Twizzlers candy: Everything from History to Flavors

Twizzlers candy is an iconic licorice candy. At least the originals were real licorice flavor candies. Twizzlers gained highlight and huge promotion especially by Astronaut Neil Armstrong while he was on the moon. His words were “I could go for some Twizzlers right Now”.

For Us, it is a combination of great taste and iconic looks all in one candy. And if you think I’m exaggerating, think once about These delicious twisted chewy strands.

Do you Know?– Twizzlers candy got the Guinness World Record on July 19th, 1998 for making the Longest piece of licorice candy. It was a phenomenal 1200 feet candy that weighed 100 pounds.

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What is Twizzlers?

So, I think we all know Twizzlers. It is a delicious chewy candy. The original Twizzlers were licorice although they have changed a lot with time. You can easily identify these colorful and flavorful candies with their unique twisted spiral design.

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These days Twizzlers use Corn Syrup, sugar, starch, salt, citric acid, and flavoring instead of traditional licorice extract.

Who Invented The Twizzlers?

Twizzlers were invented by Young and Smylie. They lived in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was the year 1929 when they produced their first batch of Twizzlers for commercial sale. The firm has a long history. It has been there since 1845 and later in 1968, they change its name to Y&S candies. Young and Smylie are among the oldest Confectionery brands in the United States.

Who Owns Twizzlers now?

The Hershey Company owns the Twizzlers candy Brand since 1977. They acquire Twizzlers from its original manufacturer young and Smylie confectioneries. Twizzlers have been a popular delight ever since their launch. Although Hershey’s has helped it with great exposure all across the globe.

The History of Twizzlers

The true history of Twizzlers starts with the establishment of Young and Smylie Confectionary. They have a very rich heritage of candy manufacturing in the United States. Young and Smylie started their first production around 1845. Although it takes more than 70 years for them to come up with a Licorice Twizzlers.

Original licorice Twizzlers were first made in 1929. It was a simple twisted candy stick with classic licorice flavor. The unique spiral design of the Twizzler sticks makes it popular among candy lovers. It was sweet chewy and affordable so everything works well for Twizzlers.

They continued the production since 1977 when the brand was finally acquired by Hershey’s. Meanwhile, they change the name from Young and Smylie to Y&S Candies in 1968. It was a nice change that gives a new start to a generation-old candy company.

Do You know?- Young and Smylie are ranked among the pioneers in the candy industry in the United States. It is one of the oldest candy manufacturers in the states.

The core constituents have changed a lot over the course of time. Most importantly modern Twizzlers are no longer just licorice candy. They are now made of whole different ingredients, especially with sugar, corn syrup, and a lot of flavorings. Although licorice is still the original flavor of Twizzlers.

Today you can find many flavors in Twizzlers like strawberry, grape, and cherry, still, strawberry twists are the most popular.

Twizzlers Fun Fact

Do You Know ?- There are an average of 15 twists on each Twizzlers twist. It is made by pushing a thick syrup blend through a twisting nozzle. The continuous rotation of the nozzle gives the candy its iconic twist look with a hollow core.

Twizzlers Logo & Slogans

Two of the popular Twizzlers slogans were-

  1. “Makes Mouth happy”
  2. “You Can’t be serious with Twizzlers”

Instead of using any regular catchphrase, Twizzlers always used something that truly depicts its Customers’ thoughts. The Slogans were chosen to reflect the experience of the consumer instead of just promoting the product. These slogans were fun to read and easy to grab and remember.


The traditional Twizzlers logo is pretty simple yet very powerful. They use a simple trick of highlighting and replication words with different colors and indentations. The official Twizzlers logo contains a multilayers name tag with a different color and background. The final foreground of which is the classic text” Twizzlers” in white with dark blue background and a couple more shades especially pink and grey.

Twizzlers Flavors and Variety

The original Twizzlers were Licorice. They keep on making Licorice Twizzlers until the 70s. Once it was acquired by Hershey’s new flavors and blends were introduced. Since then we have all kinds of popular flavors available in Twizzlers. You can find Cherry, Strawberry, and grape with their respective coloring. Among all Strawberry is the most popular Twizzlers flavor, and it still is.

Check out The complete list of Twizzlers flavors and varieties. Which one is your favorite, let us know.

What are all the Twizzler flavors?

