How To Decorate A Cake With Icing Sugar?

A perfectly decorated cake is very important for a perfect occasion. A cake can make or breaks the whole feeling of celebration isn’t ‘it? We order beautiful cakes to create a special memory of our special days. But what if you have to make it at your home. Decorating a cake with icing sugar is one of the easiest ways in my view. That’s why today I will share some easy tips and tricks to decorate your cake using just icing sugar.

Sometimes baking cake feels easier than garnishing it. We do lots of efforts to make it look perfect and professional but it isn’t that easy. You place some candies or chocolate balls to make it look yummy and beautiful. However, making designs with whipped cream is not something that anyone can do. You need to have some skills to make a perfect design on a cake using whipped cream. Let’s see how icing sugar can solve your problem.

How To Decorate A Cake With Icing Sugar?

You can use paper cuttings or stencils to make different designs easily. Simply sprinkle a little icing sugar over your cake with the help of a strainer. Cover the whole surface of your cake with the soft icing sprinkles. There are many different ways and tricks to get it done. L:et’s start-

make designs with icing sugar

Decorate with white strips on the cake with icing sugar

This is the easiest and most common icing on cake design. you just have to place your cake on a plate and make strips with icing sugar. There are 2-3 different ways to make stops also. If you are good at making designs, do it with your fingers. But it’ll not be snowy or light instead it will give a patchy look.

The second way is to make it using paper cuttings. Cut 4-5 pieces according to your cake size. If your cake is big and you want many thin lines then make more paper strips. Place all the paper cuttings on the cake. Leave an equal gap between each strip.

Take 3-4 spoons of icing sugar in a strainer. And sprinkle by slowly shaking your hands. You have to sprinkle it all over the cake. In the end, remove the paper strips from the cake. Do it very carefully otherwise, you will mess it up.

The third way to mike strips is to take a big square or round paper. It must be bigger than or equal to the size of your cake. Cut the paper to make strings equal length and equal distant lines. It will work as a stencil.

Place your DIY stencil on your cake and sprinkle the icing sugar on it. You should use the same strainer method to get a snowy white line look. I prefer to use thick paper to make designs as it stays at the same place and doesn’t fly off. Light thin paper displaces and can ruin your design.

decorate cake with icing sugar

Make some small or big square

Making squares is also very easy to do. You just have to cut some paper strips and place them on the cake. First of all, place some strips horizontally and then place some vertically upon them. Do not forget to leave gaps between them.

The gaps will form squares. Place paper cuts closer to make small squares. Or you can leave more gaps to make big squares. After placing papers on the cake properly, sprinkle icing sugar on them. Gaps will fill with the white powdered sugar and form a white square design on your cake.

Some people found stencils easier to use and if you are one of them you can make one for you. Take a big piece of paper, always use thick paper. Cut some small square buy cutting the paper. There is two way to do that.

Fold the paper piece and cut it in a way to form some squares in between. Or you can simply cut out squares and place them on the cake. Place the square cutouts in such a way to leave square gaps in between and sprinkle the icing sugar all over.

To make it look more attractive, put some colorful candies on gaps. Or you can put berries or fruits also. Just place it as you like it. I prefer placing colorful candies on the white square or on the crossing point of the lines.

Make Hearts on your cake

The heart design is one of the most demanding designs. And we can make heart design very easily. The easiest way to make heart design is to make a paper cutting. Cut one big heart place it on center and sprinkle powdered sugar all around.

The second way is to make some cute tiny hearts. Make small heart shape cut-outs and place then on the cake. Sprinkle icing sugar on the cake to decorate with hearts. You can fill these hearts with colored sugar or candies.

The third way is to make paper designs by making cuts in it. Then put it on the cake and dust it with powdered sugar. Decorating a cake with icing sugar is really very easy. You just need 5 minutes for these designs.

Cut designs on a paper and get it on your cake

Strips, hearts, square are some of the easiest designs. Almost everyone gets the idea of making squares or hearts on the cake at first thought. But You can make many different designs using icing sugar.

You just have to make some paper cuttings and place it on your cake and sprinkle icing sugar on it. If you are very good at art craft making, you are going rock. Just make some floral or ethnic design on paper and cut it to make a stencil.

It will be great if you take help from your kids. Make sure they are mature enough to cut papers and make designs. This activity will keep them engage and you’ll get great help.

You do not have to make designs only on a round shape. Square, rhombus, or whatever design you can make. Just like you can bake many different shaped cakes you can make many different designs on them. Explore your creative side.

Give your cake snow look with icing sugar

This is one of my favorites. I use to create a snowfall scene on my Christmas cake. As it is one of the easiest and is best for cakes on winter occasions. To make it your best, you can use some Christmas theme toys.

Buy a cute little Santa, and Christmas tree and place to on cake. Make sure the material of the toys you are using is not toxic. You can also use red and white candies for decoration. I usually make a hut and a Christmas tree using edible things.

It will be best to make some gifts, a Christmas tree, and a hut. You can also make Santa and sled if you are a pro. Place these cute Christmas props on the cake and sprinkle powdered sugar on all over the cake. This will give your cake a snowy look.

If toys are not available or you are not able to make anything, just cover your cake with sugar powder. And ant the end put some fruits, chocolates or colorful candies to make it look beautiful.

Tips to decorate a cake with icing sugar

  • let you cake cool down completely before decorating it. Powdered sugar will get melted and it can mess it all.
  • Pur your cake in the refrigerator to set for some time. And the start making design.
  • Apply caramel on the surface before sprinkling sugar. This will help powder too get stuck and your design will last for longer even in the air. Do not use the thin syrup as it will get absorbed by the sugar particles and ruin it.
  • Use a thick paper or cardboard to make designs.

Hope you liked the tricks. Please go ahead and try these out and do not forget to share it with me.

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