McDonald’s Secret Menu (Updated Sep 2022): 20 Hidden Items

Have you heard of the McDonald’s Secret Menu? Yes, this is a real thing and you can try these in your nearest McDonald’s restaurant. The McDonald’s secret menu has become quite popular these days. It is not any regular Mcdonald’s item list. Instead, you have to twine or mix a couple of your favorites to create a new taste. It is a Mcdonald’s hack that allows customers to choose and mix any food they like. The experimentation with different regular McDonald’s products makes this a very unique secret menu. Trust me this secret menu will change your Mcdonald’s experience forever.

Unfortunately, you can’t order all of these from their site as they are not listed on the regular Mcdonald’s menu. You can order the items separately and mix them before eating. Still, some items can only be bought from the outlets and Mcdonald’s stores. You must visit the store to grab a few of these delicious McDonald’s secret menu items.

McDonald's Secret Menu
McDonald’s Secret Menu 2022

The secret menu items’ availability depends on the outlet’s time and location. You may find something new on the list in your local Mcdonald’s restaurant, so it is worth trying. Try mixing your favorite foods and create a new unique taste. Your creation may land here someday.

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What is McDonald’s Secret Menu for 2022?

  1. Big McChicken
  2. Surf and Turf Burger
  3. The 2 Cheeseburger Meal
  4. The Chicken McGriddle
  5. Big Mac Sauce Fries
  6. The Land, Sea, and Air Burger
  7. The Mc10:35
  8. The McCrepe
  9. The McGangBang
  10. The McKinley Mac
  11. The Monster Mac
  12. The McLeprechaun Shake
  13. Neapolitan Shake
  14. The Pie McFlurry
  15. Ice Cream Sandwich
  16. Poor Man’s Big Mac
  17. Hash Brown McMuffin
  18. Orange Creamsicle
  19. MCaffogato
  20. McBrunch Burger

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Big McChicken

The concept of Big McChicken is as simple as it sounds. It’s big, bigger than any chicken burger. You can compare it with the Double Down burger at KFC.

You won’t get this by the name. Instead, you have to order a few items together to make a Big McChicken.

You Have to Order A Big Mac with 3 McChickens. Put the Chicken Patties inside Big Mac. Simply replacing the buns with chicken Patti will do the job. It is just a clever replacement for a mouth full of flavors.

Surf and Turf Burger

You can’t just visit a McDonald’s store and ask for Surf and Turf. It’s not there in the menu list. Instead, you have to order a few things to make it your own way.

This food is especially for those who want to eat fish with a regular burger. So you know what it has. Just order a regular or double Cheeseburger and a filet-o-fish. Mix them up and enjoy.

The 2 Cheeseburger Meal

It is an old fav though not on the new Mcdonald’s menu. It has 2 cheeseburgers instead of 1 and some fries with a cold drink. You can still order this with an extra cheeseburger. There is not much to do, just grab them together and eat. You can also order the 2 cheeseburger meals directly from the counter. The cashier knows what it needs, so why not give it a try?

The Chicken McGriddle

This is not something you can find in every McDonald’s store. to be precise you can have a chicken McGriddle in the south. You will get two McDonald’s biscuits and a sweet spicy gravy for just under 2 bucks. It is cheap and this is something you can have any time throughout the day.

For a change, you can also try mixing the chicken patties with sour cream. The whole idea is to keep the price low and taste high.

Big Mac Sauce Fries

This is an easy one. You just have to ask for Big Mac sauce on the side with fries. It’s an ideal replacement for the regular sauce or dips especially if you like it. Most probably you won’t have to pay anything extra for this delicious combination.

The Big Mac Sauce fries are not on the regular menu list but they definitely should. The big Mac sauce is the perfect replacement for the ketchup, and it tastes great with fries.

The Land, Sea, and Air Burger

If you like Surf and Turf then this one is definitely for you. The Land Sea and Air burger assemble all your favorite flavors from land water and air altogether in a single burger. Although this is not something you can ask for in any Mcdonald’s store. You have to ask for a few items separately and then assemble this huge burger on the go.

Sometimes this can be a little messy but trust me you will like it. The Land, Sea, and Air Burger require you to order your favorite McChicken with a Filet-o-fish and one cheeseburger. There’s one more popular version of this burger that include the true flavors of land, sea, and air. It contains 2 juicy Beef patties, 1 crispy chicken, and a Filet-o-Fis altogether with a cheeseburger. This may take a couple of extra bucks so if you are ok with the pricing then go grab your first Land Sea and Air Burger from McDonald’s Secret Menu.

This is really huge and some of you may not even finish this monster at a time. Although the taste is beyond your imagination so it worth trying at least once.

The Mc10:35

This one is not that easy to grab for most of us. Still, it is worth listing here for the sake of its delicious mouthwatering flavors. This may require some running and you have been in a McDonald’s store just after 10:30 in the morning. You can’t get it online, they don’t serve it together usually.

This is the exact time when the breakfast menu changes and you can get a combination of your favorite breakfast with a full meal.

This treat combines your favorite egg McMuffin and the McDouble. Just order these two together and put the beef patties inside the muffin. This is easy to assemble but not so easy to find every day everywhere. To be precise you have to order this around 10:35 just after breakfast is closing hence the name Mc10:35.

