How to Make Icing For Cake At Home?

Celebrations cannot be complete without a beautiful yummy cake. Cake makes the moment more special and it becomes even more precious when the cake is handmade. But the toughest task of some people is to make Icing for cake at home.

You can easily make icing for your cake using powdered sugar and butter or some easily available ingredients. Make whipped cream, or you can also use marshmallow fluff according to your taste. The cake Icing is a very easy process, and you can get the desired cake icing using some easy ingredients from your kitchen.

I am going to share some easy icing techniques that I usually do. These are all easy and yummy methods that you can try using ingredients right from your kitchen. give this post a read and share your views in the comment box below.

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How to Make Icing For Cake At Home?

Make icing with powdered sugar, cheese cream, egg whites, or butter. All these cake icings are super easy to prepare and tastes amazing too. I personally love cheese cream icing or the easiest one ” powdered sugar icing”. Here I’m sharing 6 methods and tricks to make icing for cake at home.

1 Powdered Sugar for dry Icing

This is one of the easiest icings for your cake. You can prepare icing sugar at your home or use readymade. For homemade icing sugar, you can grind some sugar in the grinder. Make fine powder to get the perfect snow icing look.

Now you just have to sprinkle the powdered sugar on your cake. Make a heart or any attractive design if you want or just cover it completely. Check out the tricks to decorate a cake with icing sugar at home. Cut designs on paper and use it as a stencil for your cake decoration.

I recommend applying sugar syrup before spreading sugar powder. This trick prevents powdered sugar from moving, it’ll get stuck on the cake. If you do not want to apply sugar syrup, spread some butter or jam or chocolate. make sure to keep the layer very thin so that it looks good.

2 Powdered sugar cream icing

This one is another easy icing as you need only two ingredients for this. Take 2-3 cups of powdered sugar or icing sugar and add some milk to it. You can use water or even juice. please do not use milk if you have fruit cake, use juice or water instead. Juice can change the color so make sure you are using the same color juice that you want.

Take a bowl pour all powdered sugar in it. Add milk or juice to it, you’ll need only 2-3 tablespoons. Mix it well until you get the perfect creamy thick texture. If it seems to be very thick add a little more milk to it. Add sugar powder if you want to be thicker.

Mix it well and spread on your cake evenly. This icing is very easy to make and looks good too. You can spread this icing using a spoon or knife easily.

cocoa butter Icing For Cake At Home

3 Butter icing

For butter icing, you need some butter and some powdered sugar. Take a sufficient amount of butter depending on your cake size. Put the butter in a bowl soften it using a spoon. You just have to whip the butter using a whisk or spoon.

After softening the butter, add some powdered sugar to it and mix it well. And your special butter icing is ready to use. Add vanilla extract or any flavor you like. Take a knife or spoon and spread it all over your cake.

4 Cocoa butter or coconut fat icing

If you are a vegan and do not eat butter then cocoa butter or coconut fat is the best option for you. Follow the same process as normal butter icing. And spread it all over your cake.

Soften cocoa butter or coconut fat then add icing sugar and vanilla extract to it. Mix all the ingredients well before spreading it on the cake. Make sure there are no lumps in the icing to the perfect smooth texture.

5 Cheese cream icing

For cheese cream cake ice cream you need some cream cheese and butter. I prefer adding both of these in equal ration 1:1. You can add the ingredients in the same ratio if you love buttery taste otherwise add more cream cheese as compared to butter.

For this frosting always use full-fat cream cheese. A thick creamy texture can only be achieved if your use full-fat cream. low-fat cream cheese makes your icing runny and thin.

Take some butter and cheese cream in a bowl and leave it at room temperature for some time. It will automatically soften else you can microwave it to soften. Keep in mind you do not have to melt it just a soft texture is needed. Keep beating using a spoon and add powdered sugar at the end.

mix all the ingredients well and add flavor if you want. Your cream cheese frosting is ready to use. Spread on chocolate cake or carrot cake and enjoy the yummy cake.

5 chocolate icing

This method is everyone’s favorite. You need your favorite chocolate only. Melt the chocolate or microwave for some time. You can soften and use the thick creamy chocolate to layer your cake.

I recommend using melted chocolate as it is easy to make and spread on the cake. Milk-based chocolates are my favorite and I melt some chocolates using a double boiler method or microwave. Then pour it all over the cake surface.

In the end, I garnish my cake with some colorful candies or roasted dry fruits. It sounds childish but believes me it is one of the most delicious icing doe cake. it can be prepared within some minutes.

6 Eggwhites

Take 2-3 egg white and beat them. You can use a hand whisk or uses an electric whisk for quick work. Beat the egg whites until it gets thicker. The consistency should be thick enough that is not dropping or running down. Add icing sugar to it and mix it again with a light hand.

Spread it on the cake surface and cover your cake. Garnish it with fruits and candies whatever you like. If you do not want to do this use marshmallow fluff. Make sure you love marshmallow cream. It tastes yummy and kids love it too.

yummy cake


There are many ingredients in our kitchen that can be used as cake icing. The quickest one is the powdered sugar icing. You can use powdered milk also. I sometimes mix powdered sugar with powdered milk and water to make a thick icing. You can also add melted chocolate to it but keep in mind that this will be a bit runny and not so thick creamy textured.

Hope you like the article and you got what you are searching for. Please do try these easy cake icing methods and do not forget to share your experiences with me here.

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