What To Eat Pancakes With? 30+ Best and Worst

What to eat pancakes with? Eating pancakes with maple syrup is one of the common ways, though there are plenty more to have. And pancake is one of the easiest things to prepare even if you feel sleepy in the morning. Most people love eating a sweet pancake and keep trying new toppings. One that always goes best with any Pancake is Maple Syrup. Although there are tons of different options to try, this one is my favorite.

What comes to your mind when you think of Pancakes? For Me, It is the sweet maple syrup and some resins- I like it this way. Yup More the Merrier. Obviously, Pancake is something we all are familiar with, and most of us like it sweet. Don’t worry if you like the other way around. There are quite a few salty and spicy variants to try on. It really works well with your morning coffee.

pancakes things to do with cake mix
Would you like to Eat Pancakes With Maple Syrup?

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What to Eat With pancakes?

1. Honey

Honey is probably the best and easy substitution for your pancakes. It is sweet and very affordable. Just like maple syrup, honey is sticky and delicious. So you should feel comfortable switching to honey for pancakes.

The best thing about honey is, you can top it with any type of pancake. It goes well with all sweet, sour, salty, and spicy pancakes.

2. Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry syrup is another great selection. Everyone loves strawberries and the syrup is pretty easy to make. Just boil some fresh strawberries with sugar or corn syrup. Mix it thoroughly and dilute it to adjust the consistency. That’s it your strawberry syrup is ready for the fluffy pancakes.

Eat Pancakes With Honey and Walnut
Eat Pancakes With Honey and Walnut

3. Blueberry Syrup

Ok here comes the Blueberries. This is always on my favorite list. You can easily make the syrup with blueberries, though there must be a ton of these to work through. A single berry doesn’t yield much juice so probably use half a pound or more according to your need.

If you have the ingredients then the rest of the job is pretty easy. Just boil the Blueberries with sugar and mix it all through. This also works with raspberries, those just taste different.

4. Yogurt

Sometimes just yogurt is what you need. No huss No fuss, This one is definitely for the laziest moment of the day. A bowl full of yogurt and your favorite pancakes, you can’t say no to that. Although many of us don’t like yogurt so for them, we have plenty more suggestions just follow along.

5. Any Fruit Jam

Jam and pancake what a beautiful couple, isn’t it? They both complement each other so much. You can pair any pancake with fruit jam even the mixed ones work great. You can buy your favorite fruit jam and use it whenever you lack a topping for your pancake. Sometimes buying a jar full of jam is much easier yet it’s pretty convenient to prepare jam in your home.

You can also use jelly, or marmalade instead of Jam if you like.

6. Scrambled Eggs

Sometimes scrambled egg is enough for your pancakes. It will take only 10 minutes to prepare both. If scrambling is not your thing then try on the boiled eggs or maybe an omelet with the pancake. I like the boiled egg more than scrambled eggs although everyone has their own preference. So do your own thing whatever you want.

7. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and pancakes are perfect to deal with hunger. Just put as much peanut butter on a pile of warm pancakes and enjoy them. Oh man, it is the sweetest feeling ever.

homemade peanut butter
Eat Pancakes With Homemade Peanut Butter

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Although make sure you are not allergic to peanuts else this would not go well.

Peanut butter is full of nutrition and protein. It is healthy and delicious. This is a complete meal to keep you full through the day.

8. Chocolate  Spread

Chocolate spread is the next choice on the list. It is another perfect match for every pancake lover. Spread the chocolate on the pancakes, toss some fruits or resins and it is done. Chocolate spread can make any pancake a true delight even if it tastes perfectly bland.

9. Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love whipped cream? It is the second most popular choice for pancakes besides maple Syrup. Whipped cream complements the flapjacks with lightness. And it’s sweet and delicious.

I usually prefer fresh whipped cream with warm pancakes. It tastes much better than other options. However, canned whipped cream will do the job just fine. It is pretty easy to buy than prepare fresh every morning.

10. Tomato Sauce

Ok, I think tomato sauce is not the ideal member of this list. Yet It works just fine with any pancakes.  Almost every week it saves me a lot of time before work. It is simple just put some sauce on the pancakes and eat it. It will keep your hunger down for the day.

Eat Pancakes With Whipped cream
Would you like to Eat Pancakes With Whipped cream and blueberries

Other than these you can try on some toppings on your pancakes.

Pancakes are Good to Go with…

11. Banana Slices

Put some fresh-cut banana slices on your pancakes. Banana is the best fruit for a fast breakfast. It contains potassium, calcium, and iron that supplement your diet. That’s why having a banana with a pancake every morning is a great idea. In fact, you can mash the banana into a pancake batter to enhance the taste and fluffiness.

There are many ways to eat a banana with a pancake. You can choose any one of my favorites or maybe suggest your way to us. I like it fresh as a side dish and sometimes banana slices on top of flapjacks are good. With time you can try something special like a caramelized banana slice with pancake. A banana milkshake with a pancake in the morning is also a healthy and tasty option.

12. Chocolate Chips

A bet you can’t say no to hand full of chocolate chips. If you have kids then you must know why I’m exaggerating this one. Yes, It is simple, full of sugar, and a little unhealthy for the excess eaters. Still, The chocolate chip topping is the best thing you can ever combine with your pancakes.

