How to Decorate Cake With Gems? Ideas with Images

Wanna decorate your cake at home? Here I am up with some of the easiest ways to make your cake look fabulous. You know it very well that using colorful candies is one of the easiest ways. But just putting candies all over the cake doesn’t work. Today I will share some easy design you can make to with gems to decorate your cake.

Gems are colorful candies with chocolate coated in colorful sugar coating. These are crunchy from outside and chocolate center makes is more yummy. Making your cake look beautiful is not enough, you should be careful about the tase to. You can decorate your cake with powdered sugar and gems to makes it more attractive.

Check out- Easy tips to decorate a cake with icing sugar. After you are done with icing sugar, just pick up some gems and add colors to your cake.

How to Decorate Cake With Gems?

You can cover the whole surface with gems or chose one of the following designs to make it more perfect. The best way will be to make some patterns or shapes on the cake. If you are an artist you definitely do not have to think too much do whatever gives you the satisfaction.

cover cake with gems

Cover with gems to decorate a cake

This is the easiest yet beautiful way to decorate a cake. you just have to cover the upper surface for the cake. Your cake may be of the circle, square, or even heart shape. You do not have to spend lots of time, just open the pack and pour it all on the cake.

There are to ways to cover the surface. The first method is to put all gems on the cake no matter how much space is there. You don’t even have to think about the number of candies. Add as much as you can do not leave a single space.

For this design, you can cover the rest of the side with cream, jam, chocolate spread, chocolate bars, or even with gems. I prefer decorating it with chocolate bars. It looks much better than anything else.

The second way is to cover the surface with just the right amount of gems. For this design, You need to put each gem on your own. No need to leave gaps as we are covering the whole surface. You should start with the edge to do it perfectly.

If you have a round cake surface start with making a ring on the edge and then cover the inner part. Even in square or heart-shaped cake you should start with the outer line or edge. Then move inward placing gems one by one.

Spread some gems leaving gaps

Spread gems on your cake without thinking about the design or shape. for this design, you will need a very small amount of gems. but make sure to leave proper gaps between two gems. As we are making uneven design, you do not have to worry even if you had put 2 gems at the same place.

You can use the same technique which we use to sprinkle sugar particles on our dishes. It will scatter here and there leaving gaps in between which will get it a colorful yet simple look.

You should place some gems on the side of the cake too. For this, you can simply press the candy into the cake. Make sure you are leaving some gaps here too. Do not put too much pressure on the cake while doing this, do everything with a light hand.

This technique is perfect for quick cake decoration. It will barely take 10 minutes to finish it.

decorate cake with gems heart

Decorate the cake with Gems heart

Wanna make a cute heart on your cake? It’s very easy and takes almost no time to create. If you are in a super hurry you can just make a heart shape with gems of any color. Use random color to make a heart shapes outline and your cake is ready.

For more perfection, I suggest using gems of certain colors. For example, you can make it all with red color or pink color gems. If it seems to be a tough task you can make it using some colors consecutively or in sequence.

For example, you are putting red, yellow, green, and blue in sequence. In the end, put red again after blue and follow the same sequence. This might seem time taking task but you’ll be done within 10-15 minutes.

The second tip for heart design lovers- Make a heart and fill it with gems. In this design, you can use icing sugar to make a heart and then fill it with gems. Use your favorite fruits to make a heart shape and fir it with gems. And if you have nothing other than games, make it with gems.

Make a heart with a certain sequence of colors and repeat until you form a heart shape. Now, fill the heart with more gems. you can just fill it without thinking anything. Or follow the color pattern you used for the outline. this will look more perfect than any other heart design.

Make colorful strips with gems to decorate the Cake

Making color strips is to make some lines on cakes using gems of different colors. This sounds simple, isn’t it? Yeah, it is one of the simplest designs but with some tips, you can master this design. You can make this simple design look perfect.

For making lines make sure you are placing each candy in the proper place. Try to make straight lines as you have to make it perfect. Many people start making lines from the center. They thought it would be easier to make the center line first. But I have seen people struggling and confused with the number of lines.

You can figure out how many lines you can make at the very initial stage. Then you can also start in the center. But I prefer starting with the edges first. Do not forget to use a scale so that there must be an equal distance between each line.

For a more professional look try to do the icing of the surface. Use whipped cream, marshmallow fluff, or powdered sugar to make the base white. It will give you a perfect white base for colorful designs.

Apart from this, you can use different colors for different lines. For example, at first, you made a line with red color gems then yellow color, and so on.

Make concentric shapes

Concentric designs are trending these days and there are many different options you can try. Let’s just start with a simple circle design. Concentric means shapes that share the same center. In this design, the larger shape will completely surround the smaller one.

Making a circle is basic and in my view, it is easy too. At first, make a big circle ring on the cake using gems. Then make the second ring under the first one and this will be a bit smaller than the previous one. Keep making rings inside rings until you reach the center.

Do not forget to use a scale to measure the distance between two concentric circles. For more attractive designs you can make each ring of different colors. If your cake is big and you have a bit more space, make two rings or different colors without leaving ant gaps in between. They leave a gap and again make two rings inside and so on.

You can make multicolor rings or use a single color for a single ring. Apart from the square, you can make, rectangle, hexagon, heart, diamond, or whatever design you like. make shapes one inside another to make it concentric.

It will be best if you make different shapes. For example, make a circle inside a square and then a triangle. All these shapes should have a common center.

decorate square cake

Make squares or boxes

In this design you have two make some lines crossing one another. Make some vertical lines first they make horizontal lines. It will create gaps forming a square or rectangle. This design looks simple yet attractive.

Now you can fill the square gaps with fruits or whipped cream. I recommend filling alternate squares, like fill the 1st leave the second then again fill the 3rd square. To make it look professional you can fill the gaps with different fruits of different colors. Filling alternate squares with gems will also be a good ides.

There are many different ways to decorate a cake with gems. You can simply crush some gems and sprinkle it over your cake. Sometimes a single gems candy at the top center works very well too.  Hope you got the idea you are looking for. Try making different designs and keep exploring your cake decoration talent. You can also share your talent here, I would love to see it.

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