The McCrepe

The McCrepe is as delicious as it sounds. This combination may seem a little odd yet it’s very flavorful. It is a breakfast menu so be on time to get all those items. You have to order a hot cake with a yogurt parfait. Put the yogurt in the hot cake and wrap it to make a soft crepe. The sweet hotcake mix well with the sour and fruity yogurt. This can become a little messy so keep a napkin handy.

The McGangBang

mcgangbang burger

It is a great hack for a full meal. You can get a huge burger for just $2.00 and it’s really fulfilling. The McGangBang contains a McDouble and a McChicken. This best suits the McDonald’s Dolar menu.

The McGangBang is more like mixing things up just to get the best out of all. You have to put the McChicken in between the Beef patties. Finish it with the dipping or sauce of your choice.

The McKinley Mac

If you feel hungry after a Big Mac then you should try the Mckinley Mac. It’s a perfect food for under 5 bucks. Some McDonald’s outlets make the McKinley Mac on a regular basis so you can just ask for it by name. They know what you want. If they don’t then ask for Regular big mac with quarter-pound patties.

The regular Big Mac contains two 1.6 oz beef patties, just replace these with quarter-pound patties and your Mckinley Mac is ready. It’s really heavy and full of cholesterol so think before ordering it.

The Monster Mac

This is the real monster of all burgers. It contains not just 2, 4, or 6 patties but a whole 8 beef patties. It will cost you just $6.49. You can ask for the Monster Mac, they are quite easy to spot in many McDonals stores. And if you can’t find one by name then ask for a regular Big Mac with 8 patties.

It is too much for anyone so doesn’t bother if other dinners keep staring at you with your monster Mac. This one will not fit in your mouth for sure. So Enjoy your meal and stay full throughout the day.

The McLeprechaun Shake

The monster Mac

This is a secret summer delicacy. You can order the McLeprechaun shake only from March through early April. It is a smooth blend of Shamrock and Chocolate shakes. The refreshing minty flavor will definitely keep you active throughout the day. It may cost you anywhere from $2 to $3 depending on the serving size.

Neapolitan Shake

You can ask for the delicious Neapolitan shake in any Mcdonald’s store. It may not be listed yet they know what it needs. The Neapolitan shake contains all three of my favorites together in a perfect blend. You can make it on your own by mixing Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes. Stir it well and enjoy the smoothness of this shake.

The Pie McFlurry

Have you ever thought of mixing your favorite Mcflurry with a pie? Trust me this is the next secret Mcdonald’s menu. This time you have to ask for the Mcflurry of your choice and an Apple Pie. You can get them separately and sometimes the cashier may offer for the mixup. Therefore you must ask before ordering.

If they are serving a Pie Mcflurry then it’s easy, just order and enjoys. If not then get the McFlurry ice cream and put some pieces of hot and crunchy Apple pie or anyone of your choice. It is the perfect combination of hot and cold, so give it a try. This may cost anywhere from $2 to $4 depending on the pie.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream sandwich is not a real item on Mcdonald’s menu. Although it is as simple as it sounds. The name says it all, it is a combination of your favorite ice cream with any chocolate chip cookie.

You cannot order this by name in any Mcdonald’s store instead ask for your favorite Mcflurry and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Put the McFlurry ice cream between the cookies and make a sandwich. You can try a dozen different combinations of Icecream sandwiches, they all are great. But never forget the napkins, it will get a little messy in the end.

Poor Man’s Big Mac

The name of this Mcdonald’s secret menu may sound offensive but it’s not. This one is the best hack for those who don’t want to spend much on their favorite Big Mac. You will get the whole meal with much less cost and a few missing ingredients in this item. Instead of asking for Big Mac buy a McDouble without the usual ketchup. Add your favorite Big Mac sauce and lettuce as sidings with McDouble and your Poor Man’s Big Mac is ready. This one will not cost more than two bucks.

It is a great choice for cost saving but you have to visit a Mcdonald’s store to buy the Poor Man’s Big mac. They don’t have the Big Mac Sauce listed on their site.

Hash Brown McMuffin

hash brown mcmuffin

Who doesn’t like the famous Mcdonald’s Hash Browns? And if you can get it with your favorite McMuffin then it’s the best deal. In fact, you will get aHash Brown with every McMuffin meal it just needs to be placed inside. Order your favorite McMuffin breakfast meal and put the hash brown inside before a bite. This will change your breakfast experience forever.

Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle is a unique combination of your favorite ice cream and orange soft serve. It’s neither a drink nor ice cream, it’s both and much flavorful. Although you cannot order this one from the official site, you have to visit the store or any outlet.

You can order a plain soft serve with orange Fanta. Alternatively, get your favorite McFlurry and a cup of orange Fanta. Put them together and enjoy.


This one is probably the most demanding drink on Mcdonald’s secret menu. It is pretty easy to make. You can order an Espresso shot with any vanilla soft serve. This can also blend well with vanilla ice cream. Stir it well and enjoy your drink.

McBrunch Burger

The McBrunch Burger is a unique combination of your favorite Mcdonald’s Breakfast and Luch Meal. It is a delicious burger that can easily fulfill your appetite.

The McBrunch Burger contains a Regular or double Cheese Burger, a round egg, and a hash brown. Arrange all of these in any order and place the buns as usual. That’s it your Secret menu is ready ie. Enjoy The McBrunch Burger with Big Mac Sauce. It will keep you full for the day.

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