This one is as easy as it sounds to use. Grab a handful of chocolate chips from the package and put it on the honey-glazed pancake.  It doesn’t matter whether you use maple syrup, honey, or any other syrup, chocolate chips are compatible with anything.

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13. Confetti

Kids love this option. You can decorate a simple pancake with confetti and it will become special. This can be your hidden weapon for the next children’s party. It is easy to make and very affordable in price. Sugar confetti can also add flavor to the bland pancake. Believe me, your party will become a hit

14. Fruit Salad

Fruit lovers can definitely include pancakes in their diet. And what’s better than spicy fruit salad? Dice and slice some bananas, and strawberries with plum or cherry. Top your favorite pancake with any syrup and add the fruit salad as a dressing. Altogether you will get the perfect healthy and delicious morning meal.

15. Berries

Berries are another great choice for flapjacks. You can use strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries as toppings. They taste great, are full of nutrition, and also add a classy look to a plain pancake.

Most Importantly it does not require any extra effort. Just grab the berries and put them on pancakes. Additionally, you can use honey or maple syrup to glaze the topping. It tastes great even without any extra topping.

16. Pineapple slice

Apart from any other fruit, Pineapple is the one that mixes best with your flapjacks. It is tasty and looks great as a topping on any pancake.

17. Peanuts and Cashews

Nuts are a source of natural protein. They can add plenty of nutrients to the pancakes. Peanuts and cashews are commonly used with traditional flapjacks. Although you can also use walnuts, pistachios dates, or any other dry fruit or nut with pancakes. They all taste great and add unique texture and flavor to the pancakes if mixed in the batter.

roasted salty peanuts

Nuts are healthy foods yet there are some concerns with their consumption. As nuts can be allergic to some people. So you must use it with certainty, and make sure those who will eat it are not allergic to nuts. In fact, I would suggest not adding nuts to pancakes or any food, especially at community gatherings or get-together parties. If you do then label it properly for everyone’s safety.

18. Grapes and Dried Resins

Dried Resins and grapes are my favorites. I keep these in my everyday diet with or without pancakes. Grapes are full of sweetness and contain a lot of nutrients. Even dried grapes or resins are very tasty and rich in nutrients. So it is good to pair these with warm flapjacks every morning. Sometimes I also add them to the batter to make it taste better.

Eat Pancakes with fruits, berries, and chocolate sauce.
Fruits, resins, cream, and chocolate sauce- what else would you wanna Eat Pancakes With?

I like pancakes full of nuts, and resins and glazed with honey. This is my way of starting the day, If its suits you then give it a try. I think there is nothing to lose in trying a new combination of toppings and side dishes for pancakes. It will not do any harm, and who knows your recipe may become a community hit.

Side Dishes To Try With pancakes

Once you are done selecting the perfect topping for your pancake, it’s time to decide on something that will go well as a side dish.

I will definitely start with a drink. Make a cup of coffee or tea for warmth. Sometimes a cold orange juice, lemonade, or cola may do the job. If you like something strong then go for a cold beer and it’s done.

19. Coffee

20. Tea

21. Orange Juice

22. Lemonade

Wanna have something firey then try on these with your pancakes.

23. Egg Muffin

24. Beacon

Eat Pancakes With Beacon and cream
Eat Pancakes With Beacon and cream

25. Chicken Wings

26. Finger Fries

Finger fries can literally go with any food. It is one of my favorite fast food, quite easy to prepare or buy. The sweetness of Flapjacks is well balanced by the salt and spices in Fries. It may seem a little unhealthy to fill up with so many calories every morning yet there is nothing wrong with a change once in a while.

27. Mashed Potatoes with fried Chilli

Mashed potatoes and fried chilies are next in line. Yup, you can side them with pancakes. It is similar to having fries with pancakes but with different consistency and texture. Ok I know mashed potato and fries are entirely different in taste and texture still you will agree once you try them with delicious warm flapjacks.

28. Sausage

Do you like sausage, if you do then Why not give it a try with your favorite pancakes? The combination of sweet, salt and spicy adds an interesting flavor to the flapjacks. Apart from the flavor and texture, you will get a load of protein and minerals with sausage in the pancake.

If you are looking for a few more options then try your Pancakes with…

29. Mayonaise

Mayo is not the best option on my list, although it’s better than nothing. I like garlic mayonnaise on hot pancakes. It makes the pancake taste completely different and a little interesting.

30. Mustard Paste

Mustard paste is really a very odd topping for pancakes. It does not fit any of our general criteria. Yet somehow mustard paste adds a hint of unique flavor to the pancakes. And I like it, so it’s not bad to give it a try. It really deserves a chance After all it is an old partner of hotdogs.

31. Barbeque Sauce

Barbeque Sauce is the final member on my list. If you like hot and spicy then Barbeque sauce is the perfect option with a sweet pancake. Mix it up with some fruit slices or resins and it will become a complete meal. The hotness of barbeque sauce compliments the light sweetness of the flapjacks.

Final Words

I can’t choose the best or worst for you. That’s true, it is even difficult for me to stick with one for long. For breakfast, I can go with Pancakes with any syrup and a cup of coffee. If I have some time then I always try to mix it up with some chicken wings and barbeque sauce. The choice is up to you, Although I don’t think Mustard paste is best on anyone’s list for pancakes. I tried that one time with some last night leftover mustard paste and my fav morning resin pancake. Nah, it’s not my thing but you should try it, who knows, it may suit your taste buds.

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