. Even the mildest of tastes are spicy for some people. So it’s up to you to determine the spiest of all Takis. Although for me Takis Fuego is the hottest. It is really very spicy with an interesting tangy flavor. You may need to keep a drink handy with this Takis.

How many calories are in a bag of Takis?

Each bag of Takis gives 156 calories. Comparing this with the weight i.e 30g per bag is not too much.

How many flavors of Takis are there?

There are 17 different flavors of Takis. Each of them is unique of its kind. You may not like them all but there is at least one for every taste type. I like spicy snacks so my favorite is the Takis Feugo.

How many calories are in 1 Takis Chip?

Each Taksi chip contains 12 calories on Average. Although you cannot determine the exact size of the chip in each bag so the calorific value is just an average assumption. Although the total calorific value per bag is the same i.e 156 calories for 30g. 

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