Everything About Twizzlers Spin-offs

Have you ever heard of Twizzlers Spin offs? These are some real things inspired by Twizzlers candy. The generation-old heritage and great popularity of Twizzlers have inspired many creators to come up with something new and interesting yet related to the original Twizzlers. Some of these interesting ideas came from the Twizzlers team itself. So let’s proceed with today’s topic…

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What are Twizzlers Spin-offs?

Twizzlers spin-offs are basically some edibles and non-edible items that resemble the look, feel, and smell of original Twizzlers. It can be anything from Twizzlers Bites to Ice cream or a scented candle. Therefore the whole idea of Spin-off is to come up with something that relates to the originals with a perfectly new approach. Neither of these products claims to be the originals and they just get benefited for their resemblance with Twizzlers.

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Twizzlers Candy Straws

The Twizzlers candy straw is a hollow version of Twizzlers. These delicious straws are good to sip drinks. Twizzlers Straws are flavorful chewy candies. There are many different options to try on and most of which are classic fruits. The consistency is somewhat similar to the original Licorice Twizzlers.

The only difference is that the straws are broader due to the hollow core. You can start with drinking your favorites and when it’s done just eat the straw. Nothing gets wasted here. Twizzlers Straws come in all shades of the rainbow with specific flavors like strawberry, grape, watermelon orange, lemonade, and blue raspberry all within one packet. You can get your Twizzlers straw from any Hershey’s store or try asking one in a convenience store.

Twizzlers candy-Twizzlers Spin-offs
Twizzlers candy: Twizzlers Spin-offs

Twizzlers Filled Twists

It is a thicker version of Traditional Twizzlers. Twizzlers Filled Twist is pretty unique as there are two distinct layers to try on. Trust me it is more than just a thick multilayered candy. These Twizzlers have an outer layer and a filled central layer. Interestingly both layers have their own unique flavors and consistency. Each bite of this chewy candy is unique and full of flavors. You can try on flavors like Orange Cream Pop and Key Lime Pie. A Mini Twists version of filled Twizzler is also there to try on. It is perfect for a lite snack break.

Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel

This Spin-off to Twizzlers is similar to the original Twizzlers candy. Although there is a difference in the texture, a pretty unique one. In Traditional Twizzlers you can see the spiral patterns in the semi-hard chewy candy. They were formed by rotating a single strand of candy mold in a twister. The Pull n Peel is a little different from that, It is made by wrapping thin ropes of chewy candy. You can easily pull and peel the individual ropes apart. Just split each side and enjoy them separately.

Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel adds fun to the food. This little twist makes the candy more interactive and playful. It was first introduced in the year 1995 by the Hersheys. Since then it has gained quite similar popularity as the original Twizzlers candy. Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel comes in many fruity flavors such as Cherry, Grape, Cinnamon, and Orange & Black Cherry. Again Cherry and Strawberry are the most popular ones among consumers.

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Twizzlers Soft Bites

The Twizzlers Soft Bites spin-off is a 2-inch long small cylindrical candy. This candy has no twists which make it unique from traditional Twizzlers. Although soft bites are true to their name, they are soft, squishy, and chewy. The term “soft” in the name is not overexertion, Twizzlers Soft Bites are very chewy, and you can surely take your time in eating them. The Twizzlers soft bite comes in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Watermelon, and Licorice.

The Twizzlers soft bite tastes quite similar to its counterpart Twizzlers Bites Although they both differ a lot in texture and appearance. The Soft bites are smooth without any central holes. This is the key difference between this delicious chewy candy and the traditional Twizzlers bites.

Twizzlers Bites

Twizzler Bites are a miniature version of traditional hollow Twizzlers. It was introduced to counter a similar product  Jolly Rancher Bites along with the original Twizzlers. You can consider Twizzlers Bites as a small chewy version of the classic Twizzlers candy. It is a hollow candy with a spiral twist just like the original. It comes in every traditional flavor of classic Twizzlers candy. You can have the all-time favorite strawberry or Cherry Twizzlers bites from any candy store.

Aroma beads HERSHEY’S Twizzlers Scented Candle

First of all, this product is not Hersheys usual. It is an inedible item, you can’t eat it rather use it from decore. This is a non-food item although a very interesting spin-off product for Twizzlers. It is marketed and Made under license by HANNA’S®.  Basically, This is a scented candle that smells like Twizzlers. The fruity fragrance and eye-catching bright color give it a look like traditional Twizzlers.


This is not food or candy so obviously, you can’t find these in any candy store. Instead, look out for Aroma beads scented candles in convenience stores. They are also listed on some of the major e-comm websites.

Twizzlers Italian Ice

This is a Twizzlers-flavored Italian Ice treat Made by Rita’s. Let me know which ones are your favorite. They are quite a few varieties to try especially the vanilla and strawberry mix.

Twizzlers Filled Bites

Have tried the Twizzlers filled twist or the Twizzlers bites? Consider this candy as a combination of both. The Twizzlers-filled bites will give you the flavor of filled twists in a small bite-size candy. These chewy candies have a delicious semi-hard outer covering and a fruity fill inside. Twizzlers Filled Bites Come in many flavors like Sweet cherry, tangy lemon, Sour treat, and Strawberry.

Twizzlers Twerpz

A small piece of candy that looks much like a filled Twizzlers Bite. Although It is a totally different variety of candy. This candy is a tangy and chewy variety with a deliciously sweet filling. Twerpz comes in popular flavors like Strawberry & Orange.


You can think of Nibs as smaller yet decorative Twizzlers Spin-offs. These small candies are fit for various uses other than your regular snack. You can also use them for sweet toppings. The combination of color and variety of fruity flavors makes them ideal for cake decoration especially if you like rainbow decor. Twizzlers Nibs are available in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry and Licorice. It is unique candy with one side flat and rounded on the other. This design makes it easy to identify among other candies.

Super Nibs

Super Nibs are usually longer than regular Twizzlers Nibs. Supper Nibs are about the length of a regular Twizzler with a significant difference in the shape and texture of a Nib. Twizzlers Super Nibs are also flat on one side and rounded on the other, just like regular Nibs. This sweet candy topping is for those who always need bigger than usual.

Mini Twists

It is an even smaller version of the Twizzler twists. The Mini Twist is just a miniaturized form for better storage and comfort. This is not different in taste or appearance from the usual candy. Mini Twists comes in every variety of Twizzlers. You will have the original Twizzlers Twists candy, Filled Twists, Sour Twists, and even the bites with layers. The variety in style, color, flavor, and most importantly texture makes the Mini Twist the best spin-off option for Twizzlers.

Twizzlers Strawberry flavored Lip Balm

This is probably the most interesting item on the Twizzlers Spin-offs list. It is neither food nor candy. Instead, It is a fruity Lip Balm that tastes most like your favorite Twizzlers. A strawberry-flavored Lip Bam will definitely remind you of the classic Strawberry Twizzlers. It is flavorful and safe but not perfectly edible. This Lip Balm is meant for your lips not to keep your tummy full. So o think about having a bite of this soft fruity lip balm.

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