  1. Cherry Twizzlers
  2. Strawberry Twizzlers
  3. Hershey’s Chocolate Twizzlers
  4. Licorice Twizzlers
  5. Cola And Cherry flavor (Special Edition)
  6. Orange (Found in Rainbow flavored package of Twizzlers)
  7. Lemonade (Found in Rainbow flavored package of Twizzlers)
  8. Watermelon flavored (Found in Rainbow flavored package of Twizzlers)
  9. Blue Raspberry (Found in Rainbow flavored package of Twizzlers)
  10. Grape flavored (Found individually as a limited edition. Also found in Rainbow flavored package of Twizzlers)
  11. Sugar-Free Strawberry Twizzlers
  12. Orange Cream Pop flavor (Filled Twizzlers variety)
  13. Strawberry Smoothie flavor (Filled Twizzlers)
  14. Twizted Strawberry Blast (Pull ‘N’ Peel candy variety)
  15. Sweet & Sour (Cherry Kick and Citric Punch flavors. Filled Twists version)
  16. Fruit Punch (Grape, Cherry, and Orange. Pull ‘N’ Peels)
  17. Green Apple (Mini Twists and Pull ‘N’ Peels)
  18. Caramel Apple (Filled Twizzlers)
  19. Cherry, Green Apple, And Lemonade (Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel)
  20. Key Lime Pie flavor (Filled Twizzlers)
  21. Cinnamon flavored (Fire Edition of Twizzlers Filled Twists and Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel)
  22. Strawberry Lemonade (Filled Twists)
  23. Raspberry – Wildberry – Lemonade ( Twizted Summer Fusion Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peels)
  24. Black Raspberry – Cherry – Strawberry (Twizzlers Bites)
  25. Strawberries ‘n’ Creme (Filled Twizzlers)
  26. Cherry Cola (Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peels)
  27. Orange & Black Cherry (Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel)
  28. Lemon – Green Apple – Cherry – Blue Raspberry (Twizzlers Sour Mini Twists)
  29. Strawberry and Vanilla (Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peels)
  30. Sweet Lemon Twizzlers

Where To Buy Twizzlers?

The best place to buy your favorite Twizzlers is from a candy store. I think it’s great coz, you will have a lot of options and you can change your mind on the go. If it seems time taking then go for the obvious e-com sites like Amazon or any one of your choice and trust me you will definitely find Twizzlers listed there.

Unfortunately, not all Twizzlers flavors are available in the common store. You have to visit a Hershey candy store or check out their official website for some not-so-common Twizzlers.

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Twizzlers Nutritional Value

Twizzlers are basically sugar so it is not something to relate with t good health. Although Twizzlers are good for taste and can easily lighten your mood. The ingredients differ a lot depending on the flavor choice although all of them have a common sugar syrup base. So you may find Citric acid that can relate to Vitamin C especially the tangy taste, Salt with obvious Sodium, potassium, and magnesium, and Some food coloring with different chemical compositions, sucrose, and glucose.

It is good if you keep the intake in control. A limited intake of sugar candy is not as bad as it sounds.

Twizzlers FAQ

What are Twizzlers made of?

Twizzlers are made of Corn Syrup, Sugar, salt, Citric acid, and Enriched Wheat flour. The Flour contains Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, and Folic Acid.
In Addition, Twizzlers also contain Corn Starch, Edible oils especially palm oil, Vegetable oils, Artificial coloring, and some flavoring agents.

How many calories are in Twizzlers?

Each piece of Twizzlers has 25 calories. A serving of 4 Twizzlers will give 100-140 calories on average depending on the variety.

When were Twizzlers invented?

Twizzlers were invented by young and Smylie in their home town Lancaster Pennsylvania. The first Twizzlers was produced by Young and Smylie in 1929. Although their licorice versions were in the market since 1845.

How is Twizzlers Made?

Twizzlers are made by mixing all the essential ingredients with corn syrup, sugar, and starch. It is first thicker to a definite consistency. This usually takes hours to be precise.

Once the consistency is accurate flavorings are added to the batch. It is then blended a few times and then pumped through a twister. The twister gives the candy a spiral shape. Usually, there are an average of 15 twists per Twizzlers. This is quite a turn considering the 6-inch length of the Twizzlers candy.

How many Twizzlers are in a pack?

The original packaging of Licorice Twizzlers contains 40 pieces. Although with time Hershey’s come up with different packaging and sizes. So now you can find 20-40 Twizzlers depending on the packaging.

What is the original Twizzler flavor?

Licorice is the Original Twizzlers flavor. Although they soon introduce more flavors like strawberry, cherry, and grape. Strawberry Twizzler is the most popular one these days. It covers around 70% of the total annual production. Trusts me it’s a lot comparing their daily production to be around 200tons.

Are original Twizzlers cherry or strawberry?

Original Twizzlers were neither cherry nor Strawberry. Instead, it was the classic licorice flavor that puts the Twizzler’s name on hot sellers.

What flavor are Twizzler bites?

You can have Cherry, Strawberry, or Grape Twizzler bites just as their usual flavors.

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