What can I use instead of chocolate chips?

Imagine you are going to make chocolate chip butterscotch ice cream or chocolate chip cookies and you are running out of chocolate chips. It feels very bad, isn’t it? But instead of getting upset, we can find some substitutes that we can use instead of chocolate chips. Yes, there are many things that can be used in place of chocolate chips.

You can use cocoa nibs or even carob chips instead of chocolate chips to get the same feel and taste. Both these chips can give a strong taste of chocolate and also add the crunchiness to your cookies.

There are many more sweet chips that be used in place of chocolate chips. But to find the perfect alternative or substitute, you need to think of what you are actually going to bake or make. Got it? It is very important to know the ingredients to get the exact texture and taste of your dish.

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Can you use normal chocolate in place of chocolate chips? yes, You can definitely use normal chocolate. This hack works perfectly for ice cream making. You can fridge it and blend it with your whipped cream. Chocolate will turn hard on cooling and will break into small chunks without losing the crunchiness.

What can I use instead of chocolate chips?

You can sometimes use normal chocolate, vanilla chips, carob chips, cocoa nibs, or even butterscotch chips. It totally depends on you. What you are making and how you want it to make. If you want exactly that chocolate taste, you should go for cocoa nibs, it has a strong chocolate flavor and also has a perfect crunchiness. But cocoa nibs are not that sweet.

Frozen Chocolate

frozen chocolate instead of chocolate chips

This will work for you only if you wanna get the chocolate chip to feel in your ice cream. You can use any normal chocolate for your ice cream. You have to grind it with frozen fruits or just break it into small pieces and mix it with your whipped cream.

I usually make banana and mango ice cream at home. What I do is – I put some banana or mango slices into the freezer and let it get frozen hard. Along with the fruits I put some chocolates in the freeze. And after some time take out the fruits and chocolates and grind it in the grinder.

You can add some whipped cream and again freeze it for some time. But I love eating it as it is. The frozen chocolates get chunked and give you the feel as that of chips.

Cocoa Nibs

cocoa nibs

Cocoa nibs basically are crushed cocoa beans. It has a strong chocolate flavor in it. These crushed beans are usually bitter in taste. Cocoa beans are harvested and then dried completely. After all, they are fermented and crushed into small nibs.

Cocoa nibs have a nice crunchy texture and the best thing is that it has a strong chocolate flavor in it. If you are a chocolate lover, you are sure gonna love it. Make any chocolate dessert or bake your favorite cookies. It will sure gonna give you a feel of chocolate chips.

Vanilla chips

Vanilla chips are a great substitute for chocolate chips. But it doesn’t taste like real chocolate coz there are no cocoa solids in it. Vanilla chips are basically white sweet tiny chips used mainly in cookies.

It contains cocoa butter, milk or milk powder, and vanilla in it. vanilla chips are often called white chocolate chips but food and drug administration don’t consider it as chocolate at all.  I have included vanilla chips in this list coz it can give you the same feel and texture and you can then use normal chocolates to get the flavor too.

Carob chips

carob beans chips

In my view, carob chips are an even better option to use in your desserts. Carob chips are made of carob powder. The beans are extracted from the pods then dried and crushed. These chips look exactly the same as chocolate chips. But the biggest difference is in the flavors.

Carob chips are not that bitter and are naturally sweet. However, cocoa beans are bitter and need to add sugar for sweetness. you can definitely add carob chips to your cake batter, ice cream mix or to your cookies dough. It will not taste the same as chocolate beans but it’ll give you the same feel.

Butterscotch chips

Now, this is one of the best substitutes for chocolate chips. I mean, who doesn’t like butterscotch flavor. If it is not chocolate, its better be butterscotch, isn’t it? Butterscotch chips are very yummy and also crunchy.

brown sugar and butter are the main ingredients of butterscotch chips. These are chips are sweet in taste and can be used perfectly instead of chocolate chips. You can use it in cookies, custard, cakes, and even ice creams. But let me clarify that it doesn’t taste like chocolate instead you’ll get a light vanilla flavor.

Chocolate bars

chocolate bars

Chocolate bars are the final option that can be used in place of chocolate chips. You can cute any chocolate bar into small chunks or just crush it. This will work great for a frozen dessert. you can use frozen chocolate bars also and it will be easy to break and crush.

chocolate bars can give the flavor of chocolate chips. And frozen chocolate bars will feel crunchy like chocolate chips. These are easily available and easy to use too.

What can I add in cookies instead of chocolate chips?

Use carob chips or normal cocoa nibs. We all love cookies with crunchy yummy chocolate chips in it. But if you are running out of chocolate chips, you can simply use cocoa nibs. It will be the strong flavor of chocolate and crunchiness to your cookies.

I prefer adding vanilla or butterscotch chips also. If I don’t have chocolate chips, I simply add white vanilla chips or vanilla chips to it. Butterscotch chips are even tastier than any other chips. You can also try adding any one of these to your cookies and believe me, it will give you more compliments.

You should try something different this time and give your family and friends a sweet surprise. Do try these out and let me know how it worked for you and how much you liked it. And also you can comment on your suggestion and advice below in the comment box, waiting for you.

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