All About Candy Wax Bottles: Nik L NIP

Do you know those tiny bottle candies, those colorful sweet bottles are always kid’s favorite. At first, I always thought of What is a Candy Wax Bottle? And in simple words, it’s a sweet juicy candy.

We call it Wax Bottle candy though its official name is Nik-L-Nip. It is a small chewable wax bottle with sweet fruity syrup inside it. You have to bite off the top, sip the juice and chew the bottle like gum. It is interesting, playful, and delicious. The candy wax bottles are the highlight of Nik L Nip. They also come in many other interesting shapes. You can find this wax candy in shapes of tools, toys, cars, sports equipment, stick tubes, and trucks. Sometimes it’s really cool to gather them all for play before eating.


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Are Candy Wax Bottle Edible?

First, you have to bite off the top of a wax bottle. Take a sip of the juice. Then only you can enjoy chewing the wax bottle as gum. These bottles are made of food-grade non-toxic wax, more like bee wax. So you can enjoy it without any worry.

Candy Wax Bottles are technically edible as they are food-grade safe. Although they always advise chewing the bottle as gum, don’t swallow it- you can’t digest the wax.

When did Nik-L-Nips come Out?

The Nik L Nip or the wax bottle candy first came out in the early 1900s. Although it took some time for the candy to get its popularity. It became an integral part of every candy store and especially in every child’s tiffin box by the late 50s.

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Who Created Nik-L-Nips?

Vinny Cavallo created the Candy Wax bottle or as we know it- The Nik l Nips in the early 20th century.

Nik L Nip Official Logo

The official logo contains the Text -Nik L Nip. It is the highlight with a beautiful splash on top of the letter “I”. The logo also states the need for mini drinks, It is the sub-heading or tag for the brand.

By Nik-L-Nip –, Public Domain,

Short History of Candy Wax Bottles: Nik L Nip

The history of Nik L Nip dates back to the early 50s. Although the origin dates way back to the early 1900s. The idea of making candy out of wax and filling it with sweet syrup is really interesting. Though the bottle is just a container for the fruity sip, you can still enjoy it as chewing gum. It’s perfectly safe and made of food-grade wax. 

It is still a low-cost affordable candy that every kid loves. The candy soon becomes a popular choice due to its unique shape and soft chewy texture. Since its introduction, the wax bottle candy has gone through many changes. The most important of all was the introduction of new fruity flavors.

The Nik L Nip candy wax bottles come in many flavors. It includes orange, grape, cherry, Lemon, and Lime. They even come in different shapes like toys, cars, and trucks. 

The story of the wax Bottles named Nik L Nip is more interesting than its origin. The name Nik L Nip comes from the original cost. At first, it only costs a “nickel $0.05 ” hence the term Nik. The other part comes coz we bite or Nip off the top to sip the juice. Together they make the name Nik L Nip. Interesting and catchy even for today’s market expectations. 

The Candy wax bottle has lost its charm a bit with time, especially to other fancy candies yet they somehow manage their position among consumers. 

Do You Know?- The Nik-L Nip confectionery was created by Vinny Cavallo. The brand is marketed by Tootsie Roll Industries.

Ingredients in Candy Wax Bottle

The main ingredient in Wax Bottle Candy is sweet corn syrup and a wax container. The bottle is made of refined food-grade wax. The syrup on the other hand contains corn syrup, food coloring, some preservatives, and artificial flavoring agents. 

The complete list of ingredients includes-

  • Refined food Grade Wax
  • Corn Syrup
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Citric Acid
  • Water
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Artificial colors
  • BHT

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Flavors in Candy Wax Bottles

The Wax Bottle candies or the Nik L Nips are usually sweet. These was bots are filled with colorful sweet fruity syrups. It is more like juice although they use artificial colors and flavorings. They come in popular flavors such as Orange, Cherry, Lemon, and Lime. There are some sour versions of wax bottle candies available though I don’t like much of them. 

What Does Wax Bottle Candy Taste like?

The Nik L Nip candy is both unique and interesting in its own way. The syrup inside the wax bottle is usually sweet although there are some variants with a sour taste. The bottle itself is tasteless and there’s not much for any candy lover in it. You can chew it for a while but afterward, it will just stay there without any flavors. It only works well with the syrup inside it. 

The best way to enjoy this candy is by chewing it along with the syrup. Together they make a great mix for flavor and gum experience. Though sometimes you may just bite off the top of the bottle and sip the syrup then chew the bottle for time pass- I think. There is always more than one way to enjoy a delicious classic candy like the wax bottles and those who love it know the best. Overall you will get a pleasant fruity taste for the type you choose. If you like salty or southern there are also some variants to try on. 

How do you eat a Wax Candy Bottle?

It’s pretty simple, just snip off the bottle cap with a simple bite and sip the juice. These small candy wax bottles are soft in texture. You will not require much effort from any tool to do your job. Just grab a piece bite off its top and sip the syrup. Then enjoy chewing the wax bottle as gum as long as you can.

Where to buy the Wax Candies?

There are plenty of ways to find these classic wax candies. You can check out your nearest candy store if you like or just check out any online store. These days it is not common or popular as in old times yet you can find them easily in any store. If you are new to this classic candy then definitely give it a try, I hope you will like it. 

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