Fun Candy Names

Welcome back, candy lovers. We are here with another exciting list of some fun candy names. It is simple to read and easy to forget, just for fun. So without wasting your precious time let’s jump to the list. 

Fun Candy Names
Fun Candy Names

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15 Fun Candy Names

Goo Goo

Starting with the first candy name that comes to my mind, is the famous Goo Goo. Interesting name with an interesting texture. In fact, the Goo Goo cluster is probably the first candy that comes with a commercial idea to mix traditional nougat candy with nuts and milk chocolate. This is a round cluster of choco nougat balls with nuts and everyone likes it. 


Fudge- a simple and sweet chocolate delicacy. Lots of nuts if you like and more with chocolate and caramel. On its own, there is nothing unique about the name, it’s so common yet the resemblance with some not-so-good words makes it kinda cool. Thus it seems a good candidate for the Fun candy list.

Hubba Bubba

Wrigley Hubba Bubba is a famous brand. The name is interesting and quite funny. It sounds like you are trying to talk while eating. If you like the title then definitely taste it, I think the strawberry one is really good. 


By Bilby – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Timtam is a fun and unique name, although it isn’t a candy. It is a pair of chocolate biscuits more like a sandwich with hard chocolate cream filling. The malted biscuits are there for a perfect layer and crunchy texture. TimTam was first introduced in 1964 by the Australian Company- Arnott’s. Since then the brand has maintained its uniqueness and fun for its consumers.


A Dot to perfect texture and brand value- It is the Dots gum drop made by Tootsie Roll Industries.

Dots is no doubt the best fun-to-eat gum ever made. It is available since 1945. Still, Dots or Mason Dots is the best of all gum brands. The unique jello texture and sweet smooth flavor make this candy fun to play with and eat.

The Chicago plant of the Tootsie Roll Industry itself produces more than 4 billion Dots each year. This count multiplies many folds with production spanning all across the globe.

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Hoots is a unique and fun name for a traditional hard sugar candy brand. It sounds like a call of an owl, and believe me, you feel the same while tasting these candies. There is a wide range of flavors available in Hoots. You can try anything from cola to mango, or orange to lime or grapes. There are even more to try on. These candies will bring your childhood memories back with the traditional touch of spice in the sugar candy. 30 Candy Names That Start With H


By Evan-Amos – Own work, CC0,

Twinkie is an interesting fun name for an American Snack cake. It isn’t a candy yet a nice addition to our list. Twinkies were first made and sold by Hostess. It is available since 1930. These sponge cakes are full of cream filling. It is soft, sweet, and delicious. Just take it out and have a bite.

Sugar Daddy


Sugar daddy is another fun candy name on our list. These classic caramel candies are popular since they were first introduced. Sugar daddy is one of its kind with a stick to hold the caramel candy. The name is interesting and a funny derivative of an unusual reference. The usual term is not relevant to the candy although it truly justifies the high size of this sweet caramel pop. 20 Candy That Starts with S: With Pictures

Pay Day

Pay Day is a perfect snack after a tiring work day. The name is fun and best for the feeling you get with this candy. It was named on a Payday at the plant hence they name it Payday.

credit: Pay Day Caramel Bar

Payday contains the perfect balance of salty peanuts and sweet caramel. It is in the market since 1932. Payday was first made by Frank “Marty” Martoccio. He was a macaroni and candy manufacturer from Minnesota. Latter Hershey bought the brand in 1996.


Candy Starting With J

Jujube is a fun name for delicious fruity sugar gum drops. Traditionally it is an Arabic recipe that contains sugar, and jujube paste. Jujube is a sweet date-like fruit common in the Middle East. Commercial Jujubes may contain artificial flavorings and fruit extracts.  



The next one is Twizzlers. It is a unique flavorful candy with funny names. The original Twizzlers were licorice candy although the new variants are of all colors and flavors. The fruity flavors and twisted spirals altogether make it an interesting candy.

Bounty Chocolate Bar

krunch bar

Bounty chocolate bar is just as its sounds. A delicious mix of chocolate with coconut filling. The name Bounty really adds to the fun and delicacy of this chocolate bar. Mars candy company owns the brand since 1951.

More Fun Candy Names

There are literally 100s or even more fun candy names to choose from. It’s not very easy for anyone to find out the best or worst. I think it is not possible for us to do so. Although I have kinda gathered a few more fun candy names in the hope you may like them. So have a look and decide on your own. 

  1. Ripples
  2. Hint Mint
  3. Oaties
  4. Gummy Bears
  5. Abba Zabba
  6. Warheads
  7. Flakies
  8. Aero Bar
  9. Comets
  10. Blossoms
  11. Bridge Mix
  12. Boogers
  13. Mentos
  14. Coyotes
  15. Baby Smackers
  16. Angelwings
  17. Cocobells
  18. All Sweet
  19. ZotzThe Candy King
  20. Lunas
  21. Caffarel
  22. Amarula
  23. Candy Candies
  24. CedrincaDime Bars
  25. Skor

Let us know which one is your favorite. And… If you found some of them are not candy instead they are cookies, cakes, or anything else yet they deserve to be on this list. After all, it’s all about fun. 

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