Nestle Smarties: History, Flavor, Colors with Images

What is Nestle Smarties?-It is popular sugar-coated chocolate candy. Nestle owns the brand although Rowntree’s was the original manufacturer of Smarties.

Smarties is a delicious combination of colorful chocolate beans. These candies have been in the market since 1882. The earliest of these were known as Chocolate beans instead of Smarties. The name Smarties became official in 1937.

Smarties became the first of its kind to use 100% recyclable paper packages. They also avoid using any Artificial color or flavor in their candies.

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Who Invented Smarties?

Rowntree of York invented the Smarties candy. They made the first chocolate beans as it was in 1882. Smarties became the official name letter in 1937. These small chocolate candies were usually brown at first. They introduce several flavors and colors with time.

Who Owns Nestle Smarties?

Rowntree Company was the original owner of Smarties. They made this candy available with its first name “Chocolate Beans”. The trading standard requirement forces them to change the name to be specific with the content of the candy. Hence they come up with ” Milk Chocolate in a Crisp Sugar Shell”. Soon they realize their brand name is more known by the Trademark of Smarties than some phrase. So they adopt the name “Smarties” as the official candy name in 1937.

The Company was later owned by Nestle. Since then Nestle is the owner of Smarties and many other originals from Rowntree’s.

Smarties Logo & Slogan

Since 1937 one thing that always remained the same with Smarties is their name. The Smarties logo contains the name as it is for so long. Initially, it was accompanied by the term Chocolate Beans as this was the original name. They shift entirely to Smarties after 1937.

Although their logo not just contains their name but also many interesting figurines. They have introduced many variations of colors in their wrapper, especially for specific or special flavor editions. Sometimes they also chose different fonts to present the message. Above all the flavor indications are always right there on the wrapper.

Talking about the slogan, Smarties does not have any in particular. Their description is more like tags rather than slogans.

History of Nestle Smarties

Smarties starts their journey early in1882. The Rowntree Confectioneries made the first of all Chocolate beans candy. They call it Chocolate beans most due to their resemblance to actual beans. Although the Smarties don’t look like beans instead they appear as oval discs. They were original 5mm by 12mm discs. The measurement was relevant to the major and minor axis of the chocolate beans.

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Smarties Journey

Rowntrees were a small yet popular candy manufacturer in York, UK. Their candy company is even older than the 1880s. They were the original owners of Smarties. The first of these delicious candy was sold in 1882. Although It was not called Smarties initially. Instead, they name it “Chocolate Beans”. They had to change their official name to Smarties just to suit the market demand. It was the Year 1937 when Smarties officially became the brand name.

In 1958 Smarties drops Coffee as the main ingredient from their list. they also shift to real milk chocolate for the candy core. Smarties Introduced Blue color to popular customer demand in 1987. Since then it has been a permanent member of the Smarties collection.

In the 90s Smarties came up with many special edition variants. They even have all orange Smarties. Some of these variants are quite valuable these days among collectors.

Smarties launch their mini and giant variants in 1998. Those versions of Smarties were great hits among specific customers.

Smarties became the best-selling children’s confectionery brand with sales of 56 million Euros.

The year 2005 brings many changes to Smarties. The most prominent of all was the change in their packaging. They shift their iconic collectible lids with hexagonal paper Tubes. They also adopt all eco-friendly policies but shifted to natural coloring and flavors.

In 2007 they had to remove their all-time popular Blue smarties for Artificial coloring. Although they came back with organic natural Blue coloring Smarties in 2008. This time they used spirulina Seaweeds for Blue coloring.

Smarties celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2012. They introduced their popular 80s hexagonal tube as a tribute.

Finally, they shift to 100% plastic-free packaging in 2021. Smarties became the first among global confectionery brands to use recyclable paper packaging. They encourage reusing these packages for other chores instead of discarding them right away. This has reduced their carbon footprint by at least 250 million plastic bags every year.

Types of Smarties

Smarties have five different varieties. Most of which are categorized according to their packaging. These are

Nestle Smarties
  1. Tube
  2. Buttons
  3. Sharing Pouch
  4. Sharing Block
  5. Christmas Penguin

They also have many other varieties specific to certain flavors and occasions. Special edition Smarties are quite popular among collectors and consumers. They have also made smarties with glow caps. These packs are really valuable these days among collectors. Some of them even account for over 1000 bucks per pack just as collectible.

Talking about their types, Tubes are the usual handy packs of Smarties. The packaging is made of Hexagonal paper tubes. Other than these you have Button Smarties with small carry-on packaging, especially for one person. Next, there is the Sharing Pouch for all your friends. Blocks are also a good option to share with friends. Although it’s not sufficient for more than two. The final one is the Christmas Penguin. It is a special pack for holidays, and you can have them any time of the year.

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Ingredients in Nestle Smarties

The main ingredients in Smarties are-

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Sugar 
  • Natural Coloring
  • Natural Flavoring

Although in the initial days they use some Artificial coloring and flavoring especially to prepare the blue Smarties. Later Nestle adopts 100% natural ingredients in many of their products.

Color Variety of Nestle Smarties

Smarties first came in the usual chocolate brown color. It also tastes the same as milk chocolate. Then they come up with a variant of light brown Smarties. It was the one with coffee flavor. Apart from these, they have the orange Smarties. Although the true significance of color came up when Nestle presents the Blue Smarties. It was introduced on customer demand and also as a means of protest against the purchase of Rowntrees by Nestle.

Since 1937, Smarties came in all shades of rainbow colors and most of them are specific to their taste. Do you know they even have the White Smarties?

In addition to the usual Brown, Blue, and White, they also have Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink Smarties. The Colors were originally white as they were curated from artificial food coloring. Although after the adaptation of only natural policy they have to shift to natural coloring agents. This shift has greatly affected the appearance of Smarties. In fact, smarties have to drop their all-time favorite Blue color as it requires Artificial agents. Although they came up with sea-weed extract as a solution for natural Blue pigment for Smarties.

Nutritional Value

Depending on the type and serving Smarties can offer you 100 -300Cal. It also contains traces of Calcium, potassium, Magnesium, and Sodium along with vitamins A and C.

It is mainly made of chocolate and sugar so these are the prime ingredient that contributes to its nutritional value.

Where to buy Nestle Smarties?

Nestle Smarties are easily available in candy stores and in many online stores. You can also buy them from your school or college canteen. The only problem that you may face is the availability of all variants of Smarties. If you live anywhere in Europe then this may not bother you. Smarties are quite popular in the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and a few other countries.  Here you can buy all variants or types of Smarties anywhere. Otherwise, just look out for the availability of Smarties in your local stores.

These days it has become quite easy to buy foreign products. So buying Smarties in other countries should not be a big problem although it may cost you more for the transport.

How are Nestle Smarties Made?

Smarties are made in a sophisticated Nestle facility. Their primary manufacturing is still focused in the UK. Every Year They manufacture Billions of Smarties only in the UK. Apart from this Nestle also runs some plants in other countries to cope with the demand for Smarties.

As we know Smarties contains three main parts. the First is the chocolate core, the nest is the crust or sugar shell and the final part is the indicative coloring.

So to prepare a batch of Smarties they have to start with the mix. This is done on large scale with the help of commercial mixers and coolers.

First, the chocolate is molded in small bean shapes. Then they are covered with a specific color sugar coating. Then the batch is thoroughly dusted with fine sugar for glaze and it’s done.

Ok, I know it does not happen exactly as it sounds yet it’s quite similar to the actual process. The exact flavoring and coloring ingredients are secret to the company